10 Tips to Start Text Marketing Business

Text Marketing Business :Our small business customers love our reliable and affordable text marketing service.

To name just a few, they take advantage of the following features.

Birthday rewards, text to win contests, social media integration, age verification, email capture, and email integration. The possibilities are endless.

Long story short, small business owners love working with our easy to use, text marketing service.

Our customer support team and educational resources empower you to succeed.

Let’s talk a bit more about how text marketing works.

We have a complete program for you to become an Entrepreneur.

Start your own business reselling Text Marketing.

We have a complete program for you to become an Entrepreneur.

Start your own business reselling Text Marketing and Live Chat.

Sell one or sell them both.

Text Marketing Business

How to Start Text Message Marketing for Small Business

To start text message marketing for small business, you need a list of customers to send text messages to.

A contact list is easy to build with “Click-to-Join” widgets on your website, Twitter account and Facebook page, and printed messages in your premises inviting customers to text a keyword to a short code number.

For example, “text ‘donut’ to 313131 to get a free donut on your next visit”.

Keywords are usually included in subscription packages offered by providers of texting for business services.

Service providers also usually let you use one of their shared short code numbers (such as “313131”) for free in your business SMS marketing.

When a customer opts into your SMS marketing services via a website widget – or texts the keyword “donut” to 313131 – they are added to your database of customers and opted in to receive future text messages from your business.

1. Text Marketing Business :Choose Your Keyword

Your text marketing keyword must be simple, easy to remember, and totally unique to your business. For example, if you own a local record store downtown called Steve Spins Tunes, you might want to reserve the keyword STEVE or STEVESPINS. Even SST would do.

2. Text Marketing Business :Write Your Auto Reply

Your auto reply is an automated text that subscribers receive immediately after opting in to your SMS marketing list. This includes a confirmation of subscription, offer redemption details, and a compliance statement. To protect you, we automatically include a compliance statement at the end of your auto reply.

3.Text Marketing Business :Grow Your List

The next step? Promoting and growing your list. Settle on an irresistible opt in incentive, and then try the following list growth techniques.

  • Post a text to join graphic on Facebook.
  • Send out an email with opt in instructions.
  • Put up in store flyers.
  • Insert a sign-up widget on your website.
  • Verbally engage with customers, and ask them to sign up.

Text Marketing Business


4.Text Marketing Business :Send Out Irresistible Promos

If your text promotions aren’t irresistible, subscribers will eventually grow disinterested. Avoid this unfortunate speed bump by making campaign development a group effort. Have a sit down with employees, and review ideas.

If your messages offer little to no value, people will opt out. That sucks for you, as it ruins the entire purpose of text marketing. The more subscribers on your list, the more impact your messages have on sales.

5. Text Marketing Business :Start Your Own Business in Text Marketing

  • No experience needed!
  • Complete training!
  • In-Demand products
  • Limited competition
  • Complete team behind you
  • Large profit margins
  • Work full or part time

6. Text Marketing Business :How you make money:

while being your own boss. We will show you.

You can work from anywhere, creating recurring revenue and be your own boss. We will show you how.

It’s easy, we provide you the technology, the website, the marketing materials and train you to be successful.

What do you need to do to be successful? Let people know about your technology and what a GREAT marketing tool it is for their business.

7. Potential Monthly Income

Within your first 60 days you can be making $3000.00 a month.

The more marketing and time spent sharing your technology with business owners the more clients you’ll attract.

8. Text Marketing Business:Understanding the rules of SMS marketing.

Before you get started, it is important to understand the rules of the game so that you adhere to TCPA regulations.

The most important rule to remember is that you may only send marketing messages to recipients who have explicitly opted in to receive these messages.

Email marketers routinely send promotional messages to recipients who downloaded their PDF or signed up for a free trial.

This is not possible with SMS marketing.

The correct way to do this is to ask your prospects to manually click a checkbox to opt-in or by asking them to subscribe personally by sending you a text message with relevant keywords.

This makes lead acquisition much harder, but in terms of quality, these leads are a lot more valuable and consequently convert better.

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9. Text Marketing Business:Restrict your message to 160 characters.

When you send a lengthy SMS — more than 160 characters — mobile networks typically break the text into smaller chunks of 160 characters each.

Messages are restitched before they are delivered to the intended recipient.

This does not happen seamlessly at all times.

Some networks do not break or merge messages and other networks can refuse to carry such texts.

As a result, your recipient may either fail to receive these messages altogether, or messages may sometimes get delivered out of order.

Either way, the essence of your marketing promotion does not get communicated to your recipient.

Besides, SMS messages are meant to be short.

Long text messages can distract recipients, and they may fail to engage with your communication.

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10.Timing is everything.

Have you ever received an SMS from your local pizzeria offering discounts just when you were about to order food? With SMS marketing, timing is everything.

The nature of the medium is such that the recipients open their messages instantly upon receiving them.

But at the same time, the lack of a visual medium makes it difficult for marketers to build brand recall through this channel.

Consequently, the main objective for a marketer must be to reach out to their consumers just when they are making a purchasing decision.

So while a pizza chain may send out their offers during lunch hour, a salon may schedule their messages to align with how frequently a particular customer needs their service.

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