31 Ways on How to Start a Food Packaging Business

How to Start a Food Packaging Business : As you as a whole know, food is the most fundamental need that you can never live without. Since it is a need, considering a business which is about food is such an exceptionally lucrative one.

All in all, why not attempt your fortunes in beginning up a food packaging business?

In the year , the aggregate pay of the Nigeria for packaged products was up to N58 billion.

This is a result of the way that packaged foods are currently exceptionally mainstream in each Nigerian state since families no longer have sufficient energy to cook because of their bustling way of life.

If you think you have what it takes to maintain a food packaging business, then you should begin by drafting your business plan which incorporates your objectives.

Your greatest thought must be put on your target market and your specialty too. By doing that, you will have a reasonable concentration in ensuring that every one of the parts of your business and exchanges are checked.

Food stuff packaging business just involves purchasing the crude food stuff materials, picking them, crushing them, and packaging them inside a container.

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How to Start a Food Packaging Business: BusinessHAB.com
How to Start a Food Packaging Business

How to Start a Food Packaging Business

Beginning Your Own Food Packaging Business

  1. Since there are loads of food stuffs in the market today, you should choose the one which you have the capacity to offer in a packaged form. Will it be confections, cooked foods, treats, bread, and so forth.? In choosing, you should obviously explore which is most requested by clients to ensure that your investment will be a total achievement.
  2. Another choice you need to make is purchasing a packaged food from a retailer or from a distributer. For you to think of an exceptionally precise and guided choice, one industry which can be extremely useful to you is no other than the food Retailer sector, since this can give your business current insights into success.
  3. A business must have a legitimate operation. So, you have to get the necessities required by the Nigerian state for your business operation. In a few states in Nigeria for example, for you to effectively work food packaging business they will require that you’re capable in food production fit for consumption, hygienic and environmentally friendly operating conditions.
  4. Some of the bodies in charge of Food regulation in Nigeria include National Agency for Foods, Drugs and Control, NAFDAC; Standards Organizations of Nigeria, SON; Corporate Affairs Commission, CAC, Federal, State Ministries of Health etc.
  5. Presently, in the event that you are wish to operate your business at the solace of you home, the Public Health Department will lead an assessment to the food products and also the place of food production.
  6. In a situation that you plan to enlarge your business and to ship to different states in Nigeria or countries outside Nigeria, then you need to conform to the government controls and international best practices.
  7. In any business, the capital is avoidably essential. Be that as it may, you don’t have anything to stress over with respect to this in light of the fact that the small business associations in Nigeria helps specialists in offering both nearby and national data and assets on capital raising.
  8. The Location of this business is likewise essential since this can be the initial step for getting business permit and licenses. For you to know the required licenses and permits, the designated government agency’ offices cited above will be the one to guide you.

What Are the Processes Involved In This Business?

  1. To begin with, you have to source for the crude food stuffs by getting them at the accessible market, take them to an industrial facility, pick and clean them to ensure there is no stone or soil in them, and after that factory and package them prepared for the market.
  2. In the case of Cassava Chips packaged foods for example, the procedures required are as follows: get a readymade cassava drops, blend them with nectar, sugar and margarine.
  3. At that point, you pan fry and left in a cool-dry place to dry, after which you cut into chips and package it

What Are the Equipment Needed for Packaging These Food Stuffs?

You can make use of of stainless processing machine, as this is the mandate and one of the necessities of NAFDAC. Of course, your product would from time to time come under inspection and examination by the food regulatory agencies such as NAFDAC.

  1. You may have need for drying machine for vegetables, fixing machine when you package with nylon, however, by and by you may equally utilize non-expendable plastics.
  2. You may equally make use of measuring machine to quantify food them in grams. You should additionally have diverse silver dishes.
  3. For the most part, to package your chip you may utilize blender, since you have to combine every one of the items to give us a predictable piece.
  4. Subsequent to doing that, there is requirement for you to get a mechanical stirrer, where you pour it and it blends itself under a specific warmth condition.
  5. When this is done, you will get a brilliant yellow predictable chip and a propeller should bring it out, after which you spread and cut it.
  6. In this way, you would require the blender, stirrer, spreading plate, and the cutter, after which you seal it in a packaging nylon.
  7. Right there, your item is packaged and prepared available to be purchased in a hundred-gram nylon.

How Do You Effectively Market These Products?

  1. You can set up your portable shelter with the very much acclaimed online networking – as you offer greater part of your items on facebook, and furthermore you utilize twitter.
  2. Off the Internet, you offer your items through the circulation of fliers.
  3. In another improvement, aside your significant target population, you could pay visit to different markets yourself with tests of your items.
  4. Regardless of the possibility that a few markets appear to be suspicious about the items in the underlying stage, clients would still reach you in the wake of being happy with some of your sample items dropped with the grocery store.
  5. There is a farthest point you can go going by stores on account of the test of getting NAFDAC number. Regularly, one’s item shouldn’t be out yet without the association’s endorsement, yet inferable from the way that you have been to their office and have experienced arrangement of procedures, it would give you certainty to grandstand your items, as they are as of now, mindful of them.
  6. The mission to advertise your items could likewise take you to your certain sets of individuals. Individuals who need to travel abroad do purchase ogbono, crawfish and different items from you.
  7. On Sundays, you go to churches with your items and anyplace you go, even at stylized occasions you give out your items as keepsake.
  8. In this way, aside from the NAFDAC number that you have not gotten, you could have the Food Drugs Administration of the US (FDA) permit to fare items to the United States of America – this would give you an edge over others into the packaging of food stuffs.
  9. On the whole, take the items from shop to shop and you pitch to people. Now and again, individuals, including companions, church individuals, and associates who have known about your items interest for it and you supply them.”

How to Start a Food Packaging Business

How Is The Startup Capital?

  1. Startup capital for food packaging business relies on upon how and the level you wish to begin. In any case, you don’t need to begin with so much cash if you don’t have such available.
  2. It doesn’t mean that at start, you have to put together every one of the machines you have to purchase. In any case, what you can do is that you can begin with the little funds you have – you can begin with under N40,000.
  3. Anybody can begin this business with the minimal amount he/she has. In the event that you want to lets say, begin the packaging business of picked beans, you must understood that individuals who love to eat beans should pick it to start with, so you begin the matter of packaging picked beans.

Exhortation To New Entrants

  1. My recommendation to new entratns is to open their minds and eyes, as what you have to package are all under your nose. you may be happy to drink garri and therefore consider make it into something more modern inside your own home. You have a great deal of things you can transform into a cash spinning business.
  2. I need to reveal to you that whatever vision God gives you, it must be kept, and that regardless of how harsh the start may be God will help you to succeed.
  3. It doesn’t matter, you began unnoticed. However, and as it is said “whatever you lay your hands on or ends up doing, do it well.” So, be solid and be determined in whatever you need to do and do it without thinking back – for inasmuch as you proceed with it, you will be effective.

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  1. Please how can I get in touch, I’m thinking about starting a food repackaging business and I need all the help and advice I can get. Thank you.

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