Top 6 Irrigation Business Activities

Irrigation Business Activities: Akwa Ibom State economy hugely depends on agriculture and allied industries.

And the agricultural activity hugely depends on irrigation facility.

As the different Akwa Ibom states receive ununiformed rainfall during monsoon, plantation and crop husbandry depend on other ways of irrigation facilities.

Irrigation refers to the process of supply of water through artificial means such as pipes, ditches, sprinklers, etc.

Apart from several Govt. initiatives, there is a huge potential of starting different irrigation business with small capital investments.

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Irrigation Business Activities Irrigation Business Activities

Here in this article, we intend to provide 6 most profitable irrigation business ideas for the entrepreneurs.

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Irrigation Business Activities

Why Irrigation Business Is Profitable In Akwa Ibom State

The artificial way of supplying water to the agricultural land.

At the right moment in an appropriate volume for the proper growth of the plants.

In order to get the maximum yields of cultivation is technically called irrigation.

But irrigation also includes clearing away of excess water from the agricultural land.

There is a great necessity of irrigation in Nigerian agriculture.

Nigeria has a great diversity and variety of climate and weather conditions.

These conditions range from extreme of heat to extreme of cold and from extreme dryness to excessive rainfall.

Due to some reasons, irrigation business opportunities are profitable in Nigeria. These are

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Irrigation Business Activities

1. Drip Irrigation

Basically, drip irrigation is known as trickle irrigation.

Drip irrigation system includes dripping water onto the soil at very low rates (2-20 litres/hour) from a system of small diameter plastic pipes fitted with outlets called emitters or drippers.

Water is applied close to plants so that only part of the soil in which the roots grow is wetted.

You can start the business of drip irrigation system providing including layout plan design, estimate, and implementation of the system. You can import the tools and pieces of equipment from China.

Otherwise, you can start this business with a distributorship of a reputed company in Nigeria

Irrigation Business Activities

2. Irrigation Equipment

Different types of irrigation machines and tools are the essential items for irrigation. Selling irrigation supplies is one of the most profitable irrigation business for rural areas or small towns in Nigeria

Some of the most potential irrigation equipment include pump sets, generator set, PVC pipes with different fittings, tanks, sprinklers, hose pipes, watering can, digital water timer etc.

You can start selling the materials of local manufacturers. Additionally, you can import high-quality materials from China or other states.

Also, you can avail distribution opportunity of the reputed companies of this field.

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Irrigation Business Activities

3. Irrigation Structure

The irrigation system consists of a major intake structure or pumping station, a conveyance system, a distribution system, a field application system, and a drainage system. This is a very lucrative opportunity for civil engineers also. You can provide the design, estimate and implementation guide with required tools and equipment to your clients.

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Irrigation Business Activities

4. Sprinkler

Sprinkler irrigation method distributes water to crops by spraying it over the crop area like a natural rainfall. Basically, the water under pressure flows through perforations or nozzles and sprays over the area. Sprinkler irrigation system in India is generally used mostly in the hilly areas for plantation crops like tea and coffee. Generally, the locations that have a shortage of ground water for irrigation are the most potential areas of sprinkler irrigation business.

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Irrigation Business Activities

5. Tubewells

Tube-wells are also used for irrigation purposes. At places where ground water is available, a tube-well can be installed near the agricultural area. A deep tube well worked by electricity can irrigate a much larger area (about 400 hectares) than a surface well (1/2 hectares). Some people mostly use tube wells.  Additionally, you can start tubewell selling and installation business by sourcing the tube wells from reputed manufacturers.

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Irrigation Business Activities

6. Small Lifting Irrigation

Small lifting irrigation includes the activity of lifting water from rivers, canal, tanks or ponds for the nearby lands. This type of irrigation project is very popular among the farmers. Basically, the project includes designing, layout plan, estimate and implementation. Having expertise and experience in this field , you can start this irrigation business with small capital investment.

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