How to Invest in Property( 6ways)

How to Invest in Property in Nigeria: It is important that Nigerians start investing in properties.

Or what some fellow referred to as real estate business.

Because the investment opportunities are inexhaustible.

Everybody can invest irrespective of their earnings.

You may have probably doubt your capacity to invest in property market in Nigeria.

Owing to the fact that, your monthly salary is meager.

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How to Invest in Property in Nigeria:
How to Invest in Property in Nigeria

How to Invest in Property in Nigeria

Never worry about that, because in this article you will discover how to invest in property in Nigeria.

Whether you have the money or not.

But I must shock you that investment in property or real estate, is one of the most lucrative business in Nigeria, believe that!

That is why in this article, I am going to make bare the investment opportunities in real estate market in Nigeria.

So that you can avail yourself of these opportunities.

How then do you invest in property in Nigeria? I will tell you.

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How to invest in property:   

There is a range of approach in investing in real estate.

Before I begin, let me say here that, I will not talk about anything controversial.

Because investing in property entails different means of real estate investment.

Which could be confusing to some fellows, while others, for reasons best known to them, will be thrilled.

Be that as it may, I will be discussing with you how to invest in property in Nigeria.

How to Invest in Property in Nigeria

1. Invest by buying undervalued property and sell:

Nigerian real estate market is very fascinating, in that, it is filled with persons.

Who have properties to sell, and sometimes, these properties are auctioned.

There are reasons behind this, in most cases; they want to sell their properties at a giveaway price, due to emergency reasons.

How to Invest in Property in Nigeria

Sometimes, these could be lands and/or landed properties.

Which they want to sell at cheaper price, since they bought it at a price much lower.

Investment in property is very promising.

What you have to do is to search for devalued properties.

Make purchase of these properties at much lower prices.

And sell them off to the interested members of the public.

There is always a current market price for properties.

Sell them at the current market price and make your huge profits.

How to Invest in Property in Nigeria

2. Invest by buying a property, refurbish it, and look for buyers:

This is not an investment that takes all of your efforts.

Many Nigerian are into this business of investing in property.

All what that is expected of you is to also carry out this investment practice in real estate industry for a livelihood.

It is indeed a big business and a lucrative one.

Just find a property that is decaying, but in a better locality, buy it, work on it.

Renovate it to meet a taste, and then advertise it for sale.

Sometimes, you may want to modernize the property to a good taste, thereafter.

You offer it for sale to interested members of the public, and see how much you can make from this investment.

Even though the investment is capital intensive, you could be frightened by the volume of profit you make.

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How to Invest in Property in Nigeria

3. Invest by buying a block of flats and sell in unites:`

You can invest in what they called, ‘piece meal sale of real estate’.

In other words, what you do is to buy a block of flats, and sell back in unites.

This aspect of investment is capital intensive too, as an average investor cannot afford to avail himself of this type of investment opportunity.

Those who can afford it have to buy the property, and sell back in unites to interested persons.

By so doing, they are making enormous profits too. Another aspect of this same investment is that.

You can purchase lands in better locations, repair the layout, and sell them back, and make your profits.

But be sure that you follow legislation at force.

How to Invest in Property in Nigeria

4. Invest in property corporately:

There is another one here, it is called corporate investment.

As the name implies some investors joined together and made investment in property.

They could be a groups of organizations coming together to invest in real estate.

Or group of persons coming together to buy property.

They can as well decide to sell the property back to the interested members of the public.

And then make their profits. Since the investment capital is intensive.

Finance can be brought together from different sources to invest in property in Nigeria.

Having sold this property, profits made will be shared among the different individuals.

Who pooled money together to buy the property.

According to the agreement they have entered into before buying the property.

How to Invest in Property in Nigeria

5. Invest by leasing the property:

In this investment opportunity in real estate.

The capital involve in buying the property is enormous.

As individual may not be able to purchase the property.

Accordingly, there could be an alternative arrangement with the person.

Who owned a property and is about to leasing the property for a specific number of years.

From there the property could be sub lease.

How to Invest in Property in Nigeria

So in this investment, if the period for the sub lease does not terminate, the lease cannot expire.

In other words, investment in property by leasing simply means that a person may lease his property.

For the period of time say, five to ten years for example.

And pay the money to the owner of the property.

There after; sub let the property to another person and make his profit.

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How to Invest in Property in Nigeria

6. Invest by purchasing and holding property:

This investment practice in real estate is common.
How to invest in property here is that, the person either builds the property or buys the property.
And then he will let or rent the property out.
This is a lucrative investment but with some demerit.
Because the person will have to maintain and repair the property, as well as dealing with tenants.
However, in this aspect of investment I will suggest that the property be given out to  a licensed professional in estate management, this professional will be able to manage the property efficiently,.
As well as keeping the property in good condition continually, while collecting the rent from the tenants. All of the above have been some processes on how you can invest in property in Nigeria.  

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