Tips to Open Internet cafe simulator 2 Business

Internet cafe simulator 2: If you have come with a different plan and want to start upgraded services with high speed Internet connection in British capital, you can easily compete with the existing running Cyber cafes. There are numerous Cyber cafes in London and it might be a difficult task to make a room among these established names specially when more than 70 percent homes have Internet facility. Your plan to start an Internet cafe in British capital should include more than a basic Internet facility like providing online gaming, some kind of food and drinks and opportunity of competitions between the customers. Without these advanced services, you may face some problems in running your business. However, this step by step guide to start an Internet cafe in London should guide you to start a cafe easily and with best products.

Internet cafe simulator 2

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It is an important suggestion to consider the available budget before opening any business. Internet is a profitable business but you still need to be clear about the capital you can spend on your business.


Nowadays, there are still many games and programs with very high requirements for operating systems, and not everyone has a good enough PC to meet such power demands. Therefore, the existence of cyber or internet cafes is required.

Cyber cafe is a place with its own special atmosphere. Many people will come with pleasure not only to play but also to have fun in the company of friends or to forget about the home routine.

Internet cafe simulator 2

Where to start?

Opening a cyber cafe business begins with a well-thought-out business plan. First of all, calculate your starting capital and main risks. Draw up a draft of your development plan before starting a business.

Define your target audience. The basis of the cyber cafes income will be youngsters, of course.

Think about services that you can provide to your target audience. For example, you can organize some food & beverages onsite or a waiting area with monitors streaming game sessions.

Decide how you can automate your business. There are plenty of cyber cafe software that will help you to automate such things as billing, timing, reservation, etc.

Internet cafe simulator 2


The basis is powerful computers and additional gaming equipment, for example, video game consoles, as well as wires and a router.

Spend more on the extra-large screen so that players can host cyber tournaments with spectators.

You can purchase additional equipment, such as a copy machine and printer if you plan to provide appropriate services.


It is important to choose a place to which you will have free access at any time, especially if you are going to work around the clock. Keep in mind that there must be convenient access to public transport.

Make sure that your premises have access to high-speed Internet from a qualitative provider. This is one of the foundations of your future business.

Pay attention to the technical characteristics of the room and compliance with sanitary standards. Quality wiring, low humidity and good ventilation are important.

Internet cafe simulator 2

Documents and Licenses

Be sure to read the relevant legislation. Find out what permissions may be needed specifically in your country.

Also, collect the necessary licenses if you plan to provide additional services or work 24/7.

Get licensed software for computers and licensed access to games. So you can avoid tax inspections and large fines for copyright infringement.

In order for you not to have problems with the management and organization of work, you should additionally install a special cyber cafe management software. With its help, you can track the time of computer usage, monitor the work of administrators, and much more.

Internet cafe simulator 2


You will need a competent system administrator, hall administrator, security, cleaner. Accountants can either be hired full-time or use the services of firms for remote accounting.


Word of mouth works great in this business. However, neglecting social media advertising will be a mistake. Organize promotions, discounts, and prize tournaments to attract new customers.

Internet cafe simulator 2


In any business, a proper organization is important at the initial stages. The main thing is to create a clear and relevant business plan taking into account the risks and you will make good money on this business.

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