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Hybrid’ event: hybrid event is an event that takes place in a physical venue.

While also being attended by a live and interactive audience online.

In fact, you may have attended a few hybrid events yourself.

As these event have become increasingly common over the past few years.

Gartex Texprocess India, the country’s most comprehensive exhibition.

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Hybrid’ event:
Hybrid’ event

On garment and textile manufacturing.

Is all set to be launched as a ‘hybrid’ event in 2021.

A significant event in the textile trade calendars.

The 2021 edition will be held alongside Screen Print India.

A premier fair for screen, textile, sublimation and digital printing technologies.

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Get the business background

hybrid event is a tradeshow, conference, unconference, seminar, workshop.

Or other meeting that combines a “live” in-person event with a “virtual” online component.

With the growing popularity and cost-effectiveness of virtual events.

Hybrid events have become a popular way of increasing participation.

In traditional events at a relatively low cost.

They also enable participation by people who might be unable to attend physically.

Due to travel or time zone constraints.

Or through a wish to reduce the carbon footprint of the event.

The open, participatory nature of unconferences (e.g., Barcamp).

And their focus on sharing content, makes them hybrid events too.

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Hybrid’ event

The two events, to be held alongside, will bring the entire textile value chain together for business.

Through their new hybrid format, organisers Messe Frankfurt Trade Fairs.

India Pvt Ltd & MEX Exhibitions Pvt Ltd said in a press release.

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Hybrid’ event

Gartex Texprocess India will be the first textile sector exhibition to take the hybrid route.

Scheduled alongside Messe Frankfurt’s Screen Print India fair after a hiatus of one year due to trade and travel disruptions caused by the pandemic.

Both Mumbai and Delhi editions aim to bring the entire textile value chain together.

Through their new co-located and hybrid formats, the release said.

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Hybrid’ event

A year after textile and printing sectors were hit by unprecedented business challenges.

The much-awaited Mumbai edition will bring industry players face-to-face.

With new opportunities from March 18-20 at the Bombay Exhibition Centre.

However, with the on-going travel restrictions that are still in place globally.

Hybrid’ event

The new-age multimodal exhibition will allow screen printing and textile sector exhibitors.

And visitors to take full advantage of both physical interactions and virtual networking opportunities.

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Hybrid’ event

The hybrid format for both the fairs are being specially curated by the organizers.

With live product demonstration features to allow exhibitors.

To showcase their innovations and new product range to buyers.

Who may be unable to attend the physical fair, thus ensuring dual access to trade opportunities.

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Hybrid’ event

“We are delighted to announce our first hybrid venture for the co-located shows – Gartex Texprocess India & Screen Print.

That will offer an intelligent combination of digital and physical interactions for business exchange.

The textile and printing businesses thrives on the ‘touch-and-feel’ aspect of networking.

Which makes the physical trade fair the number one choice for buyers.

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Hybrid’ event

However, its virtual features will be the perfect extension to expand exhibitor visibility.

And networking opportunities with buyers.

“The demand to meet in-person for business networking is strong.

And I believe the hybrid format together with its co-location with Screen Print India fair.

Will create the perfect business synergy for the sector.

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Hybrid’ event

We are looking forward to welcoming the entire industry for a successful first hybrid edition.

And are confident it will provide multi-fold trade opportunities to the sector.

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