List of the Best Food Trucks In Singapore (And Where to Find Them!)

Plaza Singapura food: In this digital age, the food truck has become a popular alternative for those who want to start their own business, or as an additional income stream. The mobile vending business is also a great way to serve quality food at affordable prices to a wide variety of customers in different locations and events.
If you enjoy eating street food, you’ll be happy to know that Singapore is home to many dynamic and interesting food trucks. These mobile eateries are perfect for customers who want something quick and convenient without sacrificing quality or taste.
Whether you’re looking for an after-work snack, an affordable dinner option on your way home from work, or even just somewhere new and exciting to take your friends, the following list of the best food trucks in Singapore will give you plenty of ideas!

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List of the Best Food Trucks In Singapore (And Where to Find Them!)

Plaza Singapura food:

Plaza Singapura food: There’s something special about food trucks. They are not your typical food outlets that operate from a fixed location and serve the same menu every day. A food truck is usually a mobile eatery that you can find roaming around town, catering to hungry customers with their one-of-a-kind dishes at affordable prices. Food trucks are also known as Food _______ trucks (e.g., ice cream truck, taco truck, etc.), so if you see any of these words in the article, you will know what they stand for. If you love street food and are looking for the best places to get your fill of them in Singapore, read on for our recommendations on some of the most mouthwatering food trucks serving scrumptious local street dishes.

Kway Chap

Plaza Singapura food: Kway Chap is a delicious Hakka-style stew made from braised pork belly and soft rice noodles. It is a dish that is frequently found in Singapore’s food trucks and is a must-try local delicacy. You can find a delicious version of this Singapore street food at Ah Bong Kway Chap, which is a mobile stall that you can find in the Chinatown food enclave (formerly known as Chinatown Food Street). What makes Ah Bong’s Kway Chap stand out from the rest is the generous serving of pork belly that they use. Prices start from $5, so you can certainly get a good deal here.

Artisanal Burgers

Plaza Singapura food: For those who love burgers but are bored of the usual fast-food versions, artisanal burgers are the way to go. These burgers come as close to homemade burgers as can be, with freshly baked buns, generous portions of meat, and high-quality condiments. With a variety of burgers to choose from, you can be sure to find one that suits your cravings. There are also vegetarian options for those who are into that. The best place to find artisanal burgers in Singapore is at the Big Apple Mini Burger Truck. This food truck can be found in the Chinatown food enclave, as well as at many other locations in the city. Prices start from $6.50, which is quite affordable for artisanal burgers.

Halal Mamak

Plaza Singapura food: If you are craving for some Indian food, halal mamak is a dish that you need to try. It is basically a fried rice dish topped with a generous amount of curry and an omelette served with an Indian Roti. Halal mamak is a dish that is frequently found in Singapore’s food trucks and is a must-try local delicacy. My favorite halal mamak stall in Singapore is Roti Prata and Curry. The best thing about this food truck is that it travels to different locations in Singapore, so you don’t have to go to a single location to find it. You can check its itinerary and schedule at its website. Prices start from $4.50, so it certainly is a good deal.

Asian Street Food

Plaza Singapura food: There are many different Asian countries in the world, and each one is famous for its own traditional dishes. You can find these Asian street food dishes in Singapore in the various food trucks that serve them. My favorite Asian street food in Singapore is the Laksa, which is a spicy Malaysian noodle dish. The Laksa that can be found in the Singapore food trucks is indeed a scrumptious one. You can find Singapore’s best Laksa at the Laksa King food truck, which can be found in the Chinatown food enclave. Prices start from $6.50, which is a very affordable price.

Recommended Singapore Food Trucks

Plaza Singapura food: – Big Apple Mini Burger Truck – Laksa King – Ah Bong Kway Chap – Roti Prata and Curry – The Chilli Crabs – Say Chee Bin Soya Bean Chicken – Chilli Crab Delights – Chicken Rice – Final Words

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