How to Start Agro Export Business

How to Start Agro Export Business in Nigeria | Agro Export Business Nigeria is richly endowed with agriculture products, and Nigerians can make fortunes of agro business specifically from exporting the products from Nigeria.

Therefore, starting agro export business in Nigeria is one of the profitable businesses ever, and the reason is obvious.

What is the reason?

The reason is that, agro export business is worth so much in the international market than what is obtained here in Nigeria.

And agro business offers unlimited opportunities in exportation business in Nigeria.

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You can actually make money in selling agro products internationally.

But the truth remains that you can make so much money in agro business by selling the products to other countries of the world.

And there in the international market, agro product has a larger value than here.

This fact has well demonstrated why agro products exportation remains one of the most profitable businesses in this part of the world.

If you are there and you want to start agro export business here in Nigeria.

I will encourage you to go ahead because agro export business is a good business decision any Nigerian can make.

In this article however, I will be explaining step by step approach of engaging in palm oil exportation business from Nigeria.

Below are some of the steps you can apply to go into palm oil exportation business in Nigeria.

Porridges, spices and herbs on a market…

Steps to exporting agro products from Nigeria:

Know the international marker:

The export market is quite different from the one you trade within your border.

That is why it is mandatory to learn about the business and the market otherwise.

You can fail, so knowledge here is very vital, and you need that experience.

Therefore, there is need to go for the relevant knowledge about agro export business.

Learn about everything involved in the business before you launch out.

And much of what you will learn will include. Licensing requirements.

Product sourcing, as well as port procedure.

And note that you will be working with unfamiliar individuals, the foreign agents.

And if you can find profitable international market, then you will be better off.

To gather the relevant knowledge about agro export business.

You have to source for an experienced agro products exporter.

Who has been in the business of agro products exportation over some decades.

Ask him to tell you in detail what to take to run a successful agro export business from Nigeria.

Enquire about how to source for the product:

Having all the relevant knowledge at your finger tips, the next step would be how you will be sourcing for agro products in Nigeria.

You will also have to decide whether you will produce your products yourself .

Or you will be buying from those who produced the products.

Nevertheless, in as much as you are into exportation business.

The likelihood is that you will be getting your product from both the manufacturers or you buy from the wholesalers.

However, in the beginning of your exportation business .

I will suggest that you buy from other manufacturers before you raise some money to set up your manufacturing company.

If this is where you are pitching your tent.

I will advise that you look for consistent supplier and/or manufacturer that will provide you agro products out of season and in the season.

Register your business:

Your business needs a name hence.

Someone operating an international business need to get his business register from the relevant authorities.

Would you wish to have top notch in your agro export business.

Then you will get your business register with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), and legalize it.

Of course, that is important, but part of registering your business will increase your business’ integrity.

Who are your buyers:

Today, we are living in information age; technology has now become the order of the day, in terms of business transactions.

With online or internet, as acknowledged by some fellow.

You are going to be on top of the game.

And your business is going to be easier, this is one of the merits of modern technology.

You can in the comfort of your home with internet get some customers to patronize your business.

Even in the comfort of your home.

You can negotiate a business deal, and as well close the deal.

You can achieve this by participating in trade websites.

And become a full life member, as you sealed business deal with concerned customers.

Display your products:

Displaying your product is quite necessary to get the people to know your products.

Many will be interested for afro products, not just for consumption purposes but for industrial purposes.

As your business grows over time.

You will be exhibiting and show casing your business during international trade fairs.

And the advantage is that it creates awareness about your export product.

In trade fairs as such, there are opportunities of meeting new potential customers.

Where you can close profitable agro export business deal.

Fund your agro export business:

Please, I will suggest that you take this aspect of financing your agro export business.

It is very important.

While planning to go into agro export business.

There are some considerations that you should take as important.

Having dealt with some of these considerations in this article, another thing is to delve into another very important issue.

Which is the issue of funding your agro export business.

It is just unfortunate that, one of the challenges many Nigerians’ exporters is the issue of funding.

And we are all aware that the cost of going into agro products exportation is much higher than what many Nigerians can afford.

Whichever way, you can always source for fund to finance your business either through loan or donations from friends, family members, etc.

Prepare for agro export business challenge ahead of time:

In agro export business, there is always this challenge that you should know and be prepared for.

As well as stargazing means to come out of it.

The challenges include; lack of adequate information.

Little or no fund to start your exporting business.

Issues of not being able to locate a foreign agent.

Lack of planning for extra cost, risk of dealing with finance, etc.

I will suggest that you apply these facts and you will succeed in agro export business, Click Here to Learn More.

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