7 Steps to Start Mobile Toilet Business

How to Start Mobile Toilet Business in Nigeria

7 Steps to Start Mobile Toilet Business :You can make huge money by investing in the mobile toilet business in Nigeria. See how you can start it here.

Mobile toilet business is a self-sustaining business that makes you your own boss and at the same time gives you ample time to take care of other necessities of life.

Mobile Toilet Business in Nigeria is rental service that thrives most in areas with much events and occasions.

in other words, whenever here is an event in your area, or in any area for that matter.

You can easily engage the service of your Mobile Toilet Business in Nigeria and begin to make good money from it.

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Steps to Start Mobile Toilet Business in Nigeria: BusinessHAB.com
Steps to Start Mobile Toilet Business in Nigeria

7 Steps to Start Mobile Toilet Business in Nigeria

It’s not until there is an occasion before you can make money from you Mobile Toilet Business in Nigeria. What about making money from passersby on the streets?

many people daily are looking for avenues to ease themselves in the public and by providing them with mobile toilets, you would have made a reasonable amount of money for yourself.

whether for events or occasion and sports like football, marathon, skiing, camps, rallies, open field parties or construction sites, there is also an avenue to make good money from mobile toilet business.

You can make huge money from Mobile Toilet Business in Nigeria. You only need to know how to start the business.

Seven Smart Steps to Starting your Mobile Toilet Business in Nigeria

1. Do Proper Feasibility Studies

You don’t just wake up from sleep and start any business, let alone Mobile Toilet Business in Nigeria without proper planning starting with effective feasibility studies of how the business will look like.

You understand that business is merely identifying and filling a need, a notable need in the society. as such, there is no point embarking on starting a Mobile Toilet Business if the section of that society does not have much need or patronage for it.

To stress the fact, Mobile Toilet Business in Nigeria thrives more around cities and towns notable for events, sports, camps, and rallies.

7 Steps to Start Mobile Toilet Business in Nigeria

Although it may be patronized by the street people, this is quite low.

A proper feasibility study will make you realize whether this your proposed mobile toilet business will thrive well in an area or not.

Of course, you must understand that simply because mobile toilet business is a simple to do business, that does not necessarily result in it being the best for a city or town.

SO, start with a proper feasibility study.

2. Arrange a balances Business Plan

After you might have conducted your feasibility study.

And found your area to be ok for starting your mobile toilet business, it is now time to put together a good business plan.

This business plan will show how to and what is required to effectively start and run your mobile toilet business with no or minimal loss.

You have to research on this thoroughly to make it formidable enough to meet the growth of your enterprise.

Aside from this, the business plan will help you put together effective strategies.

Which will make it possible for you to cultivate your venture with minimal stress.

With or without trial by error technique.

You can engage the services of a professional business planner who would help you put together a business plan for this business.

7 Steps to Start Mobile Toilet Business in Nigeria

3. Get Your Kickoff Capital Ready

Having put together your business plan, you would be aware of the cost implication for starting a mobile toilet business.

The costing and expenditure section of your business plan would show that for you to acquire a facility big enough to house your mobile toilets.

Depending on the turnout of customers, that’s going to cost you much money.

Nigeria as at today does not seem to manufacture mobile toilets. as such, you may have to acquire these items abroad. they sure may be expensive to get.

SO, when you are doing the cost analysis, you look at the cost of the facility to house the mobile toilets as well as the cost of the mobile toilets themselves.

remember, these are “mobile” toilets and not permanent toilets.

As such you would have to be moving them around with a vehicle or so.

So, you also consider the cost of transportation etc.

You need to get a suitable capital before going into mobile toilet business.

4. Get Your mobile toilet business registered and Properly Licensed.

The first thing you need to do after successfully acquiring your capital is to, first of all.

Get your mobile toilet business registered with the government of Nigeria.

The first port of call is to get a business name and register your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC).

the above will firstly make your business legal and unique.

Secondly, it makes it look professional and stand out from the crowd.

Secondly, you need to get registered and affiliated with other duly authorized bodies within your business line.

This has numerous advantages.

In any case, you need to obtain proper licensing from relevant authorities. these would issue you a permit to operate.

This is due to the environmental hazards mobile toilet business can predispose the environment too.

As such, the government and its agencies have to be aware of how you are going to manage the waste effectively without damaging or polluting the environment and causing epidemics.

this would come in within your mobile toilet business waste management plan.

7 Steps to Start Mobile Toilet Business in Nigeria

5. Rent a Space.

Since what you’re doing is simply temporal.

You do not have to buy a land or erect permanent structure or building.

All you need is a space large enough to enter your mobile toilet facility.

You negotiate with space/land owner and strike a deal for a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly pay.

You might or might not have considered this during your feasibility study, but that is what you have to do.

6. Buy Your mobile toilets, Facility.

Your finance determines the number of mobile toilets you are going to purchase.

Another indicator is the market outlook for the business. mobile toilets are quite expensive.

But then, you can always make good returns on your investment if handled properly and maintained.

Aside from this, you need to buy your mobile toilet facility which would house your mobile toilets.

the beauty of the mobile toilet business is that you can always approach the manufacturers to produce on demand, based on whatever specifications and designs that you want.

As such, you can always start with few mobile toilets and continue to increase the numbers as your business expands.

7. Market and Advertisement

it is now time to tell the world about your business. but is more advisable to start with the real people who are your immediate targets – event planners.

you need to partner with planners of events and maintain a good working relationship with them.

In this way, you are likely to get a periodic rental of your mobile toilets when they are arranging events for their customers.

Also, you are also going to benefit by way of referrals.

As these event planners are going to tell their counterparts in your services as well.


You stand a good chance to make an effective business from the mobile toilet line of business.

Why not give it a try today, using the ideas and methods I’ve outlined in this documentary.

If you need a complete business plan or you want us to help you set up this business, kindly contact us.

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