15 Ways on How to Make Dry Cleaning Business More Profitable

How to Make Dry Cleaning Business More Profitable: It is safe to say that you are occupied with the idea of beginning a dry cleaning business from home?

Do you require a sample dry cleaning business plan format or feasibility study?

Would you like to know what it takes to build a fruitful dry cleaning business?

If your answer is YES, then I counsel you read on.

A dry cleaning business, otherwise called a laundry business can be a simple and profitable business to begin.

There are numerous parts of dry cleaning businesses that you can draw yourself in.

Which incorporates dry cleaning establishments, home-based dry cleaning, and so forth.

Knowing how to start a dry cleaning business ordinarily begins with choosing the correct kind of service you will offer.

However, before we take an insight into the means to beginning a dry cleaning business.

How about we initially take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of a dry cleaning business.

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How to Make Dry Cleaning Business More Profitable: BusinessHAB.com
How to Make Dry Cleaning Business More Profitable

1. Get the business background

A dry cleaning business offers a valuable service many people are looking for.

Since there will always be a demand for dry cleaning services for clothing and household items.

A business of this type can be viable in many locations across the globe.

With the right planning and execution.

Starting a dry cleaning business can be an exciting way to own your own business.

2. Get the Reasons to Start a Dry cleaning Business

  1. Dry cleaning business is a simple and advantageous business to begin
  2. It is not capital or administration intensive
  3. You can begin this business appropriate from home and develop from that point
  4. is an exceptionally lucrative business, as not everybody that puts on clothes has time to do the dry cleaning thereafter. Many individuals have a tight schedule, so they think of it as an exercise in futility doing their dry cleaning themselves. This is the motivation behind why you stand a chance of profiting on the grounds that these individuals will look for your business.
  5. You work for yourself. One of the magnificent preferences of setting up your own dry cleaning business remains that you will have opportunity to do your things by and for yourself. You won’t take orders from anybody with the exception of your clients.

How to Make Dry Cleaning Business More Profitable

3. Consider your Financial Resources

Beginning a dry cleaning business might be capital intensive; contingent upon the scale you are beginning on.

You may choose to get an office to decrease the level of hazard.

Yet, this may bring about lesser control over your business and extra overhead as levies and taxes and all different kinds of costs.

However, an office is a decent choice on account of its advertising and operational advantages, among others.

In any case, you can begin this business from home.

Particularly when you have practically zero cash to rent a space outside.

4. Draw your Business Plan

A business plan is exceptionally essential to the achievement of any business.

You need to depict the way you might want to maintain your business in composing for yourself a decent and well-arranged business plan.

List the business you will render including particular ones, for example wash-and-fold, pick-up and delivery, and so on.

You ought to likewise decide your target or objective market and socioeconomics.

Are your target clients deep-pocketed, city inhabitants, occupied professional or undergrads?

This is an answer you should affirm and a decent approach to discover such an answer is by directing a feasibility study.

You ought to likewise do investigate on how well other dry cleaning businesses in your territory are surviving and meeting the populace prerequisites.

How to Make Dry Cleaning Business More Profitable

5. Gain experience.

Before opening your own business, try working in an existing dry cleaning shop for a few months to a year.

This will help you determine if the dry cleaning business is right for you.

And can teach you valuable skills that you can bring to your own business.

You may also learn a lot about what kind of equipment you will need.

How much money you can expect to spend starting up your business.

And how to interact better with customers.

  • If working in a dry cleaning business isn’t an option, do some thorough research.
  • Read online to learn what it takes to run a dry cleaning business, borrow books from the library.
  • And ask questions to people who work in the industry.

6. Search for a proper location

But you mean working from home? Your business location is something you ought not handle like a squeeze of salt. While picking a working space or location, you have to search for a location that is open and near nice structures.

This will help draw in clients who don’t have dry cleaning machines at home. Nonetheless, you should not open a store close to a competitor; with the exception of the competitor is not up and doing or you feel you have an upper hand.

How to Make Dry Cleaning Business More Profitable

7. Research the market.

Chances are you will have a difficult time starting up a dry cleaning business if you’ve never worked in that market before.

  • Check census data to determine the population in your area.
  • Use a phone book or search online to determine how many dry cleaning businesses exist in your community. You don’t want to start a new business in an over-saturated market.

