How to Start Entertainment Business in Nigeria

How to Start Entertainment Business in Nigeria


How to Start Entertainment Business in Nigeria: One of the most attractive industries in Nigeria that has so far enriched many Nigerians and given them a platform for wealth creation and fame, is no other than the Entertainment Industry.

How to Start Entertainment Business :
How to Start Entertainment Business
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The Nigerian economy is very harsh and people are often stressed out, after a hard day’s work. When they get home, they would often need something to take the stress away and divert their attention from the hassles of the day. Most people switch on their television to watch drama, musicals and various types of entertainment on television, while others go out to hang out with friends or to a cinema or musical concert. Being the most populated country in Africa and seventh in the world, with about One hundred and eighty-six million people, the entertainment industry in Nigeria is sure to be a boom.

In this regards, the entertainment industry continues to attract a huge number of people on a daily basis. Therefore, if you consider a business investment in this industry, you are sure to be on your way to making it big. You can consider any of the following business ideas in the industry if you have a niche for anyone of them.

10 Businesses to Consider in the Entertainment Industry

Comedy Club

Laughter is indeed a medicine for the mind and helps relieve stress. You are sure to make it big in this business. To set up a comedy club, consider it in two ways. You can be fixed or mobile. The fixed location is more expensive than the mobile because you have to build a structured stage for performance, where people will come to watch your show, while the mobile is less expensive as you only have to go to the place where you are invited, to show your performance.

To be successful in the comedy business, you need to be exceptionally good and different. The business is almost already full. Many people are trooping into the business almost on daily basis. If you are mobile, it does not require too much capital to start with, except for the fixed location type.

  • Dance Studio

You can set up as a dance instructor, where you can teach people to learn various dance steps or as dancers specialized in a specific dance style, such as break dance, or you set it up as a group of dancers where your group learns different dance steps and you can be  booked to dance in music videos, parties and events. Dance entertainment is gradually gaining ground in the Nigerian entertainment industry. That does not mean that a dance show should be highly priced, else few or none will come to your show. To set a dance studio, you will between

  • Actor’s Photo Portfolio

You can start this business as full time or you can also set up a studio at a fixed location at home or you can be mobile, by going to client’s homes or place of choice to take their photographs.

  • Voice Over Service

Do you have a delightful and engaging voice, then you are sure to make a good investment as a voice over service provider. Many adverting agents, radio stations, television houses, film producers and publishing agents are constantly on the lookout for a beautiful voice like yours, to help advertise their goods and services to target audiences. To become marketable, you need to constantly improve your command of English and voice texture

  • Ad Film Making

Ad film making is another business opportunity where you can go into commercial film production. Producers of various goods and services are constantly on the lookout for people who will help produce an ad film that will promote their products.

This is a good investment opportunity in the entertainment industry. You can help people who want to host an event to plan their event or party by ensuring a well-organized party for them. This is an easy-to-start business and you do not need much capital to set it up

  • Amusement Parks

Setting up an amusement park is another lucrative business investment in the entertainment industry. People who want to host children parties or people looking to have fun are always on the lookout for such place. It requires proper planning and a good amount of capital to establish because you will need to install attractive fun facilities.

  • Modelling Agency

To run a modelling agency, you will need to make a lot of connections and maintain them. You will work with a good number of people in the entertainment industry; such as photographers, fashion designers, ad agents and make-up artist.

  • Cinema House

You can also set up a movie viewing center of your own. A good location and excellent facility are what makes your cinema sell. You will need to register with the Nigerian Film and Video Censors Board (NFVCB) before you can start showing films. The startup capital for this business is reasonably large from N3,000,000 and above.

  • Night Club

A night club is a place where people go to socialize and have fun. A good number of people are willing to pay for the service. If you are to run a night club, make sure you set it to the tone of the kind of people you want for your club, and maintain the class. You are sure to make it big when you do the right things and are dedicated to it.

Procedures to Help you start.

The following steps will help you start your entertainment business:

  1. First and foremost, register your company with Corporate Affairs Commission.
  2. Choose a good location for your business, especially if you want to operate from a fixed location. Location is very important in the entertainment business and cannot be compromised.
  3. Establish a nice structure and facilities that are suitable for your business to strive.
  4. Get your business to the limelight by networking and finding people who will help promote your business.

What You Need to Promote your business

Promoting your business in the entertainment industry has become more effective than it used be. Although television and radio advertising are the major advertising mediums, however, you do not need to spend huge amount of money on television and radio. Online advertising has become the major adverting medium. You can advertise your business using any of the following online tools:

  • Make connections and maintain them. Connections are what you need to stay in this industry. Get contacts of those you believe will help promote your business and make friends with them.
  • Promote your business on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so forth. Create a profile of your business and share it online.
  • You can also create your own website. Creating everything about your business on your site and make it attractive for people to visit your site and contact.

A business in the entertainment industry is a feel cool business. Start one today and the sky will definitely be your starting point.

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