9 Major Business Cities To Start Business

Major Business Cities in Nigeria to start Business : As a successful business entrepreneur one does not need to jump into business.

You have to carefully study some environment currently suitable for it.

This has to be done even as you look at Major Business Cities in Nigeria to start Business.

There are few things to be considered such as infrastructures,

good road network, population density/growth etc.

What To Note:

Before starting Business in any of the below city i have listed in Nigeria,

one most gets to know certain facts in order not to make the mistakes others did in the past.

Also to note that the “state” in quotes does not make you a millionaire overnight.

But rather the way you operate will make you a fortune.

For example; if the state you reside is good for sales of clothes and the region you resides has too much competition,

you can relocate to an environment where you might have less competitors.

Or you might be the only cock to crow in the region.

And that is where monopoly set in as you will be the only one controlling the market.

Without much time wasting the below are my research on Major Business Cities in Nigeria to start Business and succeed fast. Read more…

Major Business Cities In Nigeria To Start Business
Top 5 Cities To Do Business In Nigeria … nigerianbulletin.com

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Business in Nigeria

Major Business Cities In Nigeria To Start Business

1. Lagos State:

This city has the highest infrastructures in place and over 20million inhabitants,

with proper networking and mostly workers/labours are paid well.

Here I must confess you can’t beat the reach.

Lagos state is high in population and due to this it becomes more popular by the day.

Which in turns attracts investors to come in for business.

There is barely noting you can sale here or render as a service as far as you can save life.

And attend to the need of the masses that you would not make money from it,

so far so good It’s a good place to profits from.

Major Business Cities In Nigeria To Start Business

2. Abuja:

Yes Abuja a.k.a. “ABJ” is next on board to talk about.

And the second on the list as at the time this research has been conducted.

No doubt that Abuja is the present capital city in Nigeria,

with this the have also the highest purchasing power per unit of population.

Which therefore means no other city can brag of this.

Most big men are now located in this axis due to its noise free environment compared to big city like Lagos.

Stuff like restaurant business runs very well together with fast food joint.

Major Business Cities In Nigeria To Start Business

3. Kano State:

I was shocked from the report gotten from “African Development Bank”

The Kano is the center of commerce in northern hemisphere of Nigeria,

Nigeria’s second largest city, fastest growing city in Africa.

Here’ this is big business attraction as people troop in from different part Of the world.

One other outstanding features is that they basically have great manufacturing power.

Kano state has much market for fabrics and livestock sales.

People troop in from far and within to purchase those items to were its scarce in supply and sales at a higher price.

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to Venture In 2019

Major Business Cities In Nigeria To Start Business

4. City Of Portharcourt:

When it comes to oil and gas, Portharcourt is regarded as the number one hub for it,

also the center for oil production in Nigeria.

There is also the presence of refinery, seaports and airport so it gives increase to per unit production.

When one will think of Major Business Cities in Nigeria to start Business should also consider Portharcourt.

Major Business Cities In Nigeria To Start Business

5. Abia State(aba):

aba is finally here though it’s not one of the largest biggest city but it’s over 2million inhabitants have poses a serious business mark in the country,

when once you here of aba what should come to your mind is business from fabrics, clothes, textiles etc.

Most goods are delivered from sea port straight to aba market and you sale it often in bulk to buyers.

Major Business Cities In Nigeria To Start Business

6. Akwa Ibom State:

When you need cheap clothes, shoes like the OK products alias London used you can move down here

It sales fast even the OK gadgets as well.

Poultry farming business functions effectively here ranging from livestock,

fish farming, pig rearing, goat rearing and it still on demand right now.

Not forgetting palm oil business which is the core business margin.

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Major Business Cities In Nigeria To Start Business

7. Delta State:

This is a city commonly and popularly known for stand-up comedy shows.

And the rest that am about to expose to you.

-Restaurant Business

-Oil and Gas Business

-Transportation Business

-Viewing centers and cinemas

Rental Business Services

Major Business Cities In Nigeria To Start Business

8. Rivers State:

This is a city so much bless with abundant of seas and oceans.

And they are really blessed with aquatic animals such as fishes, shrimps, catfish, periwinkle etc.

Investing in such business pays very well as people travel from far and near to buy

And resale in places they are less in supply.

Major Business Cities In Nigeria To Start Business

9. Benue State:

Benue State have an abundance of vegetation and grass land

So one can start cow rearing business as well as goat rearing business there and make huge profit from sales.

Also the introduction of other livestock that are needed but not common could be a very big business venture.

Every good business entrepreneur must have this at the back of his or her mind.

Finally restaurant food sales of different kinds of foods and grocery will be a great business concept.

Selling Of lot of varieties of food will attracts much customers to your business.


1. Nearness to market

2. Low purchase of goods

3. Easy to connects with top business expert and entrepreneur in your business field

4. Good road network system etc.

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Major Business Cities In Nigeria To Start Business


Though the disadvantages are few I strongly believe that serious care should be paid to avoid unnecessary loss in business. Check out bellow:

1. Insecurity:

There are always fear of theft especially if you have large stocks,

And make much sales, there are people who are jealous of your success.

And with this you must be extremely careful.

2. Loss

When stocks are out of either fashion or not being patronize seller tends to lose.

By either selling at a cheaper rate or selling few items.

This was my top 7 major cities have conducted research so far on.

And once you’re about to kick start your business pick any above city and you will be glad you did.

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