How to Target Jobs that Have Strong Occupational Outlooks

Job agencies: Need to find a job quickly? The typical hiring process at many companies takes weeks—and that’s after you land the first interview. If you need a paycheck sooner rather than later, you’ll need to tailor your job search to ensure a speedier start date.

Whether you’ve recently lost your job or you’re itching to leave your current position, there are steps you can take to accelerate the hiring process.

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Use Job Sites 

Search the top job sites, using keywords for the type of job you’re interested in and your location. Many companies have fast-tracked the hiring process for in-demand positions.

Consider adding

#readytowork to your Indeed resume to alert employers of your immediate availability.

To find more immediate openings, search Indeed using “immediate hire” and “urgently hiring” as search terms. Add your location to find jobs near you. Search LinkedIn using hashtags like

Job agencies


#hiringnow, and

#hiring to find current openings.

Stay Active on Social Media 

Search social media using hashtags like

#hiringnow and #hiring to find immediate openings. Follow your target employers on social media to learn about job openings as soon as they appear.

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Job agencies


Keep in mind that not every job search needs to be geared toward finding your dream job. It’s OK to look for work that keeps the lights on while you ponder longer-term opportunities.

Be Flexible 

It’s easier to find work when you’re less set on the specifics. If you’re willing to work a temp job, do contract work, or move to a new industry or town, you’ll have a much wider range of possibilities.

Job agencies

Use Temp Agencies and Headhunters

These organizations need workers just as much—if not more—than you need a job. Tap staffing agencies, headhunters, and recruiters and get your resume out there. Remember that they earn money when they place you, so they’ll be enthusiastic about helping you get hired.

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Get Help 

Don’t go it alone. Consider hiring resume services or career counselors. If you attended college, talk to your college career counselors. (Typically, they’re willing to help alumni long after graduation.) Ask friends and family to proofread your resume, recommend you to hiring managers, and help you practice interviewing.

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