5 Pickup/Trucks Delivery Business

5 Pickup/Trucks Delivery Business

5 Pickup/Trucks Delivery Business: Not only can a truck carry the tools of your trade, the truck itself serves as your trade if you start a hauling or delivery business.

Owning a pickup/ truck is a major step in starting a range of businesses.

Not only can a truck carry the tools of your trade.

The truck itself serves as your trade if you start a hauling or delivery business.

Regulations vary among states and municipalities.

So research the type of business license and insurance you’ll need depending on what type of business you open.

And ensure your driver’s license is adequate for the job.

Consider also the type of truck you have and its capabilities.

The size, engine type and trailer hitch capacity will largely determine what kind of work you can do.

Pickup/Trucks Delivery BusinessPickup/Trucks Delivery BusinessPickup/Trucks Delivery Business

1. Hauling

Pickup trucks are designed for transporting objects.

So a hauling business is a natural fit.

Target residential and small business customers.

Because many commercial jobs may be too large for your truck.

According to Consumer Reports, the average compact pickup can handle towing about  #4,000, while a full-size pickup can tow double that amount.

So factor that into what type of services you offer.

For a heavy-duty hauling business, you’ll want a truck with a powerful V8 engine, but a V6 will work for smaller loads and is generally more fuel efficient.

Start by hauling junk and yard waste to landfills or disposal centers and transferring goods to and from storage facilities.

Hauling small loads of firewood to city or suburban customers is a viable business in some areas.

But you’ll need a trailer in addition to the truck bed to haul a whole cord of wood.

Startup costs are low and you won’t need much equipment, but dollies, furniture pads and tie-down straps or nets are necessary equipment.

Be aware of local regulations for securing loads in trucks.

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2. Delivery

Contract with small businesses to deliver goods to retail customers.

Such as furniture, small appliances or gardening and nursery supplies.

A full-size truck with a shell over the bed, or a trailer attached, will reassure businesses that their loads will be secure.

Small, independent hardware stores might also welcome your services.

The next step up in delivery services is to start a courier business.

With a truck, you have the ability to courier everything from letters to large packages and boxes, and potential clients range from individuals to large corporations.

Compact trucks with a four-cylinder engine are good for a courier business, as they get better gas mileage than full-size pickups and you generally won’t need heavy hauling capabilities.

Check with your municipality for the licensing requirements for a courier business in your area.

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3. Yard Work

If your talents are in outdoor work, a pickup truck works well for a yard maintenance, cleanup or landscaping business.

Depending on your knowledge and skill level.

You can do basic maintenance such as weeding, mowing, pruning and mulching, carrying all the tools and equipment you need in your Truck. Leave space in the truck to haul away yard waste as needed.

More advanced landscaping services include designing and building ponds and garden beds, and a full-size pickup truck is well suited for hauling the necessary materials for those jobs.

For larger, involved jobs, you’ll likely want a full-size V8 or diesel truck with a trailer, capable of hauling heavy stones, concrete and other building supplies.

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4. Cleaning

Equipment for a cleaning business runs the gamut from vacuum cleaners and mops to carts for hauling supplies.

A truck is sized well for carrying everything you need to run a cleaning business.

But you might want to invest in a shell for the truck bed to enclose and protect supplies that shouldn’t be exposed to weather.

While you can offer your services to homeowners, another route is to obtain contracts to clean offices and retail stores, providing a steady income.

Pickup/Trucks Delivery Business

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5. Mobile Services

If you possess a skilled trade, such as carpentry, plumbing or electrical work, a truck can be the backbone of a handyman service.

Consider getting a locking tool box that fits across the bed of the truck to secure your tools.

A pickup truck will fit the Equipment and supplies you need for a pressure washing service or auto detailing business.

With woodworking expertise, you can start a furniture repair and refinishing business, picking up pieces from your customers and delivering them when they’re finished.

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