How to Open Metal Recycling Business

Metal recycling: Recycling is one of the easiest and most productive ways that you can help make the planet a better place. While it may feel overwhelming at first, recycling is easy, and it’s not hard to make it a part of your normal routine. Keep in mind, if you’re not sure if something is recyclable or not, you can always contact your local government to ask if you’re allowed to toss something in your recycling bin. Alternatively, you can always reach out to a local recycling facility directly to see if you can drop something off on your own.

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Metal recycling

So long as it’s clean, you can recycle basically any metal. Aluminium foil, metal tools, and metal pots can all be recycled. Aerosol cans can be recycled as well, so long as you’ve emptied them out entirely by pressing the nozzle. If you’re getting rid of empty cans that used to store food, rinse them out under water before placing them in the bin.

  • If the metal is sharp or damaged in a way where someone may cut themselves, don’t put it in your recycling bin.
  • The only metals that can’t be recycled are metals that contain mercury (like metal thermometers), and metals with cathodes ray tubes in them, which are found in old TVs and computers.
  • Metals with some kind of electrical wiring, like a dryer or iPod, are usually not recyclable. These products can often be taken apart for scrap though, so check with your local recycling center or scrapyard.

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    Metal recycling

Go online to find the recycling guidelines in your city and state. Every region has different rules when it comes to what they will and won’t take when it comes to recycling. Many cities and states also have unique rules when it comes to recycling specific items, like batteries or electronics. It’s even illegal to not recycle in certain areas, so look it up!

If your city doesn’t provide recycling containers, get one yourself. Whenever your recycling bin gets picked up, check the container to see if there’s any residue or waste. If there is, clean the container out with water. If any non-recyclable material gets on your otherwise-clean recyclables, the plant won’t be able to process your stuff!

  • You aren’t always going to get it perfect. There are probably going to be times when you accidentally put something in the recycling bin that isn’t supposed to be there, so always check your bin after it gets picked up and don’t beat yourself up if you make a mistake!

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    Metal recycling

Double-check to make sure sorting isn’t required where you live. Some recycling plants will sort your recyclables for you, but occasionally, local laws will require you to sort the materials yourself. Typically, you’ll need to keep paper and plastic separated, but the requirements are different everywhere. Make sure you check on this when you look up the local laws.

  • Even if it isn’t required, do your best to keep similar items together to make things easier for the recycling facility. Stack cardboard on top of other cardboard, and keep your aluminum cans in the same portion of the bin.

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