5 Tips to Get the Best Tanning Insurance for your Salon Business

As a tanning salon owner or a mobile business offering spray tanning, you know just how much people want to look sun-kissed all year round. And your business provides just this, ensuring everyone can get their dream glow, no matter if it’s December or July.

But, imagine if, during a regular tanning session, one of your clients claims your treatment has damaged their skin. Despite the fact that you’ve done everything right, you find yourself faced with a compensation claim. You’re distraught. How on earth will you ever be able to find the money to pay for all the legal fees?

Here at BusinessHAB, we know that situations like this can strike without warning and, when things go wrong, we want to be on your side. With treatment liability cover included, your policy would cover the compensation costs for you, as well as your legal fees. As a result, an accident or someone else’s negligence needn’t cost you your business.

Tanning insurance

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1. Tanning Salon Insurance Liability Coverage

Tanning salon liability insurance protects you against when someone claims to have been injured in your tanning salon. This is a regular business claim, like a slip and fall, or related directly to the services you offer.

2. Why Do You Need Specialized Tanning Salon Insurance?

If you need coverage for your tanning salon, most any regular agent will not insure you. If they do, there will be steep restrictions and often and exclusion on all tanning bed related services. That’s not going to work! The coverage will most likely work fine for a slip and fall or slander claim. But what if one of your clients is burned during a session? The truth is your claim will be denied without specialized coverage.

3. General Liability Insurance

Their policy will cover you for bodily injuries, property damage, libel, and advertising claims. Their tanning salon insurance policy also covers common claims such as slip and fall and dissatisfaction with service.

In these cases, tanning salon insurance will cover legal expenses such as settlements or judgments, attorney fees, and court costs.

4. Professional Liability Insurance

This coverage is the glue that holds the whole tanning salon insurance package together. While many carriers offer affordable general liability coverage, few offer professional liability insurance for tanning salons. Professional liability insurance specifically covers the services you offer, in addition to tanning.

If you are sued because a client claims they burned in your tanning bed, general liability insurance would not cover that situation. A regular business policy would tell you that you are on your own. That’s because tanning is part of your professional services. However, the professional liability coverage in our policy fixes this problem, giving you total coverage.

5. Property Insurance

Tanning property insurance covers any equipment, such as tanning beds, or build-out you may have. If your equipment is damaged by theft, fire or vandalism, you’re covered. Property coverage is optional.

Remember, just because you haven’t had a claim or would never intentionally do something wrong, you can still get sued.

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