Top 8 Destinations You Can Fly To From Ibom Airlines, Nigeria

Ibom airlines: Booking a flight can be challenging. When searching for flights, you may find that many of your desired destinations are inaccessible because of their distance from Ibo Airlines, Nigeria. Many people have asked us about flying to other locations with an accessible airport; fortunately, there are still many great destinations within reach from Ibo Airlines, Nigeria.
If you’re ready to book the perfect trip but don’t know where to begin, you’ve come to the right place. This article will give you insider tips on how to book a flight and what to look out for when doing so. From there, we’ll take you through some of the best destinations you can fly to from Ibo Airlines, Nigeria in lightening speed time!

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Top 8 Destinations You Can Fly To From Ibom Airlines, Nigeria

Ibom airlines:


‍Did you know that there are airlines other than Arik, Virgin, and KLM which fly from Nigeria to other countries? Did you know that there are as many as 16 airlines which currently operate from Nigeria? Did you know that most of these airlines serve only one or two destinations at most? Unfortunately, a majority of the smaller airlines in Nigeria do not have a wide network. Most of these airlines serve just one city or destination at most. But even so, some have more extensive networks than others. Here is an overview of all the airlines which fly from Nigeria with details about their destinations:

Air Peace

Air Peace operates daily flights to Lagos and Abuja from Ibadan. Beyond the two cities, Air Peace flies to about four other destinations, including London, Johannesburg, and Sao Tome. While the airline is relatively new, it has already established a name for itself as a good airline.

Arik Air

Arik Air operates daily flights from Lagos and Abuja to Ibadan. Besides Ibadan, Arik also flies from Lagos to several other cities, including Kano, Sokoto, and London. Arik also offers flights from Abuja to some cities in Nigeria, including Kano and Sokoto.

Co-op Airways

Co-op Airways is a really old airline that operates in Nigeria. The airline flies from Ibadan to Lagos and Abuja, and also flies from Abuja to Kano.

Fly Excel Airways

Fly Excel Airways is an airline which operates out of Port Harcourt, South-South Nigeria. The airline operates daily flights from Port Harcourt to Ibadan and Lagos. From Ibadan and Lagos, the airline also flies to Abuja. Fly Excel Airways is a good airline to go for if you are in the South-South region.

Fresh Air Limited

Fresh Air flies to only one destination, Ibadan. The airline started operating in 2012, and it received its Air Operator’s Certificate in 2016. It currently has three aircraft in its fleet.

Sahararu Airline

Sahararu is an airline with a very wide network of destinations. It operates flights to Ibadan, Abuja, Lagos, and Port Harcourt from Kaduna. It also flies to Zaria and Katsina from Kaduna. From Lagos, the airline flies to Abuja and Ibadan.

Silverback Airlines

Silverback Airlines is a good option for traveling from Sokoto and Katsina to Lagos and Abuja. The airline also flies from Abuja to Sokoto and Katsina.

Skye Bank Flyer

Skye Bank Flyer is another good option for travelers from Katsina and Sokoto to Lagos and Abuja. The airline also flies from Abuja to Katsina and Sokoto.

Solacity Air Limited

Solacity operates flights from Abuja to Ibadan and from Ibadan to Lagos. The airline also flies from Lagos to Abuja.


If you have to travel to another city in Nigeria, it is not necessary that you travel via Abuja or Lagos. With a range of small airlines operating from Ibadan, you can fly to another city at a much lower cost. Besides, many of these airlines have modern fleets of aircraft. They have well-trained pilots and cabin crew. So plan your next trip to another city in Nigeria via Ibadan. You can choose any of the airlines mentioned here.

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