Top Business Grants Available in Nigeria

Top Business Grants Available in Nigeria: Funding has always been the challenge facing Nigerian entrepreneurs hence, hinders business development.

That is why in Nigeria, young entrepreneurs are normally skeptical when there is need to invest in any business opportunity open to them because of the problem of lack of funds to finance their businesses maximally.

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Top Business Grants Available in Nigeria

Infarct, many of them have testified why they always experienced business failure.

They have argued and concluded that it was lack of funds to finance their business.

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In view of these challenges, the Nigerians.

Some of them who are in business having gotten the gut to thank God because of business grants that have been made available to them in both public and private sectors of the economy.

Of course, of late, there has been an enlistment support for business men and business women in the country.

Which came with some attractive packages, such as business mentorship programmes and special funds.

Top Business Grants Available in Nigeria

Top Business Grants Available in Nigeria

However, in this article, I will be presenting you with the current top business grant available in Nigeria.

Which you can avail yourself of the opportunity.

And access funds so as to start your business and/or grow your business and expand your business horizon.

Because the grant is put up to provide support to Nigerian entrepreneurs who are at small scale businesses.

Therefore, if you think you have a business idea that you want to invest on.

Or a business that you want to start or expand, from the list below.

You can access funds to finance your business.

Top business grants availability:

  • Tony Elumelu Foundation’s S100 million Entrepreneurship Fund:

Tony Elumelu Foundation’s S100 million Entrepreneurship.

Fund is one of the top business grants available in Nigeria, and the foundation is the African largest entrepreneurship network.

It was in 2014 that Tony announces S100million Entrepreneurship fund.

And as a result of the entrepreneurship fund, the foundation has been able it conduct multi-year programmes of training, mentoring, as well as funding.

The foundation was design to empower the younger Nigerian entrepreneurs and as well.

Provide them with platform, where they can improve on their entrepreneurial skills and develop their aspirations to what could be sustainable, in terms of their business ideas,

I mean, in a way that will help drive economic development, as well as create wealth and jobs.

The business grant is acclaimed to be the largest from African philanthropic organization. Interestingly, the foundation is into priority financial support to Nigerian business men and business women.

The foundation operate through an entrepreneurship network, called Mara Mentor, and it is into supporting Nigerian young entrepreneurs, as well as linked them to business mentors.

There is this other programme that he has linked Nigerian young entrepreneurs into.

It is called YouWin project, including many others from both the government and individuals.

And this boby has poised to to supporting and providing Nigerian entrepreneurs with the most promising opportunities.

That will make them develop their capability and capacity.

Coupled with securing financial assistance to grow their businesses.

Top Business Grants Available in Nigeria

  • Dangote – BOI N5bn Fund for Business at Small Scale:

Dangote is an entrepreneur from Nigeria; he owns a group of conglomerate, and he is acclaimed to be the richest African.

He and the bank of industry (BOI) have gotten into partnership with a view to support small scale businesses.

And medium scale businesses in Nigeria with the sum of N5bn.

Which is meant to attract only small interest rate from the grant to any interested entrepreneur and other business owners in Nigeria who desire the grant.

The grant is actually targeted to help in growing small scale business and medium scale business throughout the country.

The grant, according to findings was to attract five percent interest rate only.

Top Business Grants Available in Nigeria

  • Shell LiveWIRE:

This is one of the business grants available for Nigerian entrepreneurs and business men and business women.

The program began sometime in 2003, and since then it has remained a programme that provided grants for Nigerian entrepreneurs to expand their businesses or start their business ideas.

I mean, hundreds of thousands of Nigerian entrepreneurs have benefited from the business grants made available by Shell LiveWIRE.

However, findings have revealed that of late, about fifty Nigerian entrepreneurs were assisted with financial grant worth three hundred thousand by Shell LiveWIRE Nigeria for the purpose of repositioning these entrepreneurs to start their business ideas.

Top Business Grants Available in Nigeria

  • Biz Fund for Women:

Yet this is another business grant available in Nigeria.

But it is specifically for women who are in business.

In view of this programme, bank of industry in Nigeria has introduced a different package.

Which is this Biz Fund for Women; the grant is actually an entrepreneurship support programme.

The grant, Biz Fund Women worth about N90million – Business Development Fund for Women (BUDFOW).

The real target of the grant is mainly for the women, and it is engineered by the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Welfare.

Under this programme, women can access funds, a kind of soft loan with low interest such that will enable women to grow their businesses.

So this is an opportunity available for female folk.

And they have no option other than to avail themselves of this opportunity offered them by Biz Fund for Women by accessing funds to expand or start their business.

Top Business Grants Available in Nigeria

  • The Youth Enterprise With Innovation (YouWin):

This is yet another business grant available in Nigeria for Nigerian entrepreneurs.

It is one of the sustainable grants established to create employment, as well as to encourage and support aspiring Nigerian entrepreneurs who are into business in Nigeria.

The Youth Enterprise with Innovation in Nigeria.

YouWin was established to help develop business ideas from the young Nigerian entrepreneurs.

In a way that will provide employment, and encourage young entrepreneurs to bring out the acumen, business wise.

This will help showcase their skills to business mentors in Nigeria.

Including leaders and investors in the world of business.

Top Business Grants Available in Nigeria

However, it is a given that we are living presently in economic recession, and has a result, things happen to be tough, Nigerian entrepreneurs are with business ideas.

But they lack finance to develop these business ideas in order to make it marketable.

Nevertheless, should you have a business idea, but lack fund to pursue that idea.

With the information provided in this article, you easily access fund to pursue your business idea.

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