20 Amazing Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse Seating

Rocket mortgage fieldhouse seating: The Detroit Red Wings are one of the oldest and most beloved professional hockey franchises in the world. But with an aging home arena and no new stadium in sight, their future as a top-tier team became uncertain. That’s why the organization recently made an announcement that seemed shocking to some fans: The team will be moving their games to a brand new arena that is not specifically built for hockey.
However, that doesn’t mean the Red Wings are going anywhere. They will continue playing home games at the same location – just at a renovated version of their current fieldhouse instead of their usual ice rink. As you may already know, this is called “fieldhouse seating” because it combines elements of both hockey arenas and basketball courts – creating venues that can be used by multiple sports teams simultaneously.
Here’s everything you need to know about this new trend in arena design…

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20 Amazing Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse Seating

Rocket mortgage fieldhouse seating: BusinessHAB.com

Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse is the home arena of the NHL’s Detroit Red Wings and AHL’s Grand Rapids Griffins. Opened in October of 2017, the venue has a capacity of more than 20,000 people. When filled to capacity, Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse can be one of the loudest arenas in the world. To support its claim as “The Loudest Arena In Hockey,” Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse features some pretty impressive acoustics. With noise reduction technology, sound is designed to reflect off walls instead of reverberating throughout the arena. Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse has a very unique look with architecture inspired by hockey sticks and pucks. The roof has projections that display animated visuals for every game played inside the arena. Many would say that these are just small touches, but they make a big impact on game nights.

Events at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse

Just like every other major venue, Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse hosts many different types of events. Some of the most popular events in recent years include: There are also plenty of other events that take place inside the venue, including concerts and wrestling.

Arena size

The seating capacity at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse is 19,515, but can hold up to 20,000 people with standing room. The upper level is split into several sections and has a capacity of 9,000 people. The lower level can hold up to 10,000 people, but includes a walkway for in-and-out traffic. For concerts, the venue reduces its seating capacity to approximately 12,000 people. The lower level contains the majority of seating sections and includes a large general admission area that wraps around the sides of the ice. The lower level is split into two sections, one in each corner of the ice. The upper level is split into three sections, two on the ends and one in the middle.

Seating at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse

The lower level of seating at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse is on the ice and provides the closest proximity to the action. To access this seating, you need to walk down stairs through the walkway in the lower level and then walk down more stairs to the ice. Access to this area can be tricky and is not recommended for anyone with mobility issues. The lower level seating on the sides is elevated above the ice and provides an excellent view of the game. This seating area wraps around the sides of the ice and is a great place to enjoy the game with friends and family. The upper level seats at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse provide a great view of the game and are an excellent option for those that don’t want to be close to the ice. This seating area wraps around the ends of the ice and is split into three sections.

Food at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse

There are plenty of food options inside Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse. You can visit the concessions inside the arena or visit the Hockeytown Café inside the nearby Hockeytown bar and restaurant. The Hockeytown Café is a great place to grab food before attending a game. The café is a themed restaurant that gives you the feel of being inside a hockey locker room. The concessions at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse are plentiful and feature many different types of food. There are also plenty of themed concession stands, including a “Pizza Corner” with a variety of pizzas and a “Toasted Tenders” stand with a variety of chicken sandwiches. The variety of food choices at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse will make it easy to find a snack or meal that suits your tastes.

Tips for attending a game

If you want to experience the full Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse experience, there are a few tips that you should keep in mind. First, arrive at the venue early if you want to walk around the arena or visit the Hockeytown Café. The line will get longer as the game approaches and the arena fills up. Another great tip is to bring an item to throw during the game. Fieldhouse fans are some of the loudest fans in the NHL, and they love to throw items during games. If you want to be included in this tradition, make sure to be safe and bring an item to throw that won’t harm anyone.


The new Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse is a great venue and is one of the loudest arenas in the NHL. The architecture of the building and the acoustics inside help to make the arena loud and intimidating for opposing teams. Fieldhouse fans are some of the best hockey fans in the world and are always willing to make noise and have fun. If you want to experience the best hockey has to offer, make sure to attend a Detroit Red Wings game at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse soon.

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