8. Decide on a location and model.

You’ll want to know in advance where you plan on opening your business, so you can factor in the cost of renting a storefront. You may also want to brand yourself as an alternative dry cleaning business that offers home delivery or uses environmentally sustainable cleaning methods. This may help you appeal to potential customers, and could fill a vacant niche in your community.

  • If you choose to make your business a delivery service, you’ll need reliable transportation, as well as reliable drivers. This also requires you to decide whether or not you will hire a staff, and how big your staff will be.
  • Consider opening a “green” dry cleaning business. Many traditional dry cleaning businesses use harmful chemicals known as perchloroethylene. Green dry cleaners use healthy, environmentally-friendly chemicals like harvested carbon dioxide.

How to Make Dry Cleaning Business More Profitable

9. Purchase the important equipment

Subsequent to spotting and securing a decent office space or location, you should arrange for dryers, washing/coin machines, washers, squeezing iron, cleansers, dry cleaning trucks and vending machines.

You can make a scan for an online sale destinations for arrangements on fairly used dry cleaning equipment, where you cannot afford entirely new ones.

You can likewise buy best load washers to streamline your cash. Or, then again even better, you can rent or lease equipment and maintain your business until you are buoyant enough to purchase your own particular equipment by and large.

10. Rent or purchase equipment.

You can’t run a dry cleaning business without dry cleaning equipment. This part of the process can be quite expensive, but if you buy cheap equipment it could end up increasing your costs to pay for repairs or replacements. Buy from reputable equipment manufacturers and dealers, or consider buying equipment in good working condition from a dry cleaner who is going out of business.

How to Make Dry Cleaning Business More Profitable

11. Secure a permit and enlist your business

On this perspective, you need to visit your local government secretariat to apply for a business permit or license. You ought to make installments for any sewer association and waste water charges required by your city representative.

From that point onward, you can continue to either enlist a business or join business associations regulating your business.

Most importantly, you need to get your business registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria, CAC.

12. Advertise your Dry cleaning Business

After your business is up and running, you ought to attempt to publicize it and this is impossible without a dry cleaning advertising plan. A decent approach to begin is by putting stickers and banners around town and close to your business location. You need to incorporate a rundown of your business and offer coupons to your new clients.

How to Make Dry Cleaning Business More Profitable

13. One of a kind Challenges of Running a Dry cleaning Business

In the event that you have done proper feasibility studies and market overview before setting up your dry cleaning business, you will be blessed to observe the basic difficulties the individuals who work dry cleaning business confront in the location you plan opening your own particular dry cleaning business.

Actually once you can highlight the various difficulties that face proprietors of dry cleaning business in your desired location, it will make it less demanding on you to devise a way to beat a few or even the greater part of the difficulties.

How to Make Dry Cleaning Business More Profitable

Probably there is the likelihood that regardless of the possibility that you have been educated on the difficulties you will confront in maintaining your business, you will even now battle to beat a portion of the challenges.

One of the ways to tackle business challenges is to seek counsel from business specialists in that line who have strong involvement in the business.

14. Market your business.

Marketing your new dry cleaning business is essential in bringing in the customers to keep it running. A phone book advertisement may be expensive, but could bring in a lot of clients. However, social media allows businesses to advertise for free, and lets customers reach out directly to business owners. You can even offer special discounts or coupons through social media, which would encourage customers to follow your business online.

15. More tips

  • If you need help starting a dry cleaning business, there are several different companies that offer the ability to franchise. If you do not have a lot of start-up capital, you may want to consider one of these companies to help you get started.

  • As your business grows, you can offer additional services, including alterations and laundry services.

  • Buy a dry cleaning franchise.

  • Consider having a specialty or a niche instead of offering dry cleaning services for everything. For instance, you can offer a flat rate for all items or focus on leather-only products.

How to Make Dry Cleaning Business More Profitable


If you have having the capacity to develop your dry cleaning business such that your brand is by and large acknowledged by individuals in your group, then one of the realities that you have to acquaint yourself with is to open different outlets of your dry cleaning shop in various parts of town.

It will make it less demanding for your customers that are far from you to do business with you since the business is currently nearer to them.

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