10 Tips to Start Rechargeable Lamp Repairs Business

Rechargeable Lamp Repairs Business: You have a table lamp that you really like.

But you can’t figure out how to get it working again.

Buy the ‘lamp guts’ and you can do it yourself! Read this article to learn how!!

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Rechargeable Lamp Repairs Business: BusinessHAB.com
Rechargeable Lamp Repairs Business

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Rechargeable Lamp Repairs Business

1. Take your lamp apart.

You will probably have to take the bottom off of it to get to the nut and washer there.

2. Get your various parts.

You may not need all of them.

3. Remove all of the central parts of your lamp being repaired.

4. Push the new cord through the center of your lamp.

The cord is stiff enough that you can just push it through using your hands.

5. Take the exposed wire and wrap it around the two terminals.

6. Tighten the screws over the wrapped wires on each side.

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7. Start pulling the various sections of the together by tugging on the wire at the bottom of the lamp.

8. Get a light bulb and plug in your lamp.

It should be working fine now.

Rechargeable Lamp Repairs Business

9.  Tighten up a table lamp

Check the bottom of the base for a nut, (it may be covered by felt, peel the felt back from the edge).

If the nut is loose, tighten it.

Then check below the socket base at the (threaded tube) nipple.

If there is a nut there, tighten it towards the lamp base.

Above that nut, (if any) should be the socket base.

The socket base connects the lamp socket to the nipple.

And allows the wire to rise up and connect to the bottom of the lamp socket (the part that holds the bulb).

Check the side of the base for a set screw.

Loosen the set screw and twist the entire socket base towards the lamp bottom.

Then resecure the set screw.

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Rechargeable Lamp Repairs Business

10.If it just stopped working

Check the outlet for power (if none, fix the outlet).

Check the lamp socket for power in on position.

If none, check for power at lamp switch in on position, if none replace switch.

If power is on at the switch but not at socket.

Check connections at the socket, and fix the loose connection or replace the bad socket.


  • Be sure that your lamp is unplugged. You will be working with bare wires and metal tools.

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