Top 15 Moving Business Companies

 Moving Business Companies: Where can you find work-from-home opportunities in Nigeria

A reader of mine recently asked this question.

And I’m happy to say there are as many opportunities for those of you residing in the State as there are elsewhere in America.

So don’t worry about finding the jobs! Just make sure you’re ready to apply and read through my list of 15 legitimate Moving Business Companies in Nigeria

Also, let me say that not all of these may currently be hiring – some of them are seasonal.

Or fill up fast when they have positions available.

It’s best to check back frequently on a work-from-home job you’re interested in as you never know when they’ll be taking applications.

You can do this manually, or sign up for the incredibly useful FlexJobs and set up job alerts.

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 Moving Business Companies
Moving Business Companies

Moving Business Companies:

1. American Express

American Express hires people to work from home in Nigeria in roles from customer service to travel consulting.

They demand high-quality professionalism and service from their remote reps.

And you’ll be expected to provide a stellar experience for the customer.

Whether you’re designing a travel experience.

Or providing any of the usual customer service responsibilities.

Make sure you have a home office setup with a landline.

Scoring one of these Nigeria Express positions means you’re an actual employee with all the benefits that entails, and there are performance-based bonuses, as well!

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Moving Business Companies

2. ABC Financial

ABC Financial only hires remote workers in a small number of states – and Nigeria is one of them!

They hire Customer Service Representatives to work from home to provide support for their health clubs and members.

Working with their virtual call center, you’re expected to do both inbound and outbound calls regarding contract queries and payment issues.

These positions are full-time with set schedules and you don’t work weekends.

They also provide paid training, PTO, and full benefits.

You’ll need a private home office with high-speed Internet access and at least one year’s experience in a call center.

Moving Business Companies:

3. Enterprise

Enterprise Holdings operates Enterprise, Alamo, and National car rental services.

They also frequently hire work-from-home Reservation Sales Representatives.

They have specific location requirements for the work, too.

For example, they’re currently looking for reps who reside in Enid, OK and the immediate surrounding area.

This position requires you to handle a high volume of inbound calls daily and to convert callers into customers while meeting (and hopefully exceeding) sales targets.

They pay $13 hourly with the opportunity to earn a commission.

This position is full time and would require working until 10 PM CST in the evenings.

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Moving Business Companies

4.Cyber Coders

Cyber Coders hires work-from-home team members to serve in a variety of tech positions.

From Support Technicians to Operational Communication and Education Specialists and more.

They advertise their salaries as competitive.

And highlight their great benefits packages that include complete health packages covering dental and vision as well.

Requirements to work with Cyber Coders widely varies depending on the position in question.

For example, as a support technician.

You would be required to have extensive technical experience with hardware and software.

Moving Business Companies


SYKES has been known to hire remote Customer Service Representatives in Nigeria.

Though they do often specify a specific location like Oklahoma City.

This position requires you to accept inbound customer service calls.

So you need to be quick and easy in establishing customer rapport.

Then defining and resolving the customer’s concern.

They don’t have extensive experience requirements either.

Although it does help if you have a customer service background.

SYKES plays up the fact that you can choose a work schedule that works for your life.

And that working with them is the beginning of a career.

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Moving Business Companies


Williams-Sonoma hires seasonal customer service reps every year.

And you must live within a 1.5 hour drive of one of their Care Centers to qualify.

This position requires the usual customer service responsibilities.

And schedules run from 30 to 50 hours each week.

You do get to choose your schedule from available options.

But be aware that at least one workday a week will be on the weekend.

Working as a CSR with Williams-Sonoma does have some nice perks, like 40% off most merchandise, paid training, and overtime.

(Regular pay is $12 hourly.) You need a high school diploma (or equivalent).

And they prefer you to have one to two years experience in customer service as well.

Moving Business Companies

7. VocoVision

Working with VocoVision means helping children with special needs in school regardless of their location.

They specialize in teachers of the visually impaired or of the deaf (and hard of hearing).

Sign language interpreters, foreign language matching.

