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Untitled Document: Over the last few years, I’ve developed a solid and consistent process for working on the project management side of my life. It might not be the best process, and it might not seem like it when you first go through it, but over time it has become second nature.
For most of my career, managing tasks was a one-person job. But as my hours have steadily increased and I’ve started working with more people, my process for getting things done has gradually changed.
It wasn’t until recently that I started actually implementing this new process — and what a difference it made!
I found myself spending less time waiting for other people to get started on projects and more time actually completing tasks.

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Untitled Document: The Department of Justice (DOJ) is an institution that people shy away from at their peril. It has a reputation for being cold and clinical in its approach to crimes, but that’s not always the case. When it comes to fighting corruption, the DOJ does not take “no” for an answer. That didn’t used to be the case. Even as far back as 1980, when I was first starting my career with the DOJ, career prosecutors would get together and joke that they were going to have to “get used to doing paperwork again” because they were going to be working with integrity inspectors instead of informants or cooperators. Today, those days are over. There are too many examples of how this Administration has abandoned principles of law enforcement and engaged in unfair practices against political opponents in order to win elections. The new rule on political endorsements is another example of this; it’s bad for our democracy and makes us less safe.

What Do We Mean When We Say The DOJ Is In The habit Of Engaging In Corruption?

Untitled Document: The DOJ’s reputation for being a stone-jawed, steely-eyed institution is well-deserved. The agency has a long and storied history of fighting corruption, and the current reputation for being soft on crime dates back to the Nixon Administration. But that reputation is largely undeserved. The DOJ has engaged in questionable practices in the past, and it has also engaged in unethical practices in its pursuit of justice. It’s time for a change.

Political Booking Practices In The DOJ Are Another example Of This

Untitled Document: We’ve discussed the unethical practices of the past, but political booking practices dogging the DOJ are another matter entirely. During the 2016 campaign, the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division released a report finding “no evidence of bias or political motivations” in the hiring and promotion decisions of DOJ Department of Immigration and Civil Rights (DICR) employees. Yet as recently as May 2017, the DOJ announced it would be investigating “whether members of the senior leadership team engaged in inappropriate political activity that affected the hiring and promotion decisions of DICR employees.” Thus, DICR employees are still fighting the good fight, but they are doing it not only against the odds but against the scrutiny of the DOJ.

DOJ Can’t Findliberal Terrorism Cases On C-Span

One of the most ironic examples of how the DOJ has abandoned political principles occurred during the Obama Administration when the DOJ was notorious for never getting a case anywhere near a verdict. In an effort to show the public it was taking a hard line on terrorism, the DOJ turned to the press and announced it had secured a case against an American in Pakistan who was allegedly responsible for the 2011 terrorist attacks on the U.S. compound in Benghazi, Libya. The DOJ announced it had a case, but it could not find a single witness to call against the defendant and could not produce a single piece of evidence in court. The case was ultimately dropped by the DOJ.

Why You Should Care About The Political Booking Practices At The DOJ

Enhanced prosecution of political opponents is a hallmark of the Trump Administration, and the DOJ’s new political-endorsement rule is but one example of how this Administration has abandoned principles of law enforcement in order to win elections. Other examples include its attacks on media, the judiciary, and civil rights groups, among others. These actions have put our country at risk. The new rule on political endorsements goes further. It’s bad for our democracy and makes us less safe. To put it simply: if you’re a Democrat in 2020, you should disavow the endorsement of a former Republican prosecutor. If you’re a Republican in 2020, you should praise the former Democrat prosecutor. If you’re a third party in 2020, you should disavow the former Republican endorsement and praise the former Democrat endorsement. If you’re a member of a political party in 2020 that doesn’t endorse candidates, you should disavow the former Republican endorsement and praise the former Democrat endorsement.

An Example Of How This Administration Has Abandoned Principles Of Law Enforcement

The new rule on political endorsements comes on the heels of the DOJ’s decision to charge a former Democratic official, James Cox, with making false statements about his contacts with journalists. Cox had publicly disputed the FBI’s findings that President Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election. Not only was that a strike against a political opponent, it was also a strike against the DOJ itself. Cox had to pay a fine, but the real punishment was the DOJ’s decision to hand the case to the U.S. Attorney’s Office in North Carolina. That office has no jurisdiction over state crimes. In other words, the state of North Carolina has the final word on whether or not to prosecute Cox.


Untitled Document: At a time when we need to be fighting like never before for our democracy, integrity, and security from the very people who are supposed to be fighting for us, the Department of Justice has abandoned all that is good and just. The new rule on political endorsements is another example of that. It’s bad for our democracy and makes us less safe. It must be rescinded.

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