5 Ways To Start Eatery Business

How to start eatery business in Nigeria : Whether you call it eatery business or restaurant business its related or really close.

No matter how poor an individual seems to be he.

or she will and as a matter of facts must eat even if it means to borrow money to eat,

in other to survive because you never can tell what is going to come your way shortly,

so why die when there is more to life.

How to start eatery business in Nigeria: BusinessHAB.com
How to start eatery business in Nigeria

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Today’s society that we find Ourselves no one is keeping an eye.

On the government for job, like me am my own boss am good at what I do so I put all my best to give the best.

So, depending on government will lead you to poverty.

and finally leads you to untimely grave which we reject in Jesus name. Amen!

Restaurant business or eatery business is a very lucrative business in Nigeria

and research have made us know that,

profits margin for good eatery organizations range from N200,000 to N700,000-naira month,

and about N10,000 to N50,000 naira gains on a daily basis.

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Do you know how much Mr. Biggs, crunches, food affairs,

Oliver Twist make a day as income?

You don’t need to start with so much money.

A friend that I was told at calabar graduated from school where he was reading political science,

after school no work for him so he opted in for a restaurant business,

he uses about 100,000 naira as I was told three years ago,

and today he runs into millions yearly.

But you can start with as low as N300,000 naira and be sure of your millions so far you put your hearts in It.

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Let see how to get started….

1) Rent a Space

2) Get Proper Training

3) Capital

4) Employing of a Good Cook

5) Market Survey

6) Feasibility Study

7) Security

8) Advertisement

9) Good Attitude/Character

How to start eatery business in Nigeria

1. Rent a Space:

A good restaurant must be cited near business environment like office areas,

if you want to make money fast.

But you can cite it in any busy location with much activities and people around.

Rent a nice and decent place, they environment should be hygienic in nature,

because that is another thing customers look out for.

No one will love to eat in a dirty environment no matter how delicious your meals are,

in fact if you like be the best most people will not come.

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There are even many good places you can afford are a cheaper rate,

between N100,000 and N150,000 yearly.

Make sure it is a big space that will contain your customers.

And make sure you keep them entertain with good music.

You can as well buy canopies in case there is an overflowing of customers.

There are cases an event can be held around.

And they decided to get to a nearby restaurant and eat luckily enough,

you are chosen that day only could make you three times of what you have been getting daily.

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How to start eatery business in Nigeria

2. Get Proper Training:

You just can’t kick start this type of business without knowing its mode operandi.

So, you must have technical skills in cooking different varieties of delicious meal.

You may as well get trained in a catering school,

Or if you have worked before in a boarding school

Or hostel before as a paid cook your must-have gotten the practicable experience in handling this type of business.

You must offer your customers delicious food to make them come back for more.

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Run your restaurant as if you are the only person operating.

Consider losing customers if you don’t do it well.

Have ways of giving incentives and do run promo from time to time such as buy two plates get one free,

buy a set of snacks and get some free.

It could be done in festive seasons, Valentine’s day, Independence Day,

your business birthday etc.

by so doing people will patronize you because of the strategy you have employed.

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How to start eatery business in Nigeria

3. Capital:

Another aspect to consider is the money aspects.

As it will be required for the start of your business.

It will go a long way for the renting of space,

for the purchase of equipment and kitchen utensil,

the purchase of sound system, painting, gas refilling,

Staff funding, for the registration of your business,

for paying of tax and other logistics in place.

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Though it wound require to have so much in running the business bit,

am telling you this other business needs a good capital base before kicking off.

Personally, I will even seek for loan from banks who are willing to offer to pay by bit till it finishes.

Or I opt in for cooperative society fund raising to get loans to start.

The reason is simply, it pays very fast and very lucrative.

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How to start eatery business in Nigeria

4. Employing of a Good Cook:

If you need the best then employ the best of hands then employ the best to work with you.

And you will see how you will grow very fast especially if that is their niche.

Ensure you don’t employ lazy worker’s in your business.

Also, pay them as at when due to encourage them.

If you cooks can cook many kinds of food that will be awesome indeed as people will fall in love with your dishes if they taste great.

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How to start eatery business in Nigeria

5. Market Survey:

The work of surveying here is to ensure you meet up to required standard.

Go out and bring out forms for people to fill them for you on what they are looking for in a restaurant,

which they hardly find and how costly they are in places located, know their suggestions,

note their complaints and work on it.

By making survey you will be able to know which pattern of dishes are in vogue,

so as to be able to adjust, survey could be done either online of offline.

Where you can use internet to make your survey move fast.

How to start eatery business in Nigeria

6. Feasibility Study:

Conducting research will help make your business boom quick.

Get to know how restaurant business could be set up as well as how it could be operated too.

Get experience from people doing it at present they will be happy to tell you things about the business.

There are areas where such business was located and then cease to exist again,

might be due to bad road network, epileptic power supply,

economic problems like explosion, violence, bombing etc.,

and other geographical problems coupled with ethnicity.

When having knowledge on this you can’t be a victim of circumstance.

Don’t want to be the first to start your business in any location,

even if it’s a virgin land because you never can tell,

why people ran away from those places unless you make research.

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How to start eatery business in Nigeria

7. Security:

When running a restaurant business,

it is expected of you to have security personnel to be opening and closing doors for customers and also bid them farewell,

to make customers feel at home and encourage.

You must ensure both the inside and outside are serve to stay,

for instance if someone is kidnapped or kill in your business premises it will be as if you plan the coup.

You may face jail sentence unless God intervene in your case.

How to start eatery business in Nigeria

8. Advertisement:

There is no need to be good and not be heard.

You must advertise your business on air or flyers to create awareness about your eatery so as to make more sales.

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How to start eatery business in Nigeria

9. Good Attitude/Character:

For short let me say bad manners do creep to poverty because its kills business faster.

A situation where you are always too strict with customers may drive some of them away.

And if you are the type that do love abusing people please when it comes to business,

pray for a change of heart or it Will crash with short period of time.

If you want to start an internet related small retail business,

then the internet cafe is the best business to start.

Even, it is a great self-employment opportunity for the youths also.

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