How should School have more Security

School security: Keeping schools safe allows children to look forward to being in an encouraging environment.

That promotes social and creative learning.

When their basic safety needs aren’t met, children are at risk for not feeling comfortable at school.

And may stop showing up, or they may remain on edge throughout the day.

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School security:
School security

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School security

There is an ever-growing demand for individuals who can commit to the future safety and security of our schools.

There is an ever-increasing need for educational, law enforcement.

And security professionals to step up on school grounds.

To become leaders. To take control. To get involved.

Now is the time to become certified in school safety and security.

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School security

School security encompasses all measures taken to combat threats to people and property in education environments.

One term connected to school security is school safety.

Which is defined as the sheltering of students from violence and bullying.

As well as exposure to harmful elements such as drugs and gang activity.

Along with other public places, schools are at risk for invasion from outside.

As well as attacks from students or faculty.

Because of the high traffic of potential assailants and availability of victims.

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When we think of crime and violence in our schools.

Many think of the terrible acts of violence that have been flooding the media in recent years.

We think of all the children and families who were hurt by these horrific acts.

We think of our children and youth and the ways in which we can protect them.

School security

There is an undeniable, increasing prevalence of emergency situations in schools.

There is also an increasing severity of school violence.

But we must not let them overshadow the everyday reality that violent.

Hurtful acts are still happening regularly within the school system. These include:

  • Fighting and assault
  • Bullying
  • Victimization
  • Sexual attacks
  • Theft or robbery
  • Classroom disorder
  • Use of weapons
  • Violent crime

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About 25 percent of teenagers are exposed to hate-related graffiti within school grounds.

And during the school year, nearly one out of every four students report being bullied.

Physically, emotionally, verbally, even online.

Yet the majority of youth bullied in our school systems do not report it at all.

Many stay silent. Many need trusted adults – parents, educators, officers – to confide in and to help.

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School security

Children and youth need our help. They need someone to turn to.

Someone who has the experience and training to handle a potentially dangerous situation properly.

You can be that person. With the right combination of determination, strength, training, and a desire to do what’s right.

You can help better school safety and security in our community.

You can have a role in prevention and response.

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School security

School safety and security is largely about prevention and planning ahead.

Meaning that school safety professionals should plan ahead, too.

By pursuing comprehensive, accredited school safety training.

You can pave the way to a safer, healthier learning environment for children and youth in your community.

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School security

If you are near the area and looking to begin your career in the school safety and security field, you can do it right here Nigeria.

If you have already made the commitment to keeping schools safe and are working in law enforcement, security, or the education sector.

You can immediately pursue the Advanced School Safety Program .

This is a 15-credit collegiate certificate program that can broaden your skill set with the latest knowledge and best practices relating to school safety and security.

In just two semesters, you will:

  • Learn to identify evolving threats to your school’s security or safety
  • Understand how to work with risk management tools and assess potential threats in the school
  • Develop proactive emergency management plans, including prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery
  • Know how to evaluate post-crisis plans for managing parental communication as well as the media; for determining necessary mental health services for victims and families, for any financial implications or liability issues; as well as for operational continuity, post-incident.

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