12 Tips to Get UNICEF Internship Programme

UNICEF Internship Programme: The UNICEF Internship Programme offers students and recent graduates the opportunity to gain direct practical experience with UNICEF’s work. Internship opportunities are available worldwide. For the majority of young adults. An internship represents that first step.

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UNICEF Internship Programme: https://greatyop.com
UNICEF Internship Programme

The initiation phase where you go from being a student to a professional worker.

Internships are meant to help young people apply what they’ve learned all their lives.

And apply them to the real world.

It has become a bit of an urban legend.

That an internship at a respectable organization means more than the actual degree.

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1. UNICEF Internship Programme

However, reality has the tendency to prove us wrong most of the time.

In the past few years, numerous internship programmes have come under intense scrutiny.

For being a very legal way of exploiting young people by paying them close to nothing.

If they actually decide to pay them anything.

Then again, it must be said that not every organisation looks to take advantage of young adults.

And offer them internships where they are being used.

You might be one of the lucky ones.

Who can say that your internship programme was meaningful both professionally and personally.

2. UNICEF Internship Programme

Ideally, it is best to recruit interns that are geographically close to your base of operations.

Drafting young people from local universities is just common sense.

Alternatively, if you recruit someone from a different location to work for a summer.

It is highly unlikely they will return to you for a full-time job if you offer them one.

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3. UNICEF Internship Programme

Begin your career at the world’s best organization, UNICEF.

UNICEF Internship 2021 is coming up with great opportunities for the students and recent graduates.

This internship would assist them to gain practical experience in their field of interest.

The great part of this internship is that it is available worldwide.

4. UNICEF Internship Programme

All candidates would get possible resources and care for their internship.

This internship at UNICEF would be highly rewarding and fruitful for the interns.

Moreover, this will help the candidates to grow themselves personally and professionally.

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5. UNICEF Internship Programme

This will be a fully-funded internship program in which candidates will be avail of stipend, living expenses.

A contribution for visa cost, and relevant funding for the work.

Interns will be meeting in multi-cultural settings.

This internship duration will be from 6 to 26 weeks.

The candidate may be required either as full time or sometimes not.

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6. Know the Host Countries:

Multiple Countries (Varies according to the availability of the opportunities)

7. Get the Host Organization:


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8. Know the Eligible Candidates:

Undergraduate students
Graduate students
Ph.D. program enrolled students

9. Know the Internship Duration:

6 to 26 weeks

UNICEF Internship Programme

10. Know their Financial Aid:

A stipend will be provided to the interns while the internship duration.
Living expenses will be covered.
A lump sum will be provided to support visa ad travel expenses.
A grant will be given to the interns as a contribution towards funding for the internship project.

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11. Get the Eligibility Criteria of UNICEF Internship

A candidate must be enrolled either in an undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral degree program or in the past two years he must have been graduated.
A candidate must be proficient either in English, Spanish, or French language.
A candidate must have an excellent academic background.
Also, a candidate must be familiar with the working language of the office.
A candidate is not eligible if his any immediate relative works or have been worked with UNICEF.
A candidate should be no younger than 18 years.

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12. Know how to Apply for the UNICEF Internship

A candidate is directed to visit the official website of UNICEF and find recent jobs and opportunities.
Secondly, applicants should assess which position they can fit better.
After the selection of the opportunities, they should create their profile via the official website and submit an online profile of recruitment.
A CV and cover letter would also be attached.


When a UNICEF office identifies the need for an intern to support their team.

They publish the opportunity, and all eligible candidates can submit their application through our website.

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