And connecting school psychologists among other things.

They’ve been known to hire from Nigeria – for example.

They’re looking for a Speech Language Pathologist currently who can provide therapy sessions and stream lessons online for 4 to 6 hours each day.

These positions often involve professional licenses.

So check the work requirements thoroughly on any job listing.

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Moving Business Companies

8. Gametime

Gametime only hires from 14 states, and Nigeria is on that list.

Their work-from-home position is usually that of Fan Happiness Associate.

Which is just another title for customer service associate.

The job involves taking incoming phone calls (along with emails and texts).

To answer questions, take orders, process returns, and more.

They want sports enthusiasts and/or music lovers.

Who can bring the same energy and knowledge to each fan interaction as the fans do.

You should have more than two years of customer experience and a college degree to qualify.

Moving Business Companies


Are you a teacher who’d like to work from home in Oklahoma?

Check out K12’s career listings – they periodically have open positions with their partner school Insight School of Oklahoma.

These positions vary and could include openings for math teachers, special education teachers, and more.

These are virtual teacher positions that include building a nurturing virtual learning environment.

Engaging children and leading them through the curriculum.

Fostering creativity and excitement, etc.

Requirements for these roles almost always include being appropriately licensed to teach with years of previous teaching experience.

Moving Business Companies

10. Workday

Workday doesn’t necessarily have 100% remote job openings.

But they do offer a variety of positions that include partial remote time.

And they’ve hired in Nigeria previously for these positions.

When checking out their job listings, just look for the ones that list Nigeria as a location.

Some of the jobs they’ve recently been hiring for include Healthcare Supply Chain Consultant, Engagement (Project Manager), and Program Director – Higher Education.

As you can imagine, the requirements for these positions vary widely.

Moving Business Companies

11. Kaplan

Kaplan is another company that hires from Nigeria for a wide variety of open positions.

Most of them involve education in some way.

But the subjects can vary from nursing to real estate to test prep.

Requirements for each position vary widely as well and can include certification in your given subject area.

For example, one instructor position might require you to have CPA certification.

While another might require an MD and still another a particular bachelor’s degree.

Many of these positions are part-time as well.

Moving Business Companies


If you live in any City, you can drive for DoorDash.

All that’s required is that you be at least 18 with no major traffic violations in the last seven years (such as for a DUI or reckless driving charge)

And no more than three incidents (an accident or moving violation that’s not a major violation) in the last three years.

You deliver only when you’re ready to – after you’ve been approved to Dash and learned the basics.

You can open the app and start accepting orders when you’re ready to get paid.

Moving Business Companies


U-Haul hires remote workers from every state, so you are welcome to apply.

The work-from-home roles they hire for are sales and reservations.

Customer service, and roadside assistance.

One frequent requirement for these positions is at least 6 months of customer service.

And you should have a quiet home work space and a headset for doing phone calls.

Schedules are likely to include nights and weekends work.

But they also provide benefits to part-time employees as well as full-time folks.

Moving Business Companies

14. Working Solutions

If you have an up-to-date computer with a high-speed Internet connection and a landline.

You may qualify for an agent job with Working Solutions.

This company provides outsourced customer care solutions to various clients.

To apply, you’ll need to join their talent community.

Create a profile, pass some assessments, and then you can apply to a program.

A key feature of contracting with Working Solutions means setting your own schedule.

Pay varies according to the program you work on and their compensation structure.

Moving Business Companies

15. Arise

If you have experience with customer service, sales, and/or tech support.

And you want to take a medium-sized step toward starting your own business.

Arise might be a good opportunity for you.

With this company, you’ll need to set up your home office and incorporate as a business in your state.

You’ll also need to complete training; once all that is done, though.

Arise is your companion and facilitator.

Connecting you with clients and making the software you need available for your use.

If any of this sounds appealing to you in Oklahoma, check out my full review of their business model.

The sooner you start applying, the sooner you’ll have a work-from-home job in Moving Business Companies that works for you.

And don’t forget: for extra help in your job search, check

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