17 Tips to Start Animal Husbandry Business

Animal Husbandry Business :Are you keenly interested in starting an animal husbandry business in Nigeria?

I guess you do not know how to begin!

Ok, then, here is a perfect guide for you on How to Start Animal Husbandry Business in Nigeria

Now, as I said, we will be focusing on how to start Animal Husbandry business in Nigeria.

We shall also look at how to make money from livestock business in Nigeria.

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1. Animal Husbandry Business in Nigeria: An overview

Animal husbandry are among the livestock business that is really lucrative if you wisely invest in it.

Livestock rearing is another way of making money in Nigeria.

Thus, you will agree with me when I say that apart from crops farming, livestock rearing truly another way to make some money and create employment in Nigeria.

A lot of people think that animal husbandry is useless and difficult business to do.

However, it is not useless and difficult as you think.

Also, do not be worried about this business.

This of course, is because you know the value of what you invest into business.

At the long run you will not regret it because the gain will cover the stress.

Invest in this business if you are interested.

Again, the success of every business depends hard work and determination.

you are more determined, please continue to read.

3. Is There Any Educational Qualification for Setting up an animal husbandry business in Nigeria?

No, you do not need to get a degree in agriculture but you have to learn from an expert in this field.

To learn more about animal husbandry business.

You should attend seminars, talk to an expert who is already established in the cow business.

In addition, seek the help of a veterinarian.

You can also seek the help of a nutritionist and an expert in cow business if possible.

4. Weather condition for livestock rearing in Nigeria

Usually, some breed of foreign livestock do find it hard to live in a hot weather.

However, as time goes on, they get used to the harsh weather.

livestock are already used to the hot weather when it comes.

Although, foreign livestock from countries that have harsh weather like that of Nigeria, will adapt easily.

5. Benefits of livestock rearing

The by-products of livestock could fetch you a lot of residual income.

Apart from the meat, there are many byproducts of livestock.

The list of by-products is given below with concise explanations.


You will agree with me that a lot of farmers rear livestock for meat (beef) production.

What are you waiting for?

You can start your own meat production company, package them and supply them to supermarkets or local market sellers.


Most people love fresh dairy milk. It is another popular by-product of livestock that has high demand. Several liters can be produced if managed effectively. Therefore, marketing and selling your milk will be a problem since is a daily consuming product.


This is a food derived from milk that can be formed into many kinds of flavors, textures, and forms.

Cheese contains proteins and fat from livestock milk.

It has several vitamins and minerals, especially calcium.

It reduces the risk of both heart disease and osteoporosis when eaten in modest amounts.

Hide & skin:

The hide and skin of cows can be used for the production of leather items like shoe, bag, footwear etc.

Cow bones:

Many people might think that cow bones are useless, well they are not.

Cow bones can be used for producing, flutes, jewelry, fertilizers (bone meal), chinaware’s (dishes) and plastics.

Cow hooves:

It is an excellent product for producing fire extinguishing foam. Keratin, a protein extracted from cow hooves is used in creating a fire extinguishing foam which is commonly used in the airport.

Cow offal or organs:

A good number of the cow’s organs are used in the pharmaceutical industries for the production for fever, asthma, anemia etc. for example, cow pancreas is used for producing Insulin.

Cow Dung:

The cow feces are a good source of organic manure for farm produce.

The list of byproducts of a cow is so many. Even their hair, the horns etc. are very useful.

6. Steps to take in setting up a livestock farm

Make a plan:

You have to prepare a realistic business plan.

List out what you should do, the number of cows you want to have, the type of farm you want to have.

Decide on how long you want to be in this business.

is wise that you should grow this business in a gradual steady process for great success.

7. Determine your reason for rearing cows:

Spell out the reasons for rearing livestock.

Are you rearing the livestock rearing for personal consumption of fro commercial purpose?

Once that is take into consideration, then you can proceed to the next step.

8. Get a good location;

find a place for rearing your livestock.

Make sure you like it and be confident with the location.

The location should be closer to market or it should not be far from the town.

This will ease cost of transportation of your cows.

9. Get a good land for your cow business:

It is very significant. It is wise that you acquire a land that is big for space purpose (for wandering and farmstead). You can purchase or lease the land.

If you are leasing or buy the land, you should have in mind that the land should have good green pasture because grasses are the essential for cows.

10. Get or prepare the necessary facilities:

Develop the land to a suitable standard and condition for your cows.

Also construct a fence around the land to prevent thieves and burglaries.

Ensure that you construct a sheds for the cows, so that they can rest under during hot weathers.

Again, it is pertinent to build a house for your employee (that is if you are planning to have any).

Ensure that there is a regular supply of good water for your cows.

Make sure you dig a well or construct an artificial stream.

Also get feeding equipment if possible if you are not using pasture method of feeding.

11. Get the best cow breeds:

once you have developed your land, the next step is acquisition of best breed cows.

Get a male cow and a female cow for reproduction.

There are various kinds of breeds that serve different purpose, either for meat production or milk production.

For dairy production, here are the lists of breeds you can purchase;


  • Ayrshires
  • Guernsey
  • Sokoto Gudali
  • Jerseys
  • Sahiwals
  • Adamawa Gudali
  • Boran
  • White Fulani
  • Rahaji
  • Brahman
  • Tregian
  • Bunaji

For meat production, you can purchase breeds like;

  • West African Dwarf Shorthorn (Muturu)
  • Keteku
  • N’dama
  • Kuri… etc

12. Pasture’s Availability for Your Livestock in Nigeria

You have to decide if the pasture in your land will be enough for your cows.

If it will not be enough, then you might consider growing or purchasing hays.

13. Recruit a veterinarian

The effective running of your animal husbandry business, the service of a good veterinarian is needed.

They will assist you in managing your cows to reduce or prevent diseases, and reproduction.

Ensure that you learn some things which you might not understand.

Watch and learn from them and ask them question if things do not seem right.

14. a partner/assistant

Think of employing a herdsman who can assist you.

It is not easy to rear livestock alone especially when you are rearing many cows.

15. Livestock’s Growth:

Note that for a calf to mature into a grown cow, it takes up to 2-3 years.

And a full and a healthy grown cow weights about 450kg-550kg.

By then, you are free to sell them if you want to.

16. Marketing of Livestock:

if you are ready to sell your cow(s), first make a market research on how much a cow.

So you won’t lose while others are gaining.

Some other things you should know about are;

17. Capital:

If you are sure of starting this business but not sure of where to get capital.

Then you can loan from the bank or some Microfinance.

Also, commercial banks like First bank, Access bank etc. can also be of help.

If you’re able to convince them with your business plan.

If you need a complete business plan, please let us know.

Or, you want us to help you set up this business, kindly contact us.

Otherwise, Please check out these other business ideas you can do 

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