7 Tips On How To Increasing Your Sales Income Business

Increasing your sales income business in any establishment is what I want to talk about.

Sales is a gainful profession, without sales, our entire society would come to a grinding halt.

And nothing happens until a sale takes place.

These sales people are some of the most important people in the society, which we cannot do without them.

However, the creator of wealth are the business people which produces all products, goods and services to the society.

The health of the business community in any given society is determine by the quality and the sales of the goods.

The following methods  will help you increase your sales income in business:

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Increasing Your Sales Income Business

1. Mud Against The Wall Method:

This is the method of selling that will make you meet and talk to different set of people.

In the society about your business and the products.

It means that if you throw enough mud against the wall, somewhere, somehow, some of it will stick.

Shorn rejection and go ahead with your business.

The more rejection you collect, the more sales you are likely to get.

Always develop a gift of gab, and when a person seemed uninterested, continue speaking louder and faster.

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Increasing Your Sales Income Business

2.  Using Circle Round Method:

In this method you need to gather more selling ideas from top most successful people in the company.

and asked them some questions about their products, sales strategies and their sales outcome.

You don’t have to be afraid of hard work.

Equally be inviting prospect into the office for one on one discussion.

Increasing Your Sales Income Business

3. Using Sales Presentation Method:

This means step by step discussion and presentation of the product.

Instead of using a speech to get attention or to overcome resistance.

There is need to ask a series of logical questions, from general to specific.

That were ideally suited to a genuine prospect.

At the end of this series of questions.

It will become perfectly clear to the prospect that he could use and benefit from the products.

Increasing Your Sales Income Business

4. Situation And Solving Method:

At this time instead of talking and asking questions.

The focused should be on learning about the prospect’s situation and to help them out of the situation.

How do we do these? by organizing sales seminars from the scratch to the top.

Do not belittle any prospect.

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Increasing Your Sales Income Business

5. Mental Theory Method:

It is what goes on inside the mind of the sales person that makes all the difference.

The basic qualities that determine success or failure in selling are all mental.

If a person had certain qualities he or she would succeed, holding constant for everything else.

If this psychological qualities are developed, then there is a foundation for success in sales.

For instance, if you want to know how tall a building is going to be.

You look at how deep they dig the foundation for that building.

The deeper the foundation, the taller the building.

In the same way, the deeper your foundation of your knowledge and skill.

The greater the life that you will be able to build.

Once you have built your foundation and have become absolutely excellent at selling.

You can go anywhere and write your own ticket. And you can always build your foundation deeper.

Increasing Your Sales Income Business

6. Self Concept Method:

Your self-concept is the bundle of beliefs that you have about yourself.

It is the way you see yourself and your business and think about it in every area of your life.

Your self-concepts is the master program of your business.

It is like an operating system that determine everything you say, think, feel, and do about your business and you.

For you to increase your sales income, there is a direct relationship between your self-concepts on the one hand.

And your performance and effectiveness on the other.

All changes and improvement in your business begins when you alter and improve your self-concept, your inner programming.

These self-concept has to do with how you think and feel generally about yourself, your life and your business.

For instance, to apply self-concept in selling.

If you have a high positive self-concept, then prospecting is no problem for you.

You get up in the morning eager to call on new people.

You are competent and confident in the area of prospecting, so your sales pipeline is always full.

If you have a poor self-concept with regards to prospecting.

You will approach prospecting with fear and anxiety.

You will avoid it wherever possible.

The very idea of prospecting will make you tense and uneasy.

You will do as little of it as possible and continually look for ways to avoid the activity.

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Increasing Your Sales Income Business

7. Expanding Method:

To increase your sales income.

You need to expand your comfort zone with regard to the amount you earn.

You must achieve your financial goals in your mind before you can ever achieve them in your reality.

Y our aim should be to increase your level of income bit by bit until you think, see ,and feel yourself as a higher-income earner.

Imagine yourself as if you were already the kind of person you want to be, earning the kind of money you want to earn.

Look at other people who are earning more money than you and imagine that you are exactly like them.

Picture yourself having all the money you will ever need and only making sales calls because you enjoy meeting new people.

This calm, confident relaxed altitude, as if you were already a wealthy person, will help you perform at your very best, with much less tension.


In selling, there are seven key result areas which people must deal with them sequentially if they want to get through and make sales.

Your performance and effectiveness in each of these keys result areas determine your overall success and the height of your income.

These seven key result areas are: prospecting, building, rapport, identifying needs, presenting, answering objections, closing the sales and getting resale and referrals.

Every professional in the top started in the bottom.

The good news is that, if you can drive a car or operate a cell phone.

You can become excellent in each of these seven critical skills to increase your sales income.

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