Top Garden Maintenance Business Tips

Top Garden Maintenance Business Tips


Top Garden Maintenance Business Tips : Dry leaves or moss grass can be spread on the soil in a half to one inch to prevent early evaporation, reducing the need for watering. This layer also helps suppress weed formation in winter, it helps retain warmth. The best time to mulch is during autumn and spring.

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Do this twice a year – in spring and in monsoon. Here’s an easy way to make manure at home – collect dry leaves in an earthen pot, add a layer of earth, a layer of leaves topped by another layer for earth. Sprinkle some water and put a lid on it. Your natural manure will be ready in a month. Instead of the leaves or along with them, you can add egg shells or vegetable peels.

Proper watering

Whenever we water our plants, moisture reaches only the top layer of the soil. To ensure it goes deep inside, take a pointed stick and keep sticking it into the soil as you pour.


Whenever you see any pesky weeds pull out from the roots to eradicate completely. Wear plastic gloves or you will spend hours getting the dirt off your nails.

Soil Care

On weekends, remove any dead leaves, wash plants and loosen the soil using a trowel. Its good to expose the soil in which plants are growing to the sun in the summer months – overturn soil with trowel. At times, you may need to change the soil (check if they’re looking unhealthy – consult an expert). For a flower bed, or if you don’t have the time to change the soil in the pot, just add a layer of new soil(you can get packets of the ideal soil mix at any nursery or exchange the soil – from another part of the garden) and manure.


You can use netting(usually used for greenhouses) on top of plants to protect them from severe heat and frost in cold areas.

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