Mexico’s Development? What’s Happening in Mexico?

Tiempo development: In the last few decades, Mexico has undergone some major transformations. In the 1980s and 1990s, the country suffered from a major economic crisis that led to high unemployment rates and widespread poverty. Today, things have changed for the better.
This article takes a closer look at what’s happening in Mexico today and why it’s such an important country to keep an eye on. You’ll also learn about some of the most important industries in Mexico, as well as its main challenges. Keep reading to discover more!

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Mexico’s Development? What’s Happening in Mexico?

Mexico has had a challenging few years. Ongoing violence, corruption and the murder of journ,alists have all been issues in the news. How can the country change its future? In this article we look at why Mexico is important for development, where it’s heading, and what its future might hold.

Why is Mexico so important?

Tiempo development: Mexico is a hugely important country in the world today. You might not always hear about it in the news, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. It is the world’s 11th largest economy, the most populous Spanish-speaking country, and the most neighborly country to the USA. The latter is important because it is the greatest trading partner to both countries; around $1.6 billion worth of goods are traded between the two every day. Most importantly, though, is that Mexico is a developing country. It is one of the largest developing countries in the world, and is a place where a lot of change is happening. These changes can show us what is to come in the global North as we continue to develop. By understanding what’s happening in Mexico, we can get a clearer picture of what is to come in the places where we live.

What’s happening in Mexico right now?

Tiempo development: The country has been experiencing an increase in violence, particularly in the Southern states of the country. The Mexican government has said that this is due to an increase in drug trafficking, and an increase in killings between drug cartels. Most of these drugs are being sold in the USA, and Mexican cartels are fighting with each other to try to control these routes. In October 2018, US President Trump threatened to shut down the border between the two countries. This led to protests and a stand-off between the two governments, who then agreed to a deal where the US would send $100 million to Mexico to help pay for border security. This is in addition to the $8 billion the US had already promised.

Corruption in Mexico

Tiempo development: There have been serious corruption issues in Mexico for years. Recent research into the topic discovered that around $60 billion of Mexico’s GDP is lost to corruption each year, making it one of the worst countries in the world for the issue. This money might be in the hands of government officials, or it might be drug money flowing through the country. Regardless, it is money that isn’t being used for good. The Mexican government has acknowledged the problem, but has struggled to find a solution. President-elect AMLO has been vocal about his desire to fight corruption, although it is yet to be seen how he will do this.

Violence in Mexico

Tiempo development: Violence in Mexico is a serious issue. Over the last decade, 16,000 people have been killed in drug-related violence. This is the most violent period Mexico has seen in decades. All of this violence has happened in the Northern and Southern states of Mexico, with the Northern states seeing the most murders. This is due to the presence of drug cartels who are fighting to control the flow of drugs. Over the last few years, Mexico has seen a drastic increase in disappearances. These are when people go missing and are never found or reported. Many believe this is due to people being killed and their bodies being disposed of. It is difficult to find out exactly how many people have gone missing, but researchers estimate 800,000.

Women’s rights in Mexico

Tiempo development: Women’s rights are often overlooked when looking at a country’s development, but they are incredibly important. Mexico has made some positive steps towards women’s rights, but many challenges remain. The Mexican government has passed laws that protect women against domestic violence, sexual harassment, and sex discrimination. These are all important first steps that show Mexico is moving in the right direction. But the laws aren’t always enforced. In fact, in 2017, only 5% of domestic violence cases ended in convictions. There are also gaps in reproductive rights in Mexico. Abortion is illegal in the country unless the woman’s life is in danger, and there are no exceptions for rape or fetal abnormalities.

What can change?

Tiempo development: Mexico has been facing a lot of challenges in recent years, and there are some areas that need to change if the country is going to continue to develop. The government needs to crack down on corruption. This will help the country funnel money into things like healthcare and education, and keep it from falling into the wrong hands. As far as violence goes, not much can be done about the drug cartels. What can be done is to make sure that people who have gone missing are accounted for, and that everything possible is being done to find them. If women’s rights are to continue to improve, laws need to be enforced and gaps need to be filled.

The future of Mexico: what we can expect.

Mexico has a lot of potentials to continue to develop into a more modern society. The government has been vocal about wanting to change the future of the country, and the people are ready to help. This can be seen in the increase in journalism that looks at issues that have been left out of the conversation, like corruption and disappearances. People are talking about what they want to see change, and they’re helping to make that happen. This can also be seen in the recent presidential election. It was the biggest election in Mexican history, and 88% of eligible voters participated. It is clear that people want to be involved in the future of their country, and the future of Mexico is bright.

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