Ways of Using Recycling Programs to Promote your Business

Northern metal recyclers: Recycling can make a big impact on the amount of garbage that ends up in a landfill, but it can sometimes be a little hard to know what should and shouldn’t go into your recycling bin. Luckily, we can help you learn what to recycle so you can reduce the amount of waste that you create!

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Northern metal recyclers

Learn about recycling programs in your area. Some regions offer curbside pickup for recycling, while other communities feature municipal or commercial drop-off sites. Ask your neighbors, visit the website for your city or county, or run a web search for “recycling in [your region].” Find out what you can and cannot recycle through these programs.

  • Find out if there’s anything that your local recycling center will not recycle. Some centers, for instance, are not equipped to handle certain types of plastic. Every recycling program is different.
  • Find out whether you need to sort your recycling. Some centers require you to separate out different materials before dropping them off, while other centers will sort through mixed waste to pick out the recyclable items. As a general rule, drop-off sites require you to sort your recycling, while curbside pickup programs will take a mix.

    Northern metal recyclers

Know what can and cannot be recycled. In general, you can recycle paper, plastic, metal, and glass. Do not assume, however. There are exceptions and particular rules that apply to each material category. Read the recycling policies for your local recycling center to learn which items they’ll take.

Learn how to recycle metal. The average recycling center is only equipped to recycle steel and aluminium. Thus, recycle your steel and aluminium cans: beverage containers, food storage, and aerosols. Be sure to wash and sort your aluminium food packaging, as well – pie plates, dinner trays, and foil.

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Northern metal recyclers

Clean recyclables before sorting. Many recycling centers will not accept items that constitute more than 10% food waste. Rinse out your plastic containers, your glass bottles, and your aluminium food packaging before you try to recycle them. It won’t take long, and you will make the job much easier for everyone else involved.

Use a curbside pickup program. If your community features some sort of municipal recycling pickup, make sure that you have a city- or county-issued recycling bin. Place your recyclable waste into the “recyclables” bin, and place your non-recyclable waste into the “garbage” or “landfill” bin. Find out when your community’s trash pickup day is. When you place your trash out on the curb, put the recycling bin out as well.

  • Some regions even offer a curbside compost pickup! Learn about the difference between composting and recycling.
  • If your recycling is not picked up on trash day, try to get in contact with someone from the city’s recycling program. Call the city manager, or run a web search to find a contact number for the recycling center. Find out why your bins were not picked up, and ask about what you’ll need to do to get them to the recycling center.

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    Northern metal recyclers

Sort your recycling at home. If you plan to take your recyclable items into a commercial or municipal drop-off point, then you will probably need to separate the different materials from one another. Establish separate bins for metal, plastic, paper, and glass. This way, when you drop off the recycling bins, you won’t have to do any additional sorting – and neither will the workers at the recycling center.

  • You can place the items into bags – but remember that plastic bags are not recyclable! You’ll need to take the waste out of the bags before you drop if off.
  • Make sure that everyone in your household knows which items can and cannot be recycled. Try making an informational sign or handout to post near the recycling bin.

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