10 Tips to Start Packaging & Retail Printing Business

Packaging & Retail Printing Business: Packaging is a major hurdle many small businesses face.

Professional-looking packaging materials help distinguish your products from your competition.

But it also shapes your customers’ perceptions of your brand.

This makes finding the right packaging solutions critical for any business.

Small business owners looking for custom packaging need look no further than UPrinting’s selection of packaging products.

Whether you need customized clothing hang tags, labels, boxes or packaging sleeves we offer affordable yet high-quality package printing solutions.

Business printing is a lot like preparing for an important presentation.

You want to show that you put enough thought and care into how you present yourself and your company.

Here are some tips and resources for professional printing to help instill confidence in your clients and business prospects.

 Packaging & Retail Printing Business
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Packaging & Retail Printing Business

1. Bare Bones for Business Printing

Looking “professional” in print takes more than just a decent design and well-written copy.

If you want professional-quality marketing materials, there is no substitute for true 4-color process printing.

Offset commercial business printing gives you the best quality and value for the buck.

But don’t be fooled into thinking any local or online printer will produce the type of quality that says “credibility.”

More is involved in professional business printing than simply putting ink on paper.

Your printer should work with you and review your files to ensure your design will look as good as you expect.

when you expect it.

Choices such as paper stock, fonts and mailing guidelines can be critical in printing an effective marketing piece.

  • Thick, 12 or 14pt card stock for your business cards and 80# or higher text for brochures and catalogs give a substantial feel, with either a glossy or matte finish.
  • The right layout, fold and size can save you a bundle when preparing direct mail pieces. Talk to the pros on how to save on both printing and postage on your business printing and mailing.
  • Request samples of papers and printing. Ask about getting a hard proof or press proof if the color has to be right or you are printing a large order. Check the finish, texture and color to ensure it portrays the professional look and feel your business deserves.

A printer that stands behinds it’s work also guarantees it.

Check your printer’s guarantee policy to understand how they deal with errors or returns.

Find out more about how to choose the right business printing service.

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Packaging & Retail Printing Business:

2.Unique Business Printing Needs

  • If you’re a graphic designer, marketing agency or other print broker or reseller, professional printing is paramount to your business. Consider using a trade printer that offers high quality printing, trained experts and wholesale pricing.
  • For organizations with multiple offices, distributors or franchises, or for anyone looking for fast and easy business printing for your employees or associates, a web-to-print professional printing solution may be the best way to obtain quality printing that’s hassle-free.
  • For startups, professional printing can make the difference in showing you’re serious about your new business. Ask about special offers for establishing your business identity, such as business card and stationery packages.

Packaging & Retail Printing Business:

3.Set Page Size

Make sure before you begin your artwork that the page setup size is set to the final size you want as most programs are set to a default page size.

Add your crop marks, (fine lines or marks on the edges of the artwork that show us where the finished piece of art should be cut) remembers to add bleed if the image runs of the page (2mm).

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Packaging & Retail Printing Business

4. Joint Photographic Experts Group

The format was developed for displaying images over the internet and other on-line services.

It retains all the data from an RGB image.

Saving in the format presents the opportunity to apply higher compression at the cost of image quality (i.e. the higher the compression the smaller the file and the lower the image quality).

JPEG files can be saved as either RGB or CMYK.

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Packaging & Retail Printing Business

5. Tagged Image File Format

This is the most popular format on the MAC and PC for high end software application such as Quark, Pagemaker, Illustrator, Freehand and Corel Draw etc.
It is cross platform (this means the scan can be used by either a Pac or PC format) and is the format of choice for most graphics. Tiff files can be saved in either CMYK or RGB.

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Packaging & Retail Printing Business

6. Encapsulated PostScript

Is supported by all the high end layout software on MAC and PC.

An advantage of an EPS file saved from vector based programs.

Such as Illustrator, Freehand and Corel Draw is that these EPS images can be scaled larger with no loss in quality.

Photoshop EPS files are different because they are bitmap images and cannot be scaled without quality loss. Save as either CMYK or RGB.
EPS files saved from Photoshop can also be saved as duotones, tritones or quadtones.

So that the image can be separated into specific pantone colours when placed into software such as Quark or PageMaker.

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Packaging & Retail Printing Business

7. Bitmap

Is the image format found on Windows machines.

Frequently used in many popular word processing packages.

It is a reliable format for that purpose only.

BMP files cannot be saved in CMYK format.

Packaging & Retail Printing Business

8. Graphics Interchange Format

Developed to display graphics over the internet these files are small in size to minimize time spent downloading the image. GIF files cannot be saved in CMYK format and are unsuitable for most printing processes.


Because these images are to be used as “on screen images” only.

You do not have to scan at a high resolution.

The average monitor displays 72dpi RGB images, and these images are small to store and email.

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Packaging & Retail Printing Business

    • Address Labels / Return Address
    • Beer Labels
    • Bottle Labels
    • Candle Labels
    • Canning Labels
    • Food Labels
    • Health & Beauty Labels
    • Jar Labels
    • Packaging Labels
    • Product Labels
    • Shipping & Mailing Labels
    • Soap Labels
    • Warning Labels
    • Water Bottle Labels
    • Waterproof Labels
    • Wine Labels
    • All Labels 
    • Circle Hang Tags
    • Die-Cut Hang Tags
    • Foil Hang Tags NEW
    • Folded Hang Tags
    • Half Circle Hang Tags
    • Gift Tags
    • Jewelry Hang Tags NEW
    • Metallic Hang Tags NEW
    • Leaf Hang Tags
    • Oval Hang Tags
    • Rectangular Hang Tags
    • Rounded Corner Hang Tags
    • Single Rounded Corner Hang Tags
    • Velvet Hang Tags NEW
    • All Hang Tags 
    • DVD Covers
    • DVD Inserts
    • Bag Toppers / Header Cards
    • Boxes NEW
    • Packaging Sleeves
    • Wrapping Paper NEW
    • All Packaging

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