Best Weeds Control Measure, Silage Tarp

Silage Tarp

Silage Tarp: Weed suppression made simple. Are weeds out­num­ber­ing the veg­etable plants in your gar­den? Are you spend­ing more time cul­ti­vat­ing than harvesting?

Silage Tarps are a sim­ple, cost-effec­tive way to pre­emp­tive­ly elim­i­nate weed pres­sure in your grow­ing space.

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Silage Tarp:
Silage Tarp


Silage Tarp

silage tarps are used to kill weeds by occultation, whereby the plastic maintains a warm.

Moist environment that stimulates weed germination, blocks out light, and subsequently kills the weeds.

Used in fallow fields to prevent weed growth.

Or placed on freshly prepared beds a few weeks prior to seeding or transplanting for a virtually weed-free environment for crop growth.

For best results, orient black side up and secure well with sandbags, tires, etc. 5 mil black/white polyethylene.

UV resistant. Approximately 120 lbs.

Here’s how it works:

  • The black tarp cre­ates a warm, moist envi­ron­ment which quick­ly kills estab­lished weeds and encour­ages rapid weed seed germination.
  • The new­ly emerged weeds then face a dark, suf­fo­cat­ing envi­ron­ment in which they quick­ly die.
  • Worms and oth­er ben­e­fi­cial organ­isms soon appear to decom­pose any organ­ic mat­ter and loosen the soil.
  • In three to four weeks (up to six weeks in win­ter) you will have an almost com­plete­ly com­post­ed and beau­ti­ful stale seedbed!

Silage Tarp

It’s the clos­est thing yet to ​easy gardening”!

Create beautiful garden soil with our 40′ x 50′ Silage Tarp.

Use to extinguish a cover crop and naturally break down organic matter, or use to create a new garden plot in your backyard. Easily fold or cut to size.

40′ x 50′ Silage Tarp is a great way to prepare your garden soil without using a tractor, tiller, harrow or other gas-powered equipment.

Create beautiful, weed-free garden soil and preserve soil structure with ease.

Just place the tarp over a pre-existing vegetable garden plot or use it to designate a new garden plot.

During the warmer months, it only takes a few weeks to go from grass to soil.

Silage Tarp

This garden plot preparation technique is called “occultation”, which simply means that the tarp is blocking the sun from touching the soil.

The lack of sunlight penetrating the soil creates a warm, dark, moist environment.

This environment facilitates the germination of weed seeds that quickly die due to the lack of sunlight.

It also creates dynamic soil life with abundant earthworms and beneficial bacterial populations.

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Tarping is a great way to extinguish a cover crop and prepare an area for planting.

Just mow the cover crop and place the tarp over the desired area.

The tarp will help to break down the existing organic matter and facilitate beneficial soil life.

You can also use the tarp to create a new garden spot in an existing lawn.

The tarp will kill the existing grass and create a virtually weed-free garden area.

Silage Tarp

40′ x 50′ Silage Tarp is made with a 6 mil, polyethylene plastic that is black on both sides.

Either side of the tarp may be used.

This thick plastic is durable and will last for many years.

It is easy to fold for storage and easy to unfold when needed.

You will also include 15 sandbags per silage tarp to keep the tarp in place.

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Silage Tarp Benefits

  • No tiller or tractor required
  • Easy to install with sandbags included
  • Creates a weed-free environment
  • Increases earthworm populations
  • Enhances beneficial soil bacteria

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