Milana Vayntrub and the Biggest Brands She’s Spotted Wearing

Milana Vayntrub Relationship: At just 25 years old, Milana Vayntrub has made a major mark on the fashion world.

The actress is best known for her role as Lily in the hit show New Girl and as one of the stars of the video game-inspired comedy Digital creators.

With roles that center around her quirky style, it comes as no surprise that Vayntrub has been spotted wearing so many big brands over the past few years.
If you’re not familiar with who this actress is, well, then you probably don’t have kids or you live under a rock (pardon our French).

Ms. Vayntrub played “Lily” on FOX’s long running sitcom “New Girl.” She also appeared in a series of hilarious Old Navy commercials that helped boost her fame even more.
Read on to learn more about Milana Vayntrub, including details about her personal life and career.

Milana Vayntrub and the Biggest Brands She’s Spotted Wearing

Milana Vayntrub Relationship:

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When it comes to red carpet appearances, many celebrities will opt for pieces from emerging or independent brands. But not all actors are willing to sacrifice personal style for the sake of authenticity. In fact, some stars have an eye for high-end fashion and know how to dress in a way that is both personable and impressive. Milana Vayntrub is one such actor. This actress has starred in numerous roles on television shows and films, including her work as Piper on the first season of New Girl and her voice acting as GoGo in the popular series Bigger Fatter Liar. When she’s not busy with filming or stage performances, Vayntrub has been spotted rocking some of the most luxurious brands around. Read on to learn more about her greatest hits…

Christian Louboutin

If you’re going to start any list with footwear, Louboutin is the brand to do it with. This French designer is well-known for his iconic red-soled stilettos, which have been spotted on the feet of everyone from Beyoncé to Sarah Jessica Parker. Vayntrub has donned several pairs of Louboutin’s, including a classic red-sole design, a black-and-red pair, and a pair of towering pumps with turquoise soles.


Vayntrub has been spotted wearing two of Chanel’s signature pieces: a silk scarf and a quilted handbag. The quilted bag has become a staple in Chanel’s lineup, and they are frequently spotted on the arms of celebrities and royals alike. Vayntrub’s scarf is simple yet elegant, featuring Chanel’s classic “CC” logo in silver.


Vayntrub has donned a Cartier timepiece, a gift from her film partner, Michael Fox. We can’t imagine a more thoughtful gift than a timepiece, especially one as beautiful as the Ballon Bleu de Cartier Vayntrub has been seen wearing. The watch was named after a French hot-air balloon race created in 1909, and Vayntrub’s piece is decorated with diamonds and a blue enamel dial. Cartier’s Ballon Bleu watch has been a hit with celebrities and royals alike, having been worn by the American First Ladies Hillary Clinton, Jacqueline Kennedy, and Nancy Reagan. Even the current Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, has been spotted wearing the watch.


Vayntrub has been spotted in two Hermes pieces: a silk scarf and a silk scarf adorned with the brand’s iconic “H” logo. The first scarf is a simple black-and-white design, while the second has a vibrant orange color. Both pieces are made with the highest quality silk and are sure to keep you warm during the chilly winter months.

Michael Kors

Vayntrub’s Michael Kors pieces include a watch, a bag, and a pair of earrings. The MK watch is a minimalistic style with a black face and stainless steel accents, while the handbag and earrings are a vibrant orange hue. Michael Kors is best known for his women’s clothing line, but he has also recently started designing men’s accessories.

Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. is one of the most iconic brands in the world, so it’s no surprise that Vayntrub has been spotted wearing a few pieces from the luxury retailer. Her first piece was a silver necklace, followed by a pair of silver hoops. Tiffany & Co. has a reputation for quality and craftsmanship, and their pieces are often compared to heirlooms due to their timeless designs. Tiffany & Co. is best known for its blue box gift wrapping, which has become a symbol of romance due to its frequent use on engagement rings. You can spot Vayntrub’s blue box in her film Bigger Fatter Liar, in which she stars alongside Michael Swetick, who also wears jewelry from Tiffany & Co.

Vera Wang

Vayntrub has been spotted in a wide variety of articles of clothing from Vera Wang, including a dress, a sweater, leggings, and a pair of shoes. The dress is a stunning navy piece that looks great for any formal event, and the leggings are a perfect daily wear for any season. The shoes are a gorgeous floral design that is a great way to add a bit of personality to your outfit without being over the top. Vera Wang is an incredibly versatile designer and has a wide variety of styles and colors, so there is something for everyone.

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