Top 10 African Restaurants in the US


American food has a long way to go in its understanding of African culture. The general public often views Africa as an untapped culinary resource, but this is far from the truth. American chefs need to take more notice and start appreciating the talents of our continent. There are some great restaurants in every city, and few places offer a better African experience than the United States.
With so many options, it can be difficult to know where to begin exploring your appetite. Here are Ten of our favorite African restaurants in the US.


A trip to any major American city will reveal that African Americans are well represented in the culinary scene. From gourmet hamburgers to soul-satisfying Soul Food, black cuisine has something for everyone. The best African restaurants in the US will help you sample cuisines from around the world while also refreshing your palate with an authentic African twist. Read on to know about some of the best African restaurants in the US today!

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The Best 10 African Restaurants in the US

African-American gastronomy is a culture all its own. The food we eat, how we cook it, and where we eat it all reflects who we are. There are many good African-American restaurants in the U.S., from small family-owned establishments to fast food joints, chain restaurants, and ethnic eateries. While each has their own unique flavor profiles and styles, there are some constants across the board. Many Americans are unaware that there are actual African-American chefs cooking up memorable meals in their own kitchens. But with so many excellent African American restaurants opening every day, it’s time you knew some of the best! To help you navigate through the wild world of African American cuisine—and get ready to order that next curry plate without looking back—we’ve put together this list of our favorite African American restaurants in the U.S..

1. P.F. Chang’s Shanghai Bistro, Pasadena, California

P.F. Chang’s Chinese Bistro is one of the best African American restaurants in the United States based on quality and service. This Pasadena restaurant is renowned for its savory dim sum and signature eggrolls, but you’ll also find classic American dishes like frankfurter sandwiches and mac and cheese. The weekend brunch is popular and includes savory dim sum and a brunch menu that changes daily.

2. Red Lobster, United States

This Red Lobster in Uniondale, New York is not your average American seafood restaurant. The Red Lobsters of the world, there are several Red Lobster locations around the world, but this is one of the best American restaurants in the world. Lobster is always the focus at Red Lobster, and the menu highlights the lobster roll, crab legs, and CIO meal (Shrimp and Indian oatmeal).

3. Denny’s, United States

This Denny’s in suburban Chicago is a throwback to the 1950s. Simple country décor, warm service, and American food made from scratch come to life at this location, which is also home to the world’s largest Denny’s. Denny’s also serves ice cream sandwiches, which is pretty much the best way to finish off a Denny’s day.


4. Mama’s Bakery & Cafe, Chicago, Illinois

This Chicago institution is known for its savory breakfast and brunch, but you’ll also find sandwiches, salads, and other meals worth mentioning on the menu. Try the full breakfast menu, which includes everything from pancakes to eggs and bacon, and the brunch menu, which includes traditional Southern items like Carolina-style cornbread and collard greens.

5. Ol’ Dirty Dutchland Burger Bus, Atlanta, Georgia

This black burger joint in Atlanta is the brainchild of three brothers from the Netherlands. The family-owned business opened its first location in 1960, and the oldest in the Atlanta suburb of Lawrenceville is still operating. Don’t be deterred by the name, though; this is not a burger joint for the squeamish. The dishes feature unusual seasonings like whole cloves, allspice, and cascabel pepper.

6. Sweet Auburn Kitchen, Atlanta, Georgia

Sweet Auburn Kitchen is the most famous restaurant in Atlanta, and you’ll find it at several locations around the city. The original Sweet Auburn location serves up classic Southern food like collard greens, chicken and waffles, and sweet potato casserole, but the restaurant also hosts many special events, including Oktoberfest and Christmas.


7. Cajun Station and iamCajun in Atlanta, Georgia

This Cajun restaurant in Atlanta is known for its signature spicy gumbo. It also serves up excellent steamed rice, red beans and rice, and casseroles. If you’re looking for a spot where you can dine with celebrities, you’ll find that at Cajun Station.

8. Macaroni Grill (Dallas), United States

This is one of three Macaroni Grill locations in the United States, and it’s located in Dallas. While the Dallas location is known for its American mac and cheese, you’ll also find CIO and Italian meals served at Macaroni Grill, as well as classic dishes like macaroni and cheese.

9. Black Cat at the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada

This black-owned restaurant in Las Vegas has been around for more than 40 years. The original location in North Las Vegas is where you’ll find the restaurant, though there are now a number of locations throughout the city. Try the blackened catfish, blackened red snapper, ribs, or spicy shrimp and grits, and be sure to leave room for dessert.


10. Jazzy Jeff’s BBQ in Long Beach, California

BBQ is a major part of Southern cooking, and Jazzy Jeff’s in Long Beach is the place to go in Southern California for pulled pork, brisket, and Carolina-style pork ribs. The restaurant also features a rotating lineup of Southern artists every so often, which adds a fun extra layer of entertainment.


There are many excellent African American restaurants in the U.S., but these are our top five. You’ll find amazing food and drink at each of these spots, and you’ll also meet some of the most likeable locals as you explore. There is so much to love about this cuisine, so be prepared to be surprised.

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