Software Test Automation – A Complete Guide

In the era of automation and digitization, many companies rely on software and technology to minimize the dependence on human or manual interventions. Such strategies can be beneficial in terms of cost-saving, boosting productivity, and service delivery.

Good automation must undergo various tests to ensure it delivers the desired functionality. Therefore, you need to conduct rigorous and diverse software test automation with the help of the best testers. Before contacting any tester, here are some things you need to know.

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Software Test Automation – A Complete Guide

What activities does Software Test Automation involve?


There are various activities included in the test automation. These activities focus on ensuring the best outcome during the test. The test consists of activities such as selecting the most suitable tools. Therefore, you must focus on their tools before choosing the company to conduct a software test.

The company will also identify the test scenario to be automated. As you automate some of your services, you may leave out some areas hence the test company will help you identify other areas to automate. The test automation involves various areas and is diverse to identify new areas to automate.

When setting the test environment, you may lack sufficient resources to set up the test environment and achieve the desired result hence the need for someone with the expertise to conduct the tests. The testing company will set up an environment to conduct the test to ensure the test objectives are achieved.

The software test automation services will also cover browser compatibility and system functionality. Every automation must be compatible with various types such as Google, Bing, and others. It will also test the organization’s systems’ compatibility with the new software.

The test involves the creation of different scripts to test various functionalities. After the scripts are completed and thoroughly tested, you should expect an automation result. The result will identify errors with the software and areas of strength. You can use the report to make additional changes.

Software Test Automation – A Complete Guide

Why conduct a software automation test?


Launching software before testing can be disastrous. Once you transition to the new software and an error occurs, it could affect the entire company’s operations, shutting down operations leading to losses. If you are a vending software company, such disruptions could mean compensating the customers for their losses. Hence the test has various benefits, such as preventing future uncertainty.

The tests also focus on compatibility. The tester will test whether the software is compatible with different systems, functionalities, and other platforms. They test software and browser functionality and compatibility. The tests ensure the new system operates efficiently and effectively.

These tests also focus on error minimization. The system may have errors you cannot identify; hence you need a third-party tester to recognize these errors. In the process, they can also identify areas of improvement to boost the system’s functionality and coverage. This will help increase automation in the company.

The team will be involved in replicating the new systems on other platforms. They will try various platforms to ensure the system works uniformly across the organization. They can also try it on platforms not designated to be automated to identify the ability to expand the new system’s functionality. In the process, the goal is to minimize manual interventions when using the system.

You need more resources and time to conduct the tests on your own. It is much cheaper to outsource the services. Testing the software alone is not appropriate when you want to identify all the errors; hence you need a third party to determine the unseen errors.

Traits to consider when selecting a tester


There are many systems and software automation testers in the market; hence you need to focus on specific criteria when selecting. The first should be the level of experience. Select a tester with advanced knowledge in systems testing and automation.

The number of tools. There are many tools needed to test software. A good tester must have different tools to test for different functionality. A test script alone will not be enough. Here are some essential tools a good tester must have:

  • JavaScript/TypeScript.
  • Automated engine testing tools: EggPlant, Ghost Inspector, Ranorex studio, etc.
  • Cloud device farms: These are good for testing cloud automation. The tools include AWS Device Farm, BrowserStack, etc.
  • Continuous testing platforms: TeamCity, GitLab CI, GitHub Actions, Jenkins, Travis CI, Bamboo, CircleCI
  • Reporting frameworks: Mocha, ReportNG, Cucumber HTML Reporter.
  • Integrated Development environment: AndroidStudio, Visual Studio, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA
  • Build management tools: MSBuild, Maven, Gradle, ApacheAnt.

Types of software test automation services

Software Test Automation – A Complete Guide

There are many software automation test services depending on the type of software you are developing and the intended functionality.

  • Automated Web Testing: this involves testing and automating the organization’s website. The goal is to promote activities such as remote working.
  • Automated mobile testing: This involves testing mobile applications or websites for compatibility.
  • Automated API testing
  • Automated performance testing: These are tests to analyze issues such as response time, speed, and the reliability of the software when automated.
  • Automated UI testing: Testing for various user interface features to ensure they deliver qualities such as user-friendliness and reliability.
  • Saas Test Automation.
  • CI/CD pipeline deployment.



Software testing has various benefits, such as error prevention, increased system coverages, and automation. Regardless of the test you need to conduct, you need to select the best tester. Observe the qualities such as the availability of various test tools and experience in the market.

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