How to use Portable Solar Panels to Charge Everything

Inverter air conditioner: Thanks to technological development, Americans now have more choices about where and how they do their work. Smartphones, laptops, tablets and even portable printers and credit card machines make doing work remotely easier than ever. Today, Americans also have a much more mobile lifestyle than they did in the past. Many love to spend weekends camping, hiking, and backpacking, but they need to be able to work too. Or, they simply need electricity to complete simple tasks, like cooking. Thanks to mobile devices and portable electric devices, working and having fun on the go is possible — until those devices run out of battery. Luckily, solar chargers allow individuals to charge those mobile devices no matter how much access they have to electricity. The following article will show you how you can use portable solar panels to charge everything from your smartphone to your camping generator.

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Choose a reliable solar panel brand. There are three variables that determine whether a solar panel is reliable: brand, wattage and durability. First, there are a number of knock-off solar panels available from discount sellers. Purchasing one of these products is not advisable because you need your solar panels to work without fail in all circumstances — so even if the solar charges work when you test them, if you can’t expect them to work in an emergency, they are useless. To determine whether a brand is reliable, you can do online research to see what others are saying about the brand or ask the owner of specialty stores what their most reliable brands are. You can also conduct research using customer research tools like Consumer Reports. Some common solar panel brands include Sunlinq, Lenmar and Goal Zero.

Select a charger with the right wattage. In addition to brand, wattage is another important component in portable solar charger reliability. When you are choosing a portable solar charger, you must select a charger with a wattage large enough to charge the devices that you need to charge. This means that if you are trying to charge more powerful devices — like laptops or generators — you need to have more wattage. Most solar charger stores display the wattage on the product’s information sheet or box. Before you go shopping, however, you should not only know what kind of devices you will need to charge but what their wattage is.

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Choose a durable portable solar charger. Finally, durability is an important component in purchasing reliable solar panels. You should not only ensure that the solar chargers you are purchasing are strong enough to handle damage or being dropped, but you should also ensure that they are strong enough to handle what you could encounter in the wilderness if you plan to take your solar panels camping or hiking — this includes severe weather. Many companies manufacture waterproof solar chargers. To determine whether an individual solar charger is durable, individuals should not only determine how the manufactures make that charger durable — protective coatings, shells, etc. — but also what others have to say about the durability of the panels. Online forums and review pages are helpful for conducting this research.

Purchase the right adapters. You will not be able to charge your portable devices if you do not choose a portable solar charger with the right adapters. As you’re likely aware, your cell phone and tablet are charged with different kinds of cords that have different tips. Most portable solar chargers come with a number of different adapters that are designed to work with some of the most popular brands or popular types of adapters, like the mini-USB adapter. Other solar USB chargers require that you purchase accessories so that they will work with your devices. Luckily, most portable solar panels have the capability of charging many devices — such as devices that require an AC adapter and popular camera and MP3 player adapters. Before purchasing a device, make sure it can charge your device using the type of adapter you have and determine whether you need to make that purchase separately.

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Learn about your device’s options. Most portable solar chargers can be used in a variety of ways. For example, some chargers can be used as AC adapters or USB adapters as well as solar chargers. In other words, you may have the option to either plug the adapter into an outlet or laptop or to use stored solar power to charge your devices. Knowing the many different ways in which your adapter can function can help you determine what is the most economical, green or practical way to use your charger at any given moment. For example, if you have an outlet available, you may want to save the stored solar power for the next time you do not have an available outlet.

Know your device’s warning signs. Before using your device for the first time, carefully read the instruction manual that informs you of potential dangers that your device may be subject to, such as surges or mishandling. Know how many devices you can plug into your device and do not exceed that amount. Understand how your device should be stored when not in use. This will help increase your device’s lifespan.

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Reliable portable solar panels can help ensure that you can use electronic devices anywhere. They also mean you don’t have to worry about charging these devices. These devices are essential for those who depend on their mobile lifestyles — from requiring generators to provide electricity while camping to charging cell phones so they will be ready in case of an emergency. However, if you don’t know how to use portable solar chargers, you may make the wrong decision either when purchasing one or when trying to use it for the first time. By using the above guide, you’ll have a better chance of choosing the right solar device.

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