7 Tips to open Noodles Eateries

Noodles Eateries: To open a noodles eateries you need very little capital.

The entire expenditure could cost N10, 000 naira. 

This amount covers the cost of making a stand, buying cooking utensils, kerosene cooker, supplies.

The business is very lucrative and practitioner’s make about N4000 daily.

Noodles is a popular food in Nigeria and eaten as a snack or whole meal.

The delicious meal is eaten as breakfast lunch or dinner depending on the individual.

The popularity of the food is the cost effectiveness, fast cooking time.

If you are looking for a business to start with little overhead and good returns then noodle making is your best bet.

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Noodles Eateries
Instant noodle recipes by chefs news.com.au

Tips to open Noodles outlet Eateries

1. Noodles Eateries: Get a Space

The first step to starting the business is to find space.

This is moderately challenging however measurable.

You need to find space in a busy area with lots of human traffic.

Popular locations are close to factories, commercial areas and schools.

The space could be obtained free or leased depending on the present occupants or landed property.

2. Noodles Eateries: Know the Space Requirements

  • busy area
  • heavy human traffic
  • area close to factories
  • commercial areas
  • close to a school

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3. Noodles Eateries: Put Up a Structure

The next stage is to put up a structure.

To do this contact a carpenter to build a simple shed for the business.

The shed should have display shelves.

Cooking area and you need to provide a sitting area for your customer.

4. Noodles Eateries: Get the Needed Equipment

The major equipment is your kerosene cooking stove.

You need utensils like pot, frying pan, plates, and cutlery.

Other include bench, mixing bowl, long spoon and kerosene.

The type of cooking equipment could be cooking gas, kerosene cooker, and charcoal cooker.

Others are:

  • kerosene cooking stove
  • pot
  • frying pan
  • plates
  • cutlery
  • bench
  • mixing bowl
  • long spoon and kerosene
  • cooking gas cooker or charcoal cooker

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5. Noodles Eateries: Get the Supplies

The supplies you need are top noodle brands, eggs, cooking oil.

There are many brands in Nigeria so choose wisely.

Your noodles are best eaten with fried eggs, fish or chicken.

Other supplies are pepper, onions, tomatoes, seasoning, and groundnut oil.

The supplies are readily available in the market.

Make sure you buy the noodles in cartons for better profitability.

You can sell cold drinks and water to your customers.

Noodles Fast Food Supplies

  • eggs
  • noodles
  • fish
  • chicken
  • pepper
  • onions
  • tomatoes
  • seasoning
  • groundnut oil
  • clean water
  • cold drinks (optional)

6. Noodles Eateries: Costing Should Be Minimal

The profit margin depends on the order.

On an average plate a fast food seller can make 45% returns.

This amount gradually adds up to sizable earnings.

To get a good appraisal of prices eat at a noodle restaurant.

Calculate the cost of the noodle and ingredients.

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7. Noodles Eateries: Get The License For The Business

There are no licensing associated to this business.

However there are food handlers health and safety concern.

Others include illegal structures, environmental issues and local government levies.

The only marketing you need is a signboard, word of mouth and delicious meal.

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The business is highly lucrative and easy to establish.

You need very little funds, good cooking skill to prosper in the business.

Other requirements include good customer service.

Added value such as free sachet water and other incentives.

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