Top 13 ways to Start Helicopter Business

Helicopter Business: A good business plan is necessary in starting a helicopter business.

It serves as a guide during start up and in the management of the business.

Ensure that you own the helicopter and just lease out the space where you will keep the vehicle.

Go to seminars and also learn from expert in this area.

Make sure you obtain all the necessary legal requirements.

You can start your own business if you know how to drive a helicopter.

Years ago, a lot of people have been interested in this line of business venture.

Although it requires large amount of capital, determination, and piloting skills to succeed in this business.

Helicopters can be used for emergency evacuation, for rescue expeditions, and for luxurious rides.

Therefore, it is important that you get certified as and will take some time but it is very rewarding.

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 Helicopter Business
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Helicopter Business: Procedures for Starting Your Own Helicopter Business

1. Study and Understand the Scope of the Business First

You can work with diverse airfields in your area if you possess the required piloting skills.

Find out about the requirements to start the business.

2. Acquire an Office Space

Get an office space and pay rental fees. since the existing airfields have their own pricing systems, you can enhance upon this using a helicopter business.

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3. Ensure that you have a good business plan to open this business.

It is worthy to note that helicopters are expensive.

Apart from that, you will also incur expenses when maintaining and running the vehicle.

It is advisable that you own the helicopter.

Helicopter Business:

4. Acquire Helicopter Anchorage

Ensure that you have a place to keep the helicopter.

You may decide to lease it out together with the office space.

5. Acquire the necessary Helicopter Business licenses and permits

Once the business is set, you will now have to secure the necessary licenses and permits.

Getting liability insurance will help you to control the extent of liabilities.

Ensure that you settle all legal requirements to operate the business with ease.

Beautify the office space and purchase office equipment, supplies, furniture, or fixtures.

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6. Remember, you need a Large capital

As I wrote earlier, you will need a large capital.

If you decide to be as the sole owner, you will have access to limited capital.

You also have a partnership and corporation option. It will give you higher capital.

Helicopter Business

7. Select the target market.

Although this varies from every state or country. Ensure that you settle all your obligations.

Your target market may include hospitals, police, and local companies that need helicopter services.

8. Create a Website

You need to where clients can access your business.

You can use brochures, fliers, and business cards to advertise the business.

Ensure that you start with the marketing and advertising prior to opening.

Plan for the grand opening and think of new ways to attract customers.

Go out and find local companies and agencies that can benefit from your business. 

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Helicopter Business:

9. Basic Questions to Ask in Starting a Helicopter Business

Some basic information on how to setup a Helicopter Business are:
1. What must be the share capital of the company in order to startup the business? This is as regard a registered company.
2. What will be the government charges in order to setup the business?
3. How much does it cost to park the helicopters at the airport for safety?
4. What is the charges for renting one for half an hour, 1 hour and so on?
5. Other information will be appreciated.

10. A guide for the people who really want to invest in Helicopter Business .

Recently, I have been getting a lot of blog comments and e-mail messages from people who want to become helicopter pilots.

In reality however, the current helicopter job market has too many entry-level pilots.

There are too few jobs in Helicopter Business in Nigeria.

Aside from this, Helicopter Business in Nigeria has a low starting pay.

Finally, the training itself would cost about 18 million Naira to operate. 

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11. Enrolling in On Job Markets and Flight Schools

It is very sad, not only for the people struggling to pay the cost of the flight training.

The truth is, they may or may not have gotten anything from the investment.

But, the dumping of so many low-time pilots on the job market made it easy for employers to pick and choose and also drop pay rates.

Some desperate students may then get the entry level jobs they want.

Although, others would be left out in the cold.

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12. The Do-It-Yourself Alternative of Helicopter Business

Some would-be pilots think that there is another way to build a flying career.

A sort of do-it-yourself method.

Possibly, as you can see from this blog that I did not go the usual route.

That is, private pilot to commercial pilot to certified flight instructor to get that first 1,000 hours to get an entry level job, etc.

As an alternative, I got my commercial ticket and started my own helicopter charter business.

After that, I got a bigger helicopter and a Part 135 certificate and, for all appearances.

Seem to be happily raking in the dough while flying around in my own helicopter.

Anyway, that is what they see.

Recently, theyve begun commenting on this blog and sending me e-mail, asking for advice.

Although, requests for advice from new or would be pilots are not anything new.

What is new is that the advice they want is about how to start their own helicopter charter companies.

Seemingly, they believe that since they wont be able to easily get a job.

They will be able to start their own business as a kind of “shortcut to the career they want.

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Helicopter Business:

13. Suggested Approaches

The step-by-step method that brings about success in Helicopter Business in Nigeria are:

  1. Spend about 15 million Naira to learn how to fly helicopters and get a commercial helicopter license.
  2. Spend at least 9 million Naira to build time so you can fly safely under most conditions.
  3. Spend at least 103 million Naira to buy a helicopter, about half a million Naira per year to maintain it, and about 360,000 Thousand Naira to 9.6 million Naira a year to insure it.
  4. Devote 4 to 24 months preparing the paperwork and working with the FAA to apply for a Part 135 certificate. Then take and pass a Part 135 check ride. Ensure that you repeat the check ride process every year.
  5. Use about 360,000 Thousand Naira to 9.6 million Naira on advertising and marketing.
  6. Explain to people why cannot fly them around for the cost of fuel. Also try to donate to charitable cause. After that, get the occasional call that leads to real work for someone who appreciates what you do and understand what it costs.
  7. Within ten years, about one million dollars will be spent building and maintaining your business. Sit back and watch your investment in time and money languish in an economy where few people want to or can spend money on your services.

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Helicopter Business:

If you need a complete business plan, please let us know.

Or, you want us to help you set up this business, kindly contact us.

Otherwise, Please check out these other business ideas you can do.

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