How to Start Taxi Business

How to Start Taxi Business in Nigeria :Taxi business in Nigeria is one of the money spinning businesses around.

It profit margin is huge; and in this article.

I am going to show you how to start your own taxi business and make your cool cash.

The reason why taxi is a huge business opportunity is obvious.

Taxi business has provided indispensable services within the urban centers in the country.

It allows access to easy transportation from one place to the other.

Those who really patronized taxi business are those who could jump from one bus to another.

Or from one Keke to another.

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People find taxi business to have provided easy access to urban transportation.


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Taxi conveyed people from one place to the other.

From work places, churches, schools, offices, airports.

And at some point, bring these same people back.

This has been one of the reasons taxi business is seen as money spinning business.

Many have somehow described taxi business as simple.

Many have said that taxi business is quite a simple business.

Where anyone who desire to start taxi business can just venture into it.

But finding have revealed that taxi business is not as easy as people claimed it to be.

However, there is so much about starting taxi business in Nigeria.

And at the same time running taxi business successfully.

Yes, there are some things about taxi business.

Which you need to know about before venturing into taxi business.

And in this article, be rest assured that I am going to show you all it takes to start a successful taxi business in Nigeria.

If you are interesting in going into taxi business.

Taxi business operation in some cases.

Do diverse in their operations.

Depending on where they are operating from.

While some taxi operators would rather prefer to ply along urban roads.

That is, picking passengers along the road.

And dropping them at the designated bus stop.

Some others too, do decide to operate door to door.

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How to start taxi business:  

Infarct, there are about two major ways.

In which you can start your taxi business in Nigeria.

You can actually choose either of the two ways in starting your taxi business.

The options are that, you either purchase an existing taxi business.

That is, not just the motor vehicles.

But the entire taxi business name that has been existed before now.

Including the certificate of registration or the other option.

Which is you starting your own personal taxi business with your own business name.

Be that has it may, starting taxi business through buying the already exiting taxi company.

Will mean a very huge investment.

But if you want to start afresh your own taxi business.

Which I consider the second option.

To me, is the most preferable option, the reason is obvious.

And this article is all about the second option;

which is about how to start your own taxi business in Nigeria.

And the most interesting thing is that, the cost of starting your own taxi business in Nigeria.

Will not be as high as you trying to buy an existing taxi business.

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Potential of taxi business:

Urban centers is acclaimed to have provided citizens the basic amenities.

As a result of the taxes the citizens are paying to the government.

Such as electricity, borehole water, good pave road network.

And other social amenities.

Moreso, in urban cities, individuals can secure themselves jobs.

There is jobs opportunities at the urban cities.

So in view of this fact, there have been drift, that is.

People drifting from rural areas to urban centers in search of greener pastures.

And as a result of the rural urban drift, there is increase in population.

Hence, the demand for taxi business has been on the increase.

And as people patronized taxi business.

Taxis has is seen as an affordable transportation system.

Conveying people from one location to the other within the these cities.

Among all the land transport system.

Only taxi has been able to afford the people this easy access to transportation.

More so, the restriction of motor cyclists from some of the major areas within the bowel of the cities.

Has further enhanced the import and significant of taxi business to transportation problems.

Within the Nigerian urban cities.

Hence, the demand of taxi business has always been on the high side.

As a result people have taken pleasure of patronizing taxi business.

Because of its convenience in urban transportation purposes.

Therefore one can then imagine the volume of money generated by taxi business operators on monthly basis.

Steps required starting taxi business in Nigeria:

Get you taxi business name registered:

Before securing your taxi business registration.

You should decide on what type of taxi business you intend to operate.

Since there are various faces of taxi operation.

And the registration of taxi business will make your business unique.

And you are going to be known and address by the name of you busines.

Name as registered with the relevant authority.

It will also served as a brand name to your business.

At registration, you will have all the relevant papers.

This is to authenticate the approval of your business name.

Which will in turn allow you to operate you taxi business conveniently in Nigeria.

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Obtain you taxi business license:

Your taxi business license is what will allow you to operate your taxi business.

You should therefore ensure that you have your license readily available.

And your taxi business license could be made available to you.

Once you register your business name with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

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Decide on the type of taxi operation you desire:

In taxi business, you will see different areas of operation that you can choose from.

And please note that, the cost of starting your taxi business will largely depend on the type of taxi business operation you choose to operate.

Some taxis operate door to door, while others have specific designated areas they are operating.

For example, Airport taxi shuttle, while others too, still fly along and within urban roads, among other taxi operations.

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How-to-start-taxi-business-in-nigeria: Choose your car type:

You should be able to choose a car that will be suitable for your kind of operation.

For instance, you should take into consideration the fuel economic of the car.

And you should be sure that spare parts these cars available in the market.

And should be a type of car that can be serviced or repair within.

Locate your office location:

You should get a rally point for you taxi business.

This location will also serve as your office.

Where people can locate you for business deal.

There should be access to your office.

And such access must allow vehicular access since you are dealing with transportation facilities.

Get your cars ready:

You should endeavor to get your cars ready for business.

Good quality cars that will last long and serve the purpose.

To which they were bought.

And above all, get your business plan readily ready.

Your business plan should include; start-up capital, financial statement the chart of your company should also be included with the executive summary.

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