What is Human Security Approach?(Read on 10 Best Approach)

What is Human Security Approach?: The human security approach is a proven analytical and planning framework.

That supports more comprehensive and preventive responses by the countries.

Cutting across sectors, developing contextually relevant solutions.

And adopting partnerships to help realize a world free from fear, want and indignity.

Human Development Reports definition of human security argues that the scope of global security.

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What is Human Security Approach?: BusinessHAB.com

What is Human Security Approach?

Should be expanded to include threats in seven areas:

1. Economic security

Economic security requires an assured basic income for individuals.

Usually from productive and remunerative work or, as a last resort, from a publicly financed safety net.

In this sense, only about a quarter of the world’s people are presently economically secure.

While the economic security problem may be more serious in developing countries.

Concern also arises in developed countries as well.

Unemployment problems constitute an important factor underlying political tensions and ethnic violence.

What is Human Security Approach?

2. Food security

Food security requires that all people at all times have both physical and economic access to basic food.

According to the United Nations, the overall availability of food is not a problem.

Rather the problem often is the poor distribution of food and a lack of purchasing power.

In the past, food security problems have been dealt with at both national and global levels.

However, their impacts are limited. According to UN.

The key is to tackle the problems relating to access to assets.

Work and assured income (related to economic security).

What is Human Security Approach?

3. Health security

Health security aims to guarantee a minimum protection from diseases and unhealthy lifestyles.

In developing countries, the major causes of death traditionally were infectious and parasitic diseases.

Whereas in industrialized countries, the major killers were diseases of the circulatory system.

Today, lifestyle-related chronic diseases are leading killers worldwide, with 80 percent of deaths from chronic diseases occurring in low- and middle-income countries.

According to the United Nations, in both developing and industrial countries.

Threats to health security are usually greater for poor people in rural areas, particularly children.

This is due to malnutrition and insufficient access to health services, clean water and other basic necessities.

What is Human Security Approach?

4. Environmental security

Environmental security aims to protect people from the short- and long-term ravages of nature.

Man-made threats in nature, and deterioration of the natural environment.

In developing countries, lack of access to clean water resources is one of the greatest environmental threats.

In industrial countries, one of the major threats is air pollution.

Global warming, caused by the emission of greenhouse gases, is another environmental security issue.

What is Human Security Approach?

5. Personal security

Personal security aims to protect people from physical violence.

Whether from the state or external states, from violent individuals.

And sub-state actors, from domestic abuse, or from predatory adults.

For many people, the greatest source of anxiety is crime, particularly violent crime.

What is Human Security Approach?

6. Community security

Community security aims to protect people from the loss of traditional relationships and values and from sectarian and ethnic violence.

Traditional communities, particularly minority ethnic groups are often threatened.

About half of the world’s states have experienced some inter-ethnic strife.

What is Human Security Approach?

7. Political security

Political security is concerned with whether people live in a society that honors their basic human rights.

According to a survey conducted by Amnesty International, political repression, systematic torture.

Ill treatment or disappearance was still practiced in 110 countries.

Human rights violations are most frequent during periods of political unrest.

Along with repressing individuals and groups.

Governments may try to exercise control over ideas and information.

What is Human Security Approach?

8. Freedom from Fear

This school seeks to limit the practice of Human Security to protecting individuals from violent conflicts.

While recognizing that these violent threats are strongly associated with poverty.

Lack of state capacity and other forms of inequities.

This approach argues that limiting the focus to violence is a realistic and manageable approach towards Human Security.

Emergency assistance, conflict prevention and resolution.

Peace-building are the main concerns of this approach.

Canada, for example, was a critical player in the efforts to ban landmines and has incorporated the “Freedom from Fear agenda as a primary component in its own foreign policy.

However, whether such “narrow” approach can truly serve its purpose in guaranteeing more fruitful results remains to be an issue.

For instance, the conflicts in Darfur are often used in questioning the effectiveness of the Responsibility to Protect”, a key component of the Freedom from Fear agenda.

9. Freedom from Want

The school advocates a holistic approach in achieving human security.

And argues that the threat agenda should be broadened to include hunger, disease and natural disasters because they are inseparable concepts in addressing the root of human insecurity.

And they kill far more people than war, genocide and terrorism combined.

Different from Freedom from Fear“, it expands the focus beyond violence with emphasis on development and security goals.

What is Human Security Approach?

10. Traditional security

This is about a states ability to defend itself against external threats.

Traditional security (often referred to as national security or state security).

Describes the philosophy of international security predominance.

Since the Peace of Westphalia in 1648 and the rise of the nation-states.

While international relations theory includes many variants of traditional security.

From realism to liberalism, the fundamental trait that these schools share is their focus on the primacy of the nation-state.

What is Human Security Approach?

Human security requires attention to both freedom from fear and freedom from want, divisions have gradually emerged over the proper scope of that protection (e.g. over what threats individuals should be protected from) and over the appropriate mechanisms for responding to these threats.

Since then, human security has been receiving more attention from the key global development institutions.

Such as the World Bank. Tadjbakhsh, among others, traces the evolution of human security in international organizations.

Concluding that the concept has been manipulated and transformed considerably since 1994 to fit organizational interests.

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