10 How to Join BASF Agricultural Solutions

Join BASF Agricultural Solutions: Over the coming decades, our agricultural food system will undergo an accelerated transformation.

In order to provide access to enough healthy and affordable food for the growing population.

At the same time, it will need to mitigate its impact on our planet so that future generations can flourish.

This transformation will be driven by the call for better yield.

The yield is produced in ways that are recognized as valuable by society.

Are kind to the planet and help farmers earn a living.

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Join BASF Agricultural Solutions

Join BASF Agricultural Solutions

1. How do we achieve better yield?

With our connected offer of products, technologies and services.

We want to transform agriculture for the better.

By making a positive impact on the agricultural food system and ultimately on society.

We believe that digitalization is at the core of this transformation and has the power to impact billions of people.

To help farmers, agriculture and future generations to find the right balance for success.

We have defined the following targets.

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2. History of agriculture

Farming is fundamental to the world’s well-being.

It provides us with food, feed, fuel and fiber and is a cornerstone of everyone’s heritage and culture.

The history of agriculture traces the story of humankind’s development.

Over centuries, the growth of agriculture has contributed to the rise of civilizations.

And still today agriculture plays a critical role in many economies.

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3. Join BASF Agricultural Solutions

Farmers are the backbone of the economic system in most of the world’s nations.

Providing food and raw materials, as well as employment opportunities.

From the farm workers themselves, to farm equipment producers.

Food processing, transportation, infrastructure and manufacturing.

Agricultural progress has been fundamental to achieving food security.

Poverty alleviation and overall sustainable development.

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4. Join BASF Agricultural Solutions

We have tremendous respect for the work that growers are doing day-in, day-out.

Season after season, generation after generation.

They have been a constant force for growing and transforming agriculture throughout human history.

Farmers have always done the biggest job on earth and we have been at their side for more than 100 years.

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5. Farming. The biggest job on earth.

Putting food on the world’s tables in these challenging times.

In the face of a fast-growing population and a rapidly changing climate.

They’re naturally stewards of the land.

And have been contributing to sustainable agriculture for generations and generations to come.

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6. Join BASF Agricultural Solutions

To feed an estimated population of 9.73 billion by 2050.

Experts think farmers will have to produce as much food as has been consumed in all of human history.

With about 3 billion people more on our plant in the next decades.

They’ll need to increase agricultural productivity by 50%.

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7. Join BASF Agricultural Solutions

Balancing productivity and sustainability are the greatest challenges farmers face.

But now, more than ever, they have to balance smarter methods and new technologies.

While earning a living for their families.

They have to feed the world and preserve natural resources alike.

And become more resilient in the face of emerging uncertainties.

Such as climate changes or dynamic economies.

This means reducing carbon footprint in farming operations.

Promoting biodiversity, preserving soil.

And undertaking numerous other agricultural practices to preserve our natural resources.

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8. How Businesshab support agricultural transformation

For us, sustainability is not just a buzzword but a state of mind.

It is our attitude and the core of our actions.

It means finding the right balance to contribute with impact to society’s fundamental needs.

And helping farmers to be successful in times of climate change, societal and economical challenges.

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9. Join BASF Agricultural Solutions

By doing so, we secure our long-term profitable growth and renew societal acceptance.

By delivering value to our customers, the environment, wider society.

And the economy through our products, solutions, technologies and services, we will be successful.

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10. Join BASF Agricultural Solutions

With a combination of innovative thinking and practical action contributing to a sustainable future.

With like-minded partners who share our vision.

By embedding sustainability even more deeply into the fabric of our business.

To demonstrate our commitment to the future of our planet.

Creating business opportunities.

And partner industries with and economies in developing more innovative and resilient societies.

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