22 Tips to Open Soft Surface Washing Business

Soft washing near me: When it’s time to clean your windows, look no further than the power washer you might already have at home. Using a power washer to clean off your windows can speed up the process immensely, so you won’t have to spend all day on this chore! Pressure washing your windows the wrong way can lead to damage or cracks in the glass, so it’s important to take a few safety precautions before you start. Read through this article for step by step instructions on how to use a pressure washer to safely clean your windows in a single afternoon.

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Soft washing near me

1. That includes electrical outlets and any outdoor furniture. Do a quick walk around your home and put electrical tape over exposed outlets. Move furniture or patio decorations out of the way, since pressure washing can cause some splashback.

  • Be sure you have a clear pathway to walk around in, too. If your hose gets caught on something sharp, it could puncture it.

2. If your windows have any cracks or leaks, the inside of your home could get wet. Before you start pressure washing, take a look at your windows and the window fittings—is the glass uncracked and the fittings tight without any bubbles? If you notice any issues, fix those before you pressure wash your windows to avoid any water damage.

Soft washing near me

3. Pressure washers can rip through screens, so take them off first. If you have a two-story house, you might need to grab a ladder and climb on up. Pop the screens out carefully, then set them aside to put them back on later.

  • If you want to clean your window screens, you can use a garden hose and regular dish soap mixed with water.

4. Check your instruction manual to see what kind of cleaner you need. For a lot of pressure washers, you can buy a specific soap and water mixture that’s made for windows. If yours doesn’t have that (or you can use anything), simply fill up your pressure washer tank with water, then mix in a few drops of regular dish soap. Then, unscrew the cap on the water tank, and use a funnel to pour your mixture in up to the fill line.

  • If your windows have any hard water spots, try using a commercial window cleaner instead.

5. Usually, that’s the 40-degree nozzle. Too small of a nozzle, and you run the risk of cracking the glass in your windows. Pick out the widest nozzle you have, then screw it onto the end of your pressure washer hose.

  • If you haven’t used your pressure washer before, practice using it on concrete before you start using it on your windows.

Soft washing near me

6. Usually, this is 1300 to 1700 PSI and 1.5 GPM. Too high of a pressure setting, and you run the risk of cracking the glass in your windows. Find the dial on your pressure washer and turn it all the way down to set it to the lowest setting. Keep the pressure down low the whole time you’re washing your windows to avoid any damage.
7. Pressure washers are power tools, so use caution with yours. Put on eye goggles, and don’t point your pressure washer at anyone if it’s plugged in. Using a pressure washer incorrectly can result in injury, so it’s very important to be cautious.

8. Standing too close can damage your windows. When you first start out, back up until you’re at least 10 ft (3.0 m) away from your windows. If you need to, you can walk a little closer, but stay at least 3 to 5 ft (0.91 to 1.52 m) away the entire time you’re washing your windows.

  • The closer you are to your windows, the stronger the spray is. A super strong spray has the potential to crack glass.

Soft washing near me

9. Stand off to the side, not directly in front of your windows. When you’re ready to start washing, stand a little bit off to the side to lessen the pressure from your nozzle even more. Turn on the pressure washer using the power button on the side and move the nozzle from side to side, covering your entire window. When you’re done with one window, walk to the next one to keep cleaning.

  • Use caution around wooden window trimmings, as pressure washers can damage or chip the wood.
  • It’s important to do this step quickly—since you’re spraying soap and water onto the windows, letting the mixture dry can lead to streaking.
  • Try to start early in the morning, especially during the summer. That way, you can beat the sun, and your soap and water mixture won’t dry before you can rinse it.

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10. It’s too dangerous to take a pressure washer onto a ladder. If you have a multi-story home, take off your normal nozzle and attach a turbo nozzle to the end of your pressure washer. Stand underneath the upper story windows, then use the far-reaching nozzle to cover them in soapy water.

