How to Start Plantain Farming Business : Everything You Need to Know

How to Start Plantain Farming Business in Nigeria: Everything You Need to Know

How to Start Plantain Farming Business : Everything You Need to Know | Do you desire to start plantain farming business? If you answer is yes, then you are accessing the right blog. In this article, everything you desire to know about plantain farming business will be made available to you.

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You need just one option, and the option is keep reading to discover what it takes to start and run plantain farming business . Plantain farming business is one of the aspects of agricultural business that you can invest on. Everyone can do it.

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You do not need all the time to invest in plantain farming business, once you embarked on plantain farming business; you need limited time to run the adventure. Plantain, as we all know, is one of the sources of carbohydrate needed by the body.

This important fact makes many to embrace the production of farming, and I bet you, it is one of the lucrative businesses among agricultural business ever.

We all know, and have eaten plantain; there is no need of digging deep as to what plantain is. Having said that let us consider some of those necessities that will ensure our success, should we embark on starting and running plantain farming business in Nigeria.

The necessities for starting and running plantain farming business:  

Demand and supply for plantain:

Nigeria is a country that consumed vast volume of plantain because of its nutrients to the human body, even at that, Nigerians have not discovered the potential of producing plantain in commercial scale to cater for the domestic needs lest alone for export.

As of today, the demand for plantain is on the high side, due to the fact that, it is not only used for human consumption but also for raw material purposes.

Moreso, different people have different ways of eating plantain, some eat it boiled, while others eat it as roasted plantain, this is how they enjoy it. Some fellow enjoy eating the ripe plantain, that is, fried one with either beans or rice, yet others eat it as plantain chips.

Still the usefulness of plantain cannot be underestimated. It is processed to derive plantain flour, which is use for other purposes. So Nigerians spent over billions of naira buying and selling plantain annually.

Therefore if I may shock you, there are markets anywhere waiting to buy your produce.

Should you want to start and run your plantain farming business in the country.

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What are the requirements to Start Plantain farming Business ?

1. Land at the tropical zones:

Let us not forget that there are certain lands that support the growing of certain plants or crops. In the case of plantain, the type of land that supports its growth is tropical land, that is, humid soil.

So if you are really interested in venturing into plantain farming business, then you have to secure a land.

A large portion of land, say a good number of hectares, and preferably.

The land should be a virgin land, and in most cases, the land can be invigorated with fertilizers and manure.

You should also consider that, the land be moisture, the land should have the capacity to retain water, and please note the land should use up the available water because too much water on the ground does not favour young plantain suckers.

Moreso, while preparing the land you intends to plant you plantain suckers.

You should take into consideration the PH value of the land.

Such that will sustain your plantain, you can make some enquiry about that.

Do some planting improvement on the land and ensure that you treat pests.

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2. Make available the plantain suckers:

Having prepared the ground for plantain plantation, the next step will be to source for plantain suckers.

Please note that if you want to have your plantain farming thriving and yielding bountifully.

Then you should not just buy your plantain suckers anywhere, this is very important!

You have to go to designated and recognized centers to purchase your plantain suckers.

You should check, good suckers that will yield well, and those type will be one foot high with small leaves.

3. Time to plant:

Now it is time to plant your plantain suckers, and please note, the distance between these plantain suckers should be about between say, eight to ten ft. at least.

The purpose is that it will ensure good yielding and the leaves of the plantain suckers will not obstruct each other. Ensure that you treat the plantain farm land before commencing the planting of the plantain suckers.

Herbicides are recommended for the prevention of weed growth, and you should remember that this plantain farm land should be humid.

4. Care for your plantain plantation:

You do not need all your time to care for your plantain farming business, neither do you need enough fund to take care for your plantain farming business, all what you need to do is to ensure that there is absolute control of weed in your plantation.

If possible, you can make sure that your plantain farming is protected from brawny wind.

And you can also make sure the plantation retain reasonable volume of water and manure.

Or a balanced fertilizer for the plants consumption.

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5. The amount of money need to start plantain farming business :

I am sure, it will interest you to know that you may not need much money to start and run plantain farming business in Nigeria.

However, whatsoever it will cost you to start plantain farming business in the country, will depend on the scale of plantain farming business you intend to operate.

But irrespective of the size or the scale of your plantain farming business, I will suggest that five hundred thousand naira can be used as a start-up capital for plantain farming business in the country.

And this means that, much of the activities of your plantain farming will be borne by you, though you will need to employ few labourers.


Having said that, let me remind you that plantain farming business is money spinning business, even if all that you invest is in one hectare, you are likely to get back your investment.

And one thing you should note about plantain farming business is that, it produces money every week. Different plantain matured at different time and pace, so as they matured, you harvest.

A particular place, where you did planted your plantain sucker, when you first began your plantain plantation can generate money for you for at least four to five years, I mean that particular hole you planted your first plantain sucker, and I make bold to repeat here that plantain farming business is a lucrative business .

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