How to Start Barbing Salon Business

How to Start Barbing Salon Business

Starting barbing salon business is a good idea.

Because once you make your barbing salon unique.

You are likely going to have many customers.

Irrespective of the current economic reality in Nigeria.

People hair is growing on daily basis, and individuals will always want to have their hair cut.

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How to Start Barbing Salon Business in Nigeria:
How to Start Barbing Salon Business in Nigeria

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Every decent man will always care about his appearance.

And will be going to barbing salon almost every week to have his hair cut.

And the cost of cutting hair is about two to five hundred naira, he is likely to spend quite a good sum of money for hair cut every month.

Let us probably assumed that a particular barbing salon has about one hundred customers in every month.

Considering the cost of hair cut for each customers.

He, the barber will be parted with a huge sum of money every month.

You could imagine how lucrative the business is.

Nevertheless, if you have interest in starting barbing salon business of your own.

I will in this article discuss some of the necessary things you need to start a successful barbing salon business in Nigeria.

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Things you need to start barbing salon:

 Get barbing skill:

You will only make your barbing salon service business unique when you offer your customers the best and quality service ever.

And you cannot achieve this uniqueness without the necessary skills and training in the business haircut.

So you need to go for training in order to serve your clients competently.

Not only in hair cut but also in hair treatment, and hair styling, and your competent in the business will give competitive advantage in the industry.

The key word is that as the 21st century barber you must determine to be unique in your service.

And please also note this; if you should employ helping hands to assist you and make your barbing salon business to grow.

You should ensure that you employ the best brain in the business.

That is, your personnel should well vested in the business of barbing salon.

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Locate your location: 

The location of your business is very important to having customers and recouping your investment in barbing salon business.

If you want to attract a considerable number of customers in your barbing salon.

Then you should take where you are going to locate you barbing salon business into consideration.

I repeat this very important.

The environment, where you want to sites your barbing salon business should be inviting and conducive and clean for your customers.

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And make sure that your barbing salon is accessible by all who wish to patronize you.

In most cases, such location should have traffic, like where you have commercial activities.

Sometimes barbing salon business do thrive excellently well at residential areas, for example, in an estate.

That is why you endeavour to look suitable place for your barbing salon business in Nigeria.

Lest I forget, make your barbing salon business location is spacious with parking pace for your customers.

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Begin your salon:

You may have all the knowledge about starting barbing salon business.

But if you do not make a move, you are going to get to anywhere.

You have located a suitable place for your barbing salon business.

The next step will be to secure all the necessary tools that you will use in the course of your business operation.

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What are these tools?

They are clippers,

And stand-by generator

Rotating chairs


Fans or air-condition

Big-sized mirrors

Cosmetics and hair cream

Installed system for entertainment

Good lighting, and hair products

Cover cloths, and fine furniture among other barbing tools.

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Register your business: 

You can avert yourself the embarrassment by registering your business.

And possibly obtain barbing salon license from relevant authority or government agency.

Make inquiry, and be sure that where you register your barbing salon business is in the designated authority that saddled with the responsibility of issuing licenses for business.

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Give variety of service 

You can offer your esteemed customers some services, other than haircut, and these other areas of services could be the sales of barbing salon accessories such as clippers and hair brushes, and shaving sticks, and shaving powders.

Others will include; shampoos, and hair creams, as well as offering make up services, and manicures and pedicures.

Yet, other services like hair cut training services.

Selling of cuff links and ties for men, and selling of body spray, and selling of magazines, and a host of other things you know that your customers may require of.

Determined to create a niche for your business 

Every business succeeds as a result of the owner’s devotion, commitment and determination to stand out from among other business within the same industry.

Therefore, barbing salon business is not exempted.

As an entrepreneur who wants to be on top of the game in barbing business.

It is advisable that you go into marketing research to find out what other competitors in the industry are doing in a unique ways.

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Know about their shortcoming, and take advantage of such weaknesses.

Try to be unique so as to have edge over your competitors.

By the time you equip your barbing salon with sophisticated modern barbing facilities.

Offer the best and quality service to your clients.

As well as establishing a good customers’ relationship will build your business credibility and reputation hence, increases your return on investment (ROI).

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Package and market your business:

Your customers will always spent any amount of money, once they know that they are having value for the money they spent.

We are living in the digital age, and any business that failed move with the current trend in the business world will soon back-off.

Therefore this calls for the need to make your barbing salon business the 21st century barbing salon set-up.

Encourage your staff members to dress in a unique way on daily basis, this is attractive, it adds colours to your business and its environment, and customers like this, determined to be different. Good luck. 

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