  • A turbo nozzle sends the water out in a spiral, which can make it spray further away from the pressure washer. That’s why a turbo nozzle is so helpful for reaching the second story.
  • Pressure washers have a little bit of kickback, which is why it’s dangerous to take them on a ladder.

11. Rinsing your windows off well will help prevent any streaks. When you’ve covered all your windows in soapy water, use a regular garden hose (or your pressure washer filled with regular water) and give all your windows a good rinse. If you are using your pressure washer, empty the water tank and rinse it out using a hose before filling it up with plain water. Use the same wide nozzle and keep the pressure on the lowest setting. Once your windows are rinsed, you can leave them to dry in the sun!

  • If you’re really worried about streaks, use a squeegee and a microfiber cloth to wipe the clean water off before your windows dry.
  • If you know you have hard water (water full of minerals that can leave deposits on surfaces), attach a water softener to your garden hose before rinsing. That way, you won’t leave any hard water spots, and your windows will look shiny and clean.
  • Using the wrong nozzle or pressure settings on your pressure washer can crack or damage your windows. Use extreme caution, especially if you live in an older home.


Soft washing near me

Here are some steps you can take to help you find a cleaning job:

1. Join a cleaning agency

Cleaning agencies are contracting companies that provide cleaning services to individuals or companies. They may specialize in a particular type of cleaning, such as residential or commercial and can send members from their team to perform these tasks. Try to research local cleaning areas near you and think about sending your resume to one or more of them.

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2. Contact office buildings

Office buildings often need to fill both commercial and janitorial positions to maintain the cleanliness of their professional spaces. Contacting an office building directly may help you discover a cleaning job before a building lists an official job search posting. Consider researching local office building websites to discover who to contact about potential cleaning jobs.

3. Talk to building management companies

Building management companies are large organizations that oversee the overall management of commercial buildings. This can include cleaning services and janitorial positions. Contacting building management companies may allow you to discover hiring opportunities for cleaning jobs at multiple different buildings.

4. Network with other professionals

Improving your social and professional network may help you find more potential cleaning jobs. When networking, you may find people interested in hiring a person to clean their business or home. You can network at professional events, at business conventions or on business forums.

5. Visit online job sites

Many larger organizations and cleaning agencies advertise their job openings on job websites. This may help you find positions faster than individually contacting companies. Consider browsing job sites for any cleaning jobs that interest you.

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6. Ask your contacts

You can find some cleaning positions by asking people within your personal or professional network about potential jobs. Think about asking friends or family members if they need anyone to clean their houses. Performing cleaning tasks for people you know can also increase your work experience, which may qualify you to work in a cleaning agency in the future.

7. Advertise online

Some people perform cleaning duties as independent contractors and find their own jobs by advertising their services online. You can create a website or social media account and advertise your cleaning ability and average rates. This strategy can help you reach a large number of people, which may improve your ability to find cleaning jobs.

8. Check local listings

When working locally, you can check potential job openings in your area. Try to look at classified ads in your local newspaper or job boards at physical locations in your area. These jobs may attract fewer candidates than positions advertised online, which can increase your chances of getting hired.

9. Advertise locally

While you can look for potential open positions at your local job resources, you can also advertise your personal cleaning services locally. Consider putting out an ad in your local newspaper, handing out fliers or pinning an advertisement on local community boards. This may encourage people in your area who need their houses cleaned to contact you.

10. Apply for a government job

Government agencies often use their own individual buildings that may need to hire cleaning positions. These jobs may not initially appear on traditional job sites. Consider looking at government-specific job sites or the web pages of specific agencies to find potential cleaning positions.

11. Enroll in freelancing sites

Freelancing sites are websites that allow people to hire others for individual tasks. Some of these sites function by letting people post job openings for short projects, while others allow you to advertise your skills and accept freelance requests. Creating an account for some of these sites may help you find individual cleaning projects that you can complete.

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