How to Decorate Lazyboy Office Chair with Tulle

Lazyboy Office Chair

Lazyboy Office Chair: Decorating chairs with tulle is a cheap and easy way to add beauty and elegance to your next event.

Whether you’re decorating for a wedding or a birthday party.

You can turn the chairs from simple to stunning in no time.

Lazyboy Office Chair

Things You’ll Need

  1. Tulle
  2. Scissors
  3. Measuring tape (optional)
  4. Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks (optional)
  5. Ribbon (optional)
  6. Flowers (optional)
  7. Bling, such as jeweled ribbon (optional)

Making Tulle Designs

Tie a bow around the chair back for a soft and sweet look.

Bows are great for weddings, birthdays, and bridal or baby showers.

Hold a long piece of tulle horizontally and wrap it around the front of the chair to the back.

Tie a bow and adjust the loops until they are even and as big as you like.

  • You can try this strategy on any type of chair.
  • The tulle can be as scrunched together or spread out as you like.
  • Play around with the design to figure out which variation is the most aesthetically pleasing to you.

    Lazyboy Office Chair

Wrap tulle around the outside of the chair post to decorate an aisle.

Scrunch a long piece of tulle together into a thin rope-like piece.

Then wrap the center point around the inside of 1 of the top posts of the chair back.

Cross the 2 sides of the tulle over each other on the outside of the post.

Then wrap them around the inside of the post.

Continue crossing and wrapping the tulle down to the end of the post at the seat of the chair.

Then, tie the 2 sides in a knot on the outside of the post.

  • This method works best on Chiavari chairs.
  • Do this to the same side of every chair in the aisle for a beautiful, eye-catching design.
  • The excess tulle should be just long enough to skim the floor. Make sure it is even on every chair.

Arrange the tulle diagonally around the chair back for an elegant feel.

Hold a piece of tulle diagonally across the front of the chair back so it catches around 1 of the top edges or posts.

Wrap it around the back and secure it at the bottom of the chair back on the opposite side with a knot or a piece of ribbon.

Let the excess tulle hang down to the floor.

  • Try this on chiavari chairs or other chairs with posts.
  • Tuck a flower into the ribbon for an extra touch of glamour.

    Lazyboy Office Chair

Join the tulle from the top of the chair back to the bottom for a chic look.

Thread a piece of tulle vertically around the front of the top support of the chair back down to the bottom support connecting the back chair legs.

Gather both ends of the tulle behind the chair back at the center point between the top and bottom supports. Hot glue the tulle together.

  • Cover the area where the tulle is joined with flowers or a bit of bling, like jeweled ribbon.
  • This variation works best on folding chairs.
  • Choose a color of tulle that contrasts with the color of the chair to make this decoration pop.

Make a tulle tutu for a child’s birthday party chair.

Measure a length of ribbon to fit around a highchair tray or the seat of a regular chair.
Leave extra room so you can tie it on at the end.
Cut 20-30 pieces of tulle that are 18 inches (46 cm) wide and 42 inches (110 cm) long.
Find the CenterPoint of each strip of tulle and tie it to the ribbon.

Then, tie the ribbon to the chair.

  • Feel free to alternate colors, if you like.

Choosing a Color

Pick white tulle for a classic look.

White tulle is classic and elegant, making it perfect for just about any occasion.

It’s also really easy to find in craft stores, fabric stores, and superstores.

If you choose to decorate the chairs with white tulle, add accents with colorful flowers, ribbons, or jewels.

  • For instance, secure the tulle to the chair using a bright ribbon, or tuck a flower into a fold or knot in the tulle.

    Lazyboy Office Chair

Select a bright color for a fun vibe.

Tulle comes in tons of colors, from hot pink to canary yellow and turquoise.

If the party has a theme, choose a color that coordinates with it.

If the party doesn’t have a theme, use tulle in the honored guest’s favorite color.

  • For example, pick several colors and alternate between them for a themed ‘80s party!

Choose one of the wedding colors for a ceremony or reception.

If you’re looking to decorate chairs for a wedding, you don’t have to choose white.

Pick one of the wedding colors to add a splash of vibrancy and tie everything together.

  • For instance, if the colors are sky blue and white, use sky blue tulle to decorate the chairs and add accents with white flowers.
  • If there are several wedding colors, you could alternate between them for a more cohesive look.
  • The amount of tulle you will need depends on the size of the chairs as well as how many you plan to decorate.

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