Top 5 Nursing Qualifying Tips

Nursing Qualifying Tips:The nursing process is more than just being passionate about taking care of other people’s needs.

It is a scientific process that encompasses a number of steps that must be followed for it to be considered satisfactory.

In case you are interested in becoming a nurse.

Or joining this profession, passion is sure to get you ahead but that is not all you need.

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There are other things you ought to consider before qualifying as a great nurse.

As you wait to add on practice and years in service.

It helps to start right by knowing and following the procedures that are expected.

Wikipedia explains the nursing process as a modified scientific procedure.

It is further said that the nursing procedure was first described as 4-step process in 1958 by Orlando Jean.

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One ought to be careful not to mix it up with nursing theories or even with health informatics.

It was not until later that the 5th stage was added.

This is the diagnosis phase which was added later on.

This write-up takes a look at the nursing process in details, its components, and characteristics.

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The nursing process explained

Nurses work in different areas of the health sector.

Even so, there are certain components that cut across all nurses traits and action plan.

There are basic requirements that make you a qualified nursing practitioner.

The core of the nursing practice is therefore the nursing process.

Which sets apart qualified nurses from the others. This entails the following:

Nursing Qualifying Tips:
Nursing Qualifying Tips

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Nursing Qualifying Tips

1. Assessment

This is the first step that is involved when delivering excellent nursing care.

It involves dynamically collecting and analyzing client’s data .

The information to be assessed includes physiological data.

Psychological data, socio-cultural information, economic information, spiritual and lifestyle factors, among others.

A good example of a nurse’s assessment of a hospitalized patient that is complaining of pain would not just focus on the physical pain.

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But also on how the client responds.

They may be unable to get out of bed or may refuse to eat.

The sick person may also request for more medication or may be withdrawn from family and in some instances.

They could be angry and rude to the hospital staff.

All these have an impact on the type and approach of care to be given by the nurse.

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Nursing Qualifying Tips

2. Diagnosis

A nurse’s diagnosis has to do with the patient’s response to potential or actual health needs and conditions.

This diagnosis goes further than just declaring that the client is in pain.

As it also encompasses aspects of how the pain has led to other issues.

Such as anxiety, family conflict, poor nutrition.

As well as other serious complications that may arise.

This diagnosis will be purely based on the nurse’s care giving.

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Nursing Qualifying Tips

3. Planning and outcome

Depending on the diagnosis and assessment.

It is now up to the nurse to come up with long term and short term goals on how to offer better care.

This may be small and achievable goals.

Including moving the client out of bed 3 to 4 times a day.

Or even working with them through better meal plans and diets, a small portion at a time.

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It may also mean working with the patient through psychological help.

Where an expert counselor may be brought in if there is need for it.

The plan may also mean management of pain using adequate medication.

Every detail from the assessment, diagnosis, and planning is written on the client’s record.

So that other nurses and medical practitioners have access to it whenever necessary.

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Nursing Qualifying Tips

4. Implementation

The care plan is the guide for all the possible nursing care.

This will provide the assurance of continued care throughout the period which the patient is hospitalized.

It will also make it easy for the patient to be discharged.

Just as before, all the care is recorded in the patient’s records.

This phase can take hours, days, weeks or even months depending on how long the patient will be hospitalized.

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Nursing Qualifying Tips

5. Evaluation

This step involves continuous evaluation of the patient’s progress and the effectiveness of the care program.

This nursing care program must be modified and adjusted accordingly whenever necessary.

To support the best results for the sick person.

The outcome by the end of it all should either be patient’s condition improved.

Patient stabilized or patient’s condition deteriorated, discharged or died.

It is important for all nurses to be familiar with the nursing process.

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If they are to offer excellent care to patients that need them.

Those planning to become nurses had better learn and practice the procedures above as well.

These, coupled with a compassionate heart and a passion for helping the sick and weary.

Will guarantee that you will become one of the best nurses around.

Even as you study and equip yourself with all the knowledge and skills that will prepare you for this field.

Having a heads up is always an added advantage.

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