21 Tips to Get Ready for School Re-opening

School Re-opening : Waking up early for school is hard!

If you hit the snooze button on your alarm too many times, you may find yourself rushing to make it to class.

Fortunately, by preparing a few things the night before and streamlining your morning routine.

You can get to school on time and avoid frantic mornings.

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1. Communicate, consult, and coordinate

It is important to communicate regularly with teachers, parents, students.

And communities on, for example, the dates and conditions of reopening.

  • Use multiple channels of communication (e.g. radio, television, internet, community meetings) to inform teachers, parents, and students about the different measures taken to reopen schools.
  • Communicate widely and transparently with all education stakeholders, as parents may be reluctant to send their children to school after the crisis.
  • Appeal to local authorities, community leaders, and parents to disseminate accurate information on the reopening of the school system.
  • Correct misinformation and put to rest any public doubt or fear.

School Re-opening

2. Review and assess the learning needs of students

When schools reopen after a period of closure, education authorities may want to consider adopting a flexible learning approach.

Here are some suggestions on how to do this.

  • Adjust the school and exam calendar to take into account the teaching time.
  • Consider shortening the academic year(s) and following an accelerated syllabus that focuses on core subjects.
  • Start planning for accelerated learning strategies (e.g. condensed curricula focusing on core subjects), developing policies and programmes, making funding available for them, and guaranteeing that human and technical resources are available.
  • Prepare special after-school study classes (either mandatory or for selected groups) so that students can catch up on core subjects.

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3. Make and pack your lunch at night.

Start making your school lunch a little bit after you finish dinner.

Once it’s packed, put your lunch bag in the fridge overnight to keep it fresh – you don’t want moldy food in the morning.

The next morning, grab it and put it in your backpack right before you head out the door.

  • If you tend to forget your lunch, you may want to put a reminder sticky note in your bedroom.
  • Or somewhere you go often (reasonably; not like in the garden)
  • If you usually buy your lunch, make sure you have enough lunch money, then pack it away in your bag.

4. Pack your backpack before you go to bed.

When you finish your homework, put everything back in your bag so it’s ready for the next day and you don’t forget it.

Make sure you put anything else you’ll need, like permission slips, special projects, pencil case, into the bag.

  • Put your backpack by your bedroom door or near your front door before you go to sleep.
  • That way, you can grab it as you walk out.

School Re-opening

5. Choose and lay out your entire outfit before you go to sleep.

Looking for an outfit in the morning can seriously slow you down.

Pick yours out the night before instead. Don’t forget to lay out socks, shoes, underwear, jewelry, and makeup (if you wear it).

Be sure to wash and iron your clothes before you lay them out.

  • If you have a school uniform, you can easily lay it out the night before and throw it on the following morning.

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6. Take a shower at night instead of in the morning.

Taking a shower at night can save you lots of time in the morning.

Not everybody likes to shower at night, though, and you may need that invigorating morning shower to start your day.

However, give it a try a few times. If you can get used to it, you’ll be able to sleep for an extra 15 to 30 minutes!

7. Choose a bedtime and stick to it every night.

Be consistent about what time you wake in the morning, too.

Your body likes routines, and the quality of your sleep will be better.

If you go to bed and wake up at the same time every day.

Aim to get 8 to 10 hours of sleep on school nights.

  • Set a reminder on your smartphone that alerts you when it’s 20 minutes before your bedtime.
  • That gives you enough time to wash up, brush your teeth, and get into your pajamas before it’s time to hit the sack.

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8. Set your alarm clock before you go to sleep.

Try to give yourself at least 45 minutes to get ready in the morning before you have to head out the door.

If you think you can get ready faster, go for it!

It really just depends on what you have to do in the morning to get ready.

School Re-opening

9. Try putting your alarm on the other side of the room if you hit snooze a lot.

That way, you have to get up and walk across the room every time it goes off.

You can also try setting an alarm on your smartphone to go off about 10 minutes after your first alarm clock.

That way, if you snooze through the first alarm, you’ll have backup.

10. Stop keeping your phone near your bed.

When your phone is nearby, it’s hard not to pick it up and check your social media.

The light from your phone can disrupt your sleep schedule and make it more difficult to wake up.

Put your phone out of reach.

  • It’s okay to check your phone before you go to bed, but don’t get in bed with it or sleep with it.
  • Most people start to text people and immediately start a full on conversation with them which takes hours which delays your bedtime.
  • If you routinely can’t wake up in the morning, try turning off your phone, computer, and video games an hour before bedtime. You’ll feel sleepier faster.

School Re-opening

11. Wash your face.

Splashing some cold water on your face first thing in the morning may seem horrible.

But is very refreshing once you get used to it.

Gently clean your face with a warm washcloth and some face wash.

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12. Brush your teeth and use toiletries in the same order every day.

Try to do your morning routine in the same order every day — the more you practice, the easier and faster it will go.

Try brushing your teeth, putting on deodorant, and checking your hair and face in the same order.

School Re-opening

13. Put your clothes on as soon as possible.

Lots of people like to putter around in their pajamas in the morning.

But if you have somewhere to be, this wastes time!

Get into the habit of getting dressed as soon as you get out of the bed or shower.

School Re-opening

14. Choose simple hairstyles.

Brush your hair and style it simply, so you don’t spend a lot of time on your hair.

Ponytails, messy buns, and loose hair are all great, simple looks.

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15. Streamline your makeup time.

There are several ways to minimize your makeup time.

You can wear less makeup, try basic looks, or save easy stuff like lip gloss or concealer for the ride to school.

If you love getting dolled up for school.

Try laying out your makeup the night before in the same order you’re going to use it.

School Re-opening

16. Take advantage of waiting times.

If you have to wait for a sibling to get out of the bathroom or for a hair straightener to heat up.

Use that time to get ready in other areas.

For example, if you can’t shower until your sister gets out of the bathroom.

Eat breakfast or double-check your backpack while you wait.

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17. Drink a small amount of coffee or tea (optional).

Overloading on caffeine won’t make up for a lack of sleep.

But a regular serving size of coffee or tea will help you feel a little more alert when you start your day.

Don’t drink more than 1 cup or add a ton of sugar to it — you’ll crash before lunchtime.

School Re-opening

18. Eat a quick but substantial breakfast.

Never, ever skip breakfast, even when you’re running late.

You’ll be miserable and hungry until lunchtime.

If you’re worried about running out of time.

Put a banana or granola bar in your backpack as soon as you get up.

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19. Check your backpack before you leave.

Packing your backpack the night before when you’re more relaxed will help you leave more quickly.

But it’s a good idea to give your bag a quick final check right before you leave.

If everything’s in there, head to school!

20. School Re-opening

  • If you tend to take forever in the shower make a playlist with the first 3 or so songs that are ones you like.

    Then make the rest of the songs ones you hate so you will hurry up and get out of the shower so you can turn the music off.

  • For girls: if you like to do your hair or make-up differently every morning, plan & practice it the night before if you can’t do it, move on!

  • You may want to make a checklist to make sure you have everything you need for school.

  • If you do decide to take a shower in the morning, whilst it’s heating up brush your teeth, it adds a few extra minutes to your schedule.

  • Get some pumping, sing-a-long music going when you wake up!

  • If you have glasses, clean them the night before so they will be ready for the next day.

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21. School Re-opening

Make your lunch the night before you need it.

Don’t just make a sandwich. Make sure you get plenty of protein for your day.

A healthy lunch will help you power through the day.

Pack things like fruit, yogurt, veggies, etc.

Avoid electronics when you’re trying to get ready for the day.
As they will distract you and take up your time.

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