11 Tips to Start Mobile Fumigation Business

Mobile Fumigation Business: Pest control business is a lucrative business in Nigeria with relatively low startup costs.

But professional skills and adequate training is necessary to qualify for a state or federal license.

Pest control businesses can generate up to five million Naira a year in profits.

And have startup costs ranging from Thirty Thousand Naira to five hundred thousand naira.

Depending on how you want to start.

If you are interested in owning or operating your own mobile fumigation business, follow these steps to get up and running.

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Mobile Fumigation Business

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Mobile Fumigation Business

1. Get the Business background

A mobile service business is a business that travels to its customers.

There are many types of mobile businesses.

And many traditionally office-centered businesses venture into mobility.

In order to promote to a broader customer base.

Provide for greater customer convenience.

And cut down on the overhead involved with maintaining a stationary storefront or office space.

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Mobile Fumigation Business

2. Get to know the business

Fumigation is the act of exterminating unwanted Pests and Insects from a particular surrounding.

Fumigation may be used to exterminate insects such as Termites, Bugs and Ants and Pests Like Rodents from a inside a building or its surrounding.

Fumigation may also be used to eliminate Pests or Insects from soil or foods or from items being shipped.

Precisely, fumigation is the act the use of a lethal gas to suffocate or exterminate the unwanted Pests or Insects.

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3. Ensure you have a business plan.

A business plan is critical to the success of a business and can be seen as a plan that describes your business, products/services, market.

And describes how your business will go about expanding for the next three to five years.t

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4. Choose a mobile service.

  • Assess your talents, interests and experience.
  • Starting a business in an area you are already familiar with, comfortable in and good at is ideal.
  • Determine the practicality of taking your business on the road. You need to consider the cost and feasibility of transporting whatever equipment you will need to make your mobile service jobs run smoothly.
  • Size up the competition. Cancel out ideas that you don’t feel you’d be able to gain a competitive edge in and study the business practices of the apparent successes. Not only is this a good way to narrow down your options, but it is also a way to get ideas for how and how not to run your own business.

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5. Invest in the things you will need to make your business successful.

  • Education. Learn as much as you can about the industry you are going into, and about running a small business in general. Check out books from the library, attend trade shows and seminars, sign up for some courses at your local community college or technical/vocational school and ask other, non-competing, mobile service business professionals about how they do business.
  • Business expense budget. You will need advertising, start-up, equipment and a way to transport your equipment. Additionally, you will need to pay fees toward the appropriate licensing.

6. Decide on a business name.

You will need to register this name with your government’s business regulatory agency.

Mobile Fumigation Business

7. Obtain the necessary licensing from your government’s business regulatory agency.

This may be as simple as paying for a general business license.

Or you may be required to complete other licensing requirements as dictated by your specific mobile service.

For example, if you plan on opening a mobile lunch service.

Not only will you need a business license.

But you will also need a food handler’s license and an association with a licensed commissary.

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8. Establish business travel accounts.

Setting-up business accounts with airline/hotel booking companies is a good way to keep track of travel expenses associated with operating your mobile business.

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9. Advertise your mobile services business.

  • Internet. Having a website is beneficial for any business, regardless of the industry.
  • Use your web address on all of your marketing materials.
  • Print. Take out print ads in local newspapers, lifestyle magazines and industry-specific trade publications.
  • Vehicle advertising. Make sure the vehicle you use for your mobile business has a bold, clear display advertising your business. Include your contact information, including a mobile telephone number that you can be reached at even while you’re on the road between jobs.

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Mobile Fumigation Business

10.Establish a marketing budget.

The run-up to opening and first few months of operation may very well make or break your new small business.

So make sure you give your initial marketing push a strong effort.

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11. Involve the community.

Establish your connection to the local community from the very start of your business.

Let people envision your business having a positive community impact for years to come.

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