52 Tips to Make a Good Student

Make a Good Student: During  schooling, you’ll feel pressured to change your identity in order to fit in. Do your best to fight these feelings and give yourself permission to be who you want to be. Schooling gives you an opportunity to find yourself and grow as a person, but it’s important that those changes come from within. These are things that will make you a good student throughout your schooling.

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Make a Good Student

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Make a Good Student

  1. Create a timeline that lists all the major things you want to accomplish during your life. When you’re being pressured to change, think about whether that change will help you meet your goals.
  2. If you’re dealing with a lot of pressure, find a quiet place where you can clear your mind and look at the situation with a critical eye.
  3. Don’t be so afraid to be a friend with a boy even if you don’t have a crush on him.
  4. People may tease you and think you’re in a relationship, but as long as you’re happy, that’s all that matters. Boys and girls can be just friends.

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    Make a Good Student

  5. Remember to be careful who you become friends with. If they ask you to take a drink of alcohol or smoke or push you into dating or flirting, then you know you made friends with the wrong people.

  6. Make sure to respect the staff. Not only will this keep you out of detention, but it could help with your grades too.

  7. Backbiting and gossiping can be very common in middle school. Don’t be a part of it.

    Make a Good Student

  8. Your best friend and yourself might drift away. You might lose him/her and feel lonely, but it’s okay. Just let time pass and you’ll be alright.

  9. Memorize your schedule before the first day. It’s a whole lot easier to get around and do things if you remember your schedule.

    Make a Good Student

  10. Don’t be silly in class. Teachers hate this, and many will take points off of your grade for it.

  11. Avoid bullying and picking on the sixth and seventh graders. Instead of picking on them, offer to help them with surviving the transition to middle school; this will definitely be appreciated.

  12. It is best to buy a planner so you can keep track on your homework. If you ant buy a DIY one or just use a regular old notebook, that’s fine. Homework is very important!

    Make a Good Student

  13. Eat breakfast every day. This will give you the energy to work better and increase your grade, as scientists proved.

  14. Buy and wear a watch. Be sure you know how to read it.

  15. Don’t be afraid to end a friendship if things aren’t working out. Some people might bully others so badly, they scare people into being their “friend” when in reality, these people are being used to do things the bully wants, or to make the bully look popular.

    Make a Good Student

  16. If a teacher tells you to stop doing something, then stop. You don’t want to be known as the person who gets in trouble all of the time.

  17. Don’t deliberately try to get in trouble. Don’t fight with somebody on purpose, and if someone picks a fight with you, walk away. It’s not worth the punishment you’ll have to deal with afterward.

  18. Go to sleep early so you will be refreshed and able to concentrate in school the next day.

    Make a Good Student

  19. Use the restrooms before or after class. Recess and lunch is also a good time to go. If you have to use the restroom during class, try using one closest to the room.

  20. If you’re in the lowest grade in the school, don’t worry because the big kids aren’t as scary as they seem. The eighth graders probably won’t bother you unless they’re insecure themselves. They had their fun in seventh grade and just don’t care anymore. You’ll probably get more trouble from the seventh graders, and if you do, ignore it. Just think that in a year or two it’s going to be your turn to have fun. Consider it a rite of passage.

  21. Don’t act like one of those kids who cheats on tests, talks while the teacher’s talking, makes rude noises during class, and plays instead of works. It can get on many people’s nerves and may cause people to dislike, or a stronger word hate, you.

    Make a Good Student

  22. Keep an extra set of clothes. And two sets of extra underwear! You never know why you might need them: maybe you spill something on yourself at lunch or if maybe something else unfortunate happens. Just be prepared. If you have to change for an embarrassing reason and people ask why you changed, just say that you must have sat on something weird.

  23. If you payed attention in class, but still don’t get it, just ask your teacher or a friend to help you understand.

  24. Instead of a binder, use a trapper. Instead of carrying all of those folders around, the trapper has spots to put all of your stuff. They should have places to put pencils, papers, scissors, pencil sharpener, and files instead of 10 folders! You can also buy an extra pocket for stuff like colored pencils, crayons, etc!

    Make a Good Student

  25. Try to care about how you look. It’s more important who you are inside, of course, but it helps you be more liked. Practice hygiene, exercise, dress well and eat right.

  26. You shouldn’t focus on getting a boyfriend or girlfriend just yet. Instead, focus on your grades and friends. Help those who seem friendly and see if it turns into a friendship.

  27. Don’t get too caught up in your love life. Your grades are more important and the relationship might not last anyway.

  28. Go in to see a teacher(s) before school or after school. If a teacher is not able to help you since he, or she might be busy, go to another teacher who teaches that subject. Otherwise, you can maybe go to someone in another grade level for help.

    Make a Good Student

  29. Don’t be embarrassed if something happens to you. Laugh it off! If you learn to laugh at yourself, you will laugh more often.

  30. Make friends with the 6th and 8th graders; the more people you know, the more likely you will be popular or known, so if you lost friends you’ll always have people to go to!

  31. Being suspended is not a good thing. At the least, you will not be allowed in school for 3 days. Getting a few days off of school may sound great, but in reality, it’s not. The principal will tell your parents what you did to get yourself suspended, and your parents might ground you at home.

    Make a Good Student

  32. If you can, get a combination lock during the summer and practice unlocking it. Don’t wait until the first day of school to practice a combination lock.

  33. If you see something you know or think is wrong tell a teacher or an adult.

  34. Don’t let your home life get in the way. While you may have struggles have home, don’t let it get in the way. Try your best to seem happy and cheerful at school despite everything; it will be worth it.

  35. If you are changing in gym locker rooms and you are uncomfortable, ask teachers or whoever supervises you if you can change in a bathroom stall. Wear tights and a slip inside your clothes. Remove them when you reach home.

    Make a Good Student

  36. Make sure you have your lunch money. If you have trouble getting lunch money from your parents, talk to a teacher. They will help you and they won’t tell your friends. There’s no reason to be embarrassed.

  37. Try to stay out of trouble. It’s okay to have a little fun once in a while, but don’t take it too far.
  38. Avoid drugs, alcohol, and other risky behavior as it can lead to very serious implications both now and in the future, especially because you are still developing.

  39. Don’t let a bully bully you. Let others and a teacher know.

  40. If you see one of your friends being bullied, don’t just watch it happen. Either stand up for them or tell a teacher or another adult. After all, what kind of friend lets his or her friends get hurt?

    Make a Good Student

  41. Ask your teachers for help. If you need help with something on the first day of school don’t be afraid to ask chances are many people have the same question.

  42. Do try new things, as long as they are not illegal or bad for your health.

  43. Remember your place. You aren’t any better or and worse than the other kids in your class. Treat others equally and with respect, even if they don’t return the favor!

  44. Do not cheat on any tests or quizzes, this will have a big impact on your social life and academic life. Some schools will suspend you for it!

    Make a Good Student

  45. You may get rejected by people. This is normal, but don’t worry. It happens to everyone sometimes.

  46. Tell an adult or an adult you trust, when you see illegal activity. When someone punches someone in the face, you should tell an adult. You may feel uncomfortable, but your behavior and grades matter, not your popularity.

  47. You will come across some bad people, such as bullies, so just try to ignore them, and they’ll probably ignore you as well. But if that bully is constantly bullying you and you can’t seem to stop it, tell an adult or teacher you can trust. If you are scared ask a close friend to come with you.

    Make a Good Student

  48. If you’re having a party and you’re not inviting everyone in your grade, keep it quiet. It may hurt peoples’ feelings if they aren’t invited.

  49. If you have a big issue which is worrying you, don’t be afraid to speak to someone. Don’t keep things to yourself if they come too much.

  50. Stand up to peer pressure. If an acquaintance such as a friend is forcing you into doing something you know is wrong or don’t want to, such as smoking, drugs, sex, committing a crime, bullying someone or misbehaving in school, say no.

    Make a Good Student

  51. If you know someone who you are worried about, tell a trusted adult. For example if a friend is self harming, being abused or considering suicide, you should always tell someone.

  52. Don’t kiss or get into serious relationships if you aren’t ready or allowed. You can get in big trouble for that, because a lot of schools now have a PDA rule (public displays of affection rule) in which you could get detention for even hugging a friend. Also, if you aren’t allowed to date, your parents could easily find out about it and you would be in big trouble.
    Don’t worry about being under or overdeveloped.

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