Top 20 Business That Gives Money

If you know the Top 20 business that gives money in Nigeria, you will be rich. So, do you want to become rich this year?

Learn the Top 20 Business That Gives Money In Nigeria today with this detailed guide.

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Nigeria, undoubted has a large population which you can make money for yourself by meeting specific, everyday needs. Would you like to do business in Nigeria?

Do you have the mind of a hustler? Here is a rundown of some of the top 20 business that gives money in Nigeria include-:

Top 20 Business  that Gives Money In Nigeria

1. Start a Food delivery service

Let me start with food delivery service as the first in the Top 20 business you can do in Nigeria

It is not new to find that in Nigeria today, as early as 4:00 am, most people find themselves rushing off to work to meet customers demand.

Majority also come back very late in the night, as late as 10:00 pm as a result of heavy traffic. Such people hardly have enough time to cook their meals by themselves. But, they have just can’t do without food.

As someone with the mind of business, here presents for you a novel opportunity to make huge money from a food delivery business. I mean such that would meet the food needs of the working class.

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You can even create a website where these busy folks could subscribe to food delivery service on a regular basis. You would then supply them three square meals every day.

Your website should have a functionality with menu options where your clients could select assorted recipes per day.

But that is not the only way to profit from Food delivery service in Nigeria.

Another way is to begin a mobile food truck business, or to setup a food cart stand. You can equally establish a fast food shop or small scale restaurant  within your locality to cater for those who return late from work and do not have the time to cook at home.

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2.Top 20 Business: Start a Home Cleaning Service

The second in the Top 20 business you can do in Nigeria is Home Cleaning service.

Everyone appreciates a neat home and environment. However, due to the busy lives of most Nigerian residents, there is not so much time to carefully tidy up their homes nor surroundings; as they would have loved to.

You can seize this business opportunity and begin making cool money for yourself. Let us say you make as low as N1, 000 daily from cleaning a home. If you are able to tidy up 20 homes daily (of course you would have an assistant), then you would have made about N20, 000 in a single day.

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3. Top 20 Business: Start a Taxi service

Taxi service comes third among the Top 20 business you can do in Nigeria.

With the ever-increasing number of commuters in Nigerian towns and cities daily, setting up your own taxi service cannot be a business mistake.

taxi drivers in Nigeria make roughly N10, 000 – N15, 000 daily. The good thing about this business is that you can begin with just a single car. With time, you would gradually build your fleet of cars for the business. If you cannot drive the car by yourself, you can simply employ the services of a driver who would pay you daily.

4. Top 20 Business: Start a Home tutoring service

Have you considered home tutoring service among the Top 20 business you can do in Nigeria? Most Nigeria parents are naturally very busy sets of individuals. But this gives you an opportunity to do business.

You can simply make money for yourself by providing home tutoring services to their wards/kids. It’s all about helping kids with difficulty at understanding certain school subjects and also help them with their homework.

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5.Top 20 Business: Start a Maid/Errand Services

Nanny/Errand services is all about employing adults of at least 18 years of age to assist people with their errands and house chores.

You can equally begin a babysitting service where you assist busy parents to take care of their wards/kids. However, have it in mind that this business is based on reputation and trust. As such, you must hold your integrity in high esteem.

Maid/Errand Service is a top-notch among the Top 20 business you can do in Nigeria

Top 20 Business

6. Start a Phone sales and repairs outlet

Computer Village in Ikeja Nigeria, is one of the most ideal places to appreciate the viability of this business.

People from all around the country flock in daily in search of phones, electronics etc.

mobile phones and accessories business is big  businesses in Nigeria today.  You could equally join this business with phone repair services as a source of multiple income streams.

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7. Begin a Day care center/Crèche

Most new mums have challenge in securing a good crèche to keep their babies while they zoom off to work. Some parents on the other hand, also need somewhere to keep their babies during weekends or after school. Starting a day care center. Let is also operates on weekends. Hence, it would meet the needs of all categories of people.

8. Top 20 Business: Become an Event planner

It is uncommon to find one event or the other in Nigeria, especially on weekends. As a matter of fact, according to statistics published Nigerians spent at least N1billion on parties in 2013.

You can make huge money assisting people organize and plan some of these parties.

9.Top 20 Business: Set up a Dating Service

What this means is that you would assist to link together single people who are willing to date.

There would of course be a subscription service in the business. Aside from that, you can setup your targeting towards different niches.

Some of these niches include single students, Muslim singles, Christian singles, etc.

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Top 20 Business

10. Start a Business Booking Service

commercial activities are on the increase in Nigeria. There is therefore possibility to make money acting as a business middleman. Here, you would link buyers to sellers and vice versa.

Additionally, you could assist businesses to source for scarce resources.

You can link importers with retailers as well as distributors. Also, you can link exporters with local suppliers and vice versa.

11. Open a Mobile Supermarket

A mobile supermarket is just another innovative business idea.

It caters for the multifarious needs of busy people who need to buy certain items. This is made possible with a well branded truck loaded with assorted goods.

So, you simply reach people in their homes and offices, from where they can do their shopping conveniently.

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12. Top 20 Business: Start a Fitness Center

There is a common need for fitness services among a lot of people in Nigeria, today. As such, many people do not really mind hiring a personal fitness instructor to assist them meet their fitness needs.

Start a fitness center today. It is one of the top 20 business you can do in Nigeria

13. Become a Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents are big business people in Nigeria today. It tops the 13th position in the top 20 business you can do in Nigeria charts.

As it applies to majority of overpopulated cities, the struggle for accommodation is continuously on the increase in Nigeria. estate agents are today leveraging on this, to their advantage.

You can do the same. Yes, you can start a real estate service and earn bountifully by genuinely assisting people secure their dream homes.

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Top 20 Business

14. Start an Employment Agency

If you are a Nigerian, you already know the unemployment situation in Nigeria today. A large proportion of the youths are unemployed – graduates and non-graduates.

Setting up a Nigeria-based employment company will assist you to link job seekers with organizations in need of capable employees to fill some vacant positions.

15. Photography/Videography Business

You can setup start a digital photography business and manek money in Nigeria today. You can also earn from video recording business.

Popular markets are event centers, parks, bars, etc. you can even take it to the next level by opening a photography studio. That is, if you have enough money to do so.

16. Start a Tour Guide Service

Tour guide service comes 16th among the top 20 business you can do in Nigeria

Nigeria has an ever-increasing number of tourists arriving the country daily. You can make money by becoming a tour guide in Nigeria.

Here, you would help tourists to enhance their holiday experience in the country. You would earn from it, trust me.

17. Start a Pet training service

You can help Nigeria residents train their pets and make good money in the process. This is a smart business idea which you can begin with very little or no capital at all.

Top 20 Business

18. Become a Travel consultant

You can make cool money by providing ticket booking services. Also in this category is visa assistance and reservation service for people who want to travel outside the country.

19. Hair stylist Service

Nigerians and Nigeria residents are highly fashion-conscious people. You can make money by starting a unisex salon. This would meet the fashion needs of both men and women.

Top 20 Business

20. Cosmetic sales Business

You can make good money selling of cosmetics in Nigeria. Cosmetics sells very well in the country. So, if you give it a try today, you are bound to succeed in the business.

This is my last selection among the top 20 business you can do in Nigeria

If you need a complete business plan, please let us know. Or, you want us to help you set up this business, kindly contact us. Otherwise, Please check out these other business ideas you can do